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5 Cities to Meet Sexy Japanese Women

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The best place to meet sexy Japanese women is the Internet. Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than this Japanese dating site.

But if you’re wondering how Osaka girls compare to Tokyo girls, you are in the right place. Learn about:

  • The best cities for meeting hot Japanese girls (a.k.a. the places where every single girl looks straight out of an anime)
  • All the hotspots for meeting girls (even the secret local ones)
  • How to take full advantage of your trip – sightseeing and picking up girls are not mutually exclusive!

Believe it or not, there are also specific things you can do to be more successful in each of these cities.

Tokyo girls aren’t like the Nagoya babes, that much is for sure! Read on to learn more.

Tokyo Is Literally Everything

Sexy Japanese Women

As the capital of Japan and the largest city, there was no way Tokyo would not be on this list. With 9,273 million inhabitants, you will have all the variety you need in Tokyo. Did you know this is the most populous metropolitan area in the world? Yup, plenty of sexy Japanese women here. 

Tokyo is also one of the few places you’ll have success in bars.

You see, Japan is not a bar culture per se.

But since Tokyo is so large, there is something for everybody.

Here just a few of the top nightlife locations for picking up sexy Japanese women:

  • Rigaletto is a fancy bar for rich businessmen and the women who date them. You will definitely meet the hottest girls here but it comes with a hefty price tag on the drinks. The restaurant area is great for bringing dates, especially if you want to impress them. 
  • R2 is perfect for meeting girls that are obsessed with foreigners. Western guys are somewhat of a fetish in Japanese dating culture. Some women would kill to date a Caucasian guy. If you want to meet those women, head to R2. 
  • Deathmatch in Hell is another place for foreigners and locals to mix. Their thing is that drinks cost ¥666, which is both affordable and it fits the theme. You can drink for cheap, meet some fun people, and flirt with some sexy Japanese women. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tokyo, try these hotels:

Nagoya: Mind Your Style

Sexy Japanese Women

Nagoya is a large city but it’s not as foreigner-dense as Tokyo or Osaka.

In fact, I bet half of you haven’t even heard of it. Well, if you want the country’s sweetest girls, look no further than Nagoya. 

That being said, you should really up your style game here. This is generally good advice for being successful with girls. It matters even more in Japan. Sexy Japanese girls are surrounded by these slightly feminized, super polished and well-styled male celebrities.

This is who they are competing against.

In Nagoya, jeans and a t-shirt will probably not get you laid. 

This city is also notorious for having non-foreigner bars. Don’t be tempted to sneak into them: 

  1. You will probably fail (because you look like a foreigner and you don’t speak Japanese)
  2. The best girls are not there

That’s right, the sexy Japanese women of Nagoya actually go to… 

Expat bars!

If you’re in the city to pick up women, stay around Sakae area. Not only is this the nightlife hotspot, it is also prime for meeting single women by day. Try chatting them up in a mall or a café near the major underground stations.

Choose a place within a few blocks of the metro – it will be full but not too crowded!

For hotels in Nagoya, check out…

Osaka Girls: Edgy And Sexy

Osaka is like Tokyo’s cooler cousin.

The girls here are more Westernized than other places in Japan. They still love dating foreign guys but a part of your novelty status will be gone. Weirdly enough, that means Osaka (which has a notoriously lavish nightlife) is better for finding a girlfriend than for a one-night stand. 

If a quick and casual encounter is what you’re after, there are still places you can do this in Osaka. Day game is out of the question, though. People are always in a rush here and your chances go way down. Try one of the many nightclubs instead.

Some foreigner and local favourites include Burlesque and Club Joule.

Another nightclub to meet sexy Japanese women in a bar instead that  I would recommend is Ghost Ultra Lounge.

It is definitely on the pricier side – they are actually one of the most luxurious discos in town. Because it is so exclusive, you will easily find perfect 10’s and amazing 9’s here and in much higher density than other places in the city. The cover fee is 700 yen, including one drink. That is, unless you go on a Saturday when guys have to pay 1500 yen instead. Granted, Saturday nights are the most important party nights in Osaka but to me, that is a bit overpriced. 

While you are in Osaka, make sure you go to all the touristy places, too.

These spots are on people’s bucket lists for a reason. Besides, they are a great place to pick up traveller chicks. Some of them will be from Japan, others are there on a trip just like you. Sure, these are probably not your typical sexy Japanese women but they are much easier to seduce and they speak English, too!

Hotel recommendations in Osaka:

Sapporo: The Undiscovered Land Of Sexy Japanese Women

Sapporo is the fifth largest city in Japan but it doesn’t get the same attention as others on this list. Which is great for you because the girls will look at you like they look at a shiny new toy.

The only time tourists flock to Sapporo is when the Snow festival happens. And, granted, this is pretty amazing to witness (plus all the foreigner-seekers come out). But if you are in Japan outside of the days of the festival, Sapporo still has a lot to offer:

  • The beautiful parks
  • The Peace Pagoda (one of many in the country but this one contains some of Buddha’s ashes)
  • All the sexy Japanese women

Out of all the cities on this list, Sapporo:

  1. Is the easiest place to pick up girls. 
  2. Is also the place where people have the worst English imaginable!

Meeting women IRL is tough here.

This is where the Internet comes to the rescue.

Sapporo is perfect for busting out those online pickup skills. There are tons of local girls on this site (read review here) and they will be thrilled to meet a Western guy (remember, there are not a lot of them in Sapporo)!

Take them to a nice restaurant (maybe with a Sapporo beer) and then you’re off to your hotel with her in hand

Fukuoka: Day Game Paradise

Fukuoka is not as large as the other places on this list. What it quantity, though, it more than makes up for in quality!

This city is very close to the Chinese mainland.

It’s actually closer to Seoul than it is to Tokyo!

That’s why Fukuoka has always been an important harbour city and a place where cultures met and sometimes clashed. There is a unique vibe to the whole place – it’s not like the facelessness of some parts of Tokyo or the extravagance of Osaka. Fukuoka is easily one of the best undiscovered gems of Japan. Make sure you try all the delicious street food.

As for the girls, they are somewhat used to foreigners but definitely not Westerners.

Compared to other places in Japan, Fukuoka girls are friendlier and more open.

Just walk around one of the many malls or parks and chat up all the girls that you like. 

The best place to do this?

Canal City – a large and beautiful shopping centre and entertainment complex. Honestly, Canal City is a landmark on it’s own.

It is also where the city’s hottest girls spend their spare time and spare cash. The Japanese women you meet here will be the high-maintenance kind but they are also some of the most sexy Japanese women I’ve seen.

So who cares how much time they spent on that hair? 

Hotel recs in Fukuoka:

Can You Meet Sexy Japanese Women Online?

If IRL pickup is not your thing, online dating works splendidly in Japan! We have talked about this time and time again. The Japanese dating culture is so awkward that people don’t really know how to talk to one another anymore. Japanese men will only approach girls from the safety of their own rooms. Some of them will write off dating altogether and focus on their precious VR fantasies. 

Japanese girls are desperate for real men. They flock to websites because they crave a real change in scenery – a completely new dating scene, if you will. Dating foreigner guys is like a breath of fresh air to them. Not to mention that sexy Japanese women already have a fetish for Western dudes!

So, to answer your question: 

You can totally meet sexy Japanese women online!

Whether you go the online route or try your luck IRL, let us know how it went in the comments below.

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