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7 Warnings About Dating Sexy Colombian Women

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Those sexy Colombian women you want to date?

They are exactly the fiery Latinas that they’re hyped up to be. But it’s not all sunshine and roses when you try to date them.

Some of the cons I will give you are pros in disguise.

Some are genuine disadvantages.

Regardless, be aware of the following when you go into the Colombian dating pool.

It’s a different culture and it won’t be smooth sailing (but it will be pretty enjoyable sailing, though).

Conservative Values Of Sexy Colombian Women… Like Very Conservative

As one woman pointed out on Quora:

Although our genetic pool is a mixture of different nationalities, Colombian culture isn’t exactly broad. Most of it was built around the Catholic Church and all of its ideals.

Plenty of that still works for us today and there’s not much influence from other cultures. That being said, I find that one of the ugliest cons (right after being shallow as heck) I find a lot of Colombian women have is their old-fashion way of judging others, close mindedness and even racist, xenophobic and homophobic attitudes. Some of these topisc go as far as you can imagine (and if you yourself have a more conservative view of life this might be even be considered as a pro) but prsonally, I’ve seen women in Colombia discriminate against others, sometimes in the most brutal ways, and it disgusts me. So that’s a big con as far as I’m concerned.

And yes, this is a Colombian girl speaking.

Of course, some conservatism is nice to have in a relationship.

Sexy Colombian women are the type that will make home-cooked meals, keep the house spotless, and still manage to look like the babe out of a reggaeton video.

They want to please their partners and care for their family. Latinas in general, but particularly Colombians are very nurturing. Even with their skimpy outfits and fiery tempers, they have a motherly quality to them.

The average Colombian girl doesn’t want that much out of life.

A stable family and raising her children in a beautiful and safe environment are a priority. The downside here is that yes, these girls are not as open-minded as you might hope. Some things, she will just do her way. When it comes to religion, if you are not a believer yourself, you will feel a constant pressure to become one. Sexy Colombian women firmly believe they can change their guy for the better.

Lesson learned:

Choose a partner that shares in your values. You will be happier, she will be happier.

Sexy Colombian Women

Cultural Clashes Will Happen

I can’t stress this enough.

When you date outside your own culture, clashes are inevitable. This is not about being open, or about your ability to adapt. A romantic relationship is one of the closest relationships you can have. Because you are so vulnerable and so incredibly close, some misunderstandings are inevitable.

Accept the culture shock as a part of life and move on.

This is also an opportunity to explore other ways of life and thinking. No, it’s not always pretty. The ugly side of exploration is that you might not like what you find. But, honestly, if you were all about that familiar dating comfort, you shouldn’t be looking for sexy Colombian women anyway.

Jealousy And Phone Checks

How can I put this nicely?

Nobody is faithful in Colombia.

People get into romantic relationships and still cheat on each other all the time. It’s ridiculous! But, while the macho way of dealing with unfaithfulness is finding that MF and beating him up, women are more about prevention.

Sooner or later, your phone will go through a thorough check. If you have a passcode, she will either find a way around it or start a fight about you not giving her the code. Do you have something to hide?

In some cases, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the discussion. Even if you are the world’s most faithful man, your Colombian girlfriend can find some incriminating circumstances. You liked that girl’s picture? How about still having your ex’s number? You recently got a new female coworker? These are all micro-cheating if you ask her.

I am not saying all sexy Colombian women are like that.

They can be, though, and they very often are.

It’s hard to find a Colombian girl on the opposite end of that spectrum. You will never hear the words.

“Yes, I am perfectly comfortable with your female best friend”


“Sure, go grab drinks with the guys, I am not one for clubs anyway”.

Sexy Colombian women guard their men and jealousy can become a real issue in the relationship.

Plus, they would never miss out on an opportunity to go dancing anyway.

Sexy Colombian Women Are Gold-Diggers?

In the wise words of Kanye West:

Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger

While not all girls in Colombia are aspiring sugar babies, there is definitely a level of materialism in most of them. This makes sense. Most of these women come from modest families. Being raised like this often turns you greedy – it’s almost like they are trying to compensate.

By the way, that only excuses it to a certain extent.

There are girls that are true gold-diggers (for lack of a more offensive word), prepared to overstep any morals to get further in life. And that, kids, is why you don’t send money to the people you meet online. Seriously, there are plenty of online dating scams in Colombia. You can avoid them by not being a complete idiot.

Shallow And Materialistic

Shallow is a much better way to describe the worst of Colombian girl materialism. They often value things that are skin-deep. There is a reason why plastic surgery is such a big thing in Colombia. The women value their looks above most things.

For guys, this can be good news. Your Colombian girlfriend/wife will not let herself go, even though she has already landed herself a man. Heck, these women even dress up to go throw out the trash or do the groceries. Casual attire is not a thing on Colombia. Even tracksuits come with cropped tops and rhinestones.

Colombian women spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and beauty. Just take one look at the statistics. For a developing country, they sure spend a lot on non-essentials. But, to be completely fair, this is not just the girls’ fault. This is how they were raised, it’s what they see online and on TV, and it is how everybody does it.

While in the West we’re obsessed with natural beauty and looking great with seemingly no effort, Colombian women take high maintenance to the next level. Her nail appointment is sacred and you will do best to respect that.

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Sexy Colombian Women: More Than A Tad Dramatic

You already knew this when you signed up for a Latina. The concept of “keeping her cool” is completely foreign to her. Watch a telenovela in preparation – these things are surprisingly accurate, once you actually start dating sexy Colombian women.

The good news:

They heat up quickly but they are also quick to forgive.

You will see couples getting into extreme fights, screaming at each other, throwing stuff, and making threats. Two hours later, they are happily cuddling in their bed. Yes, makeup sex has a lot to do with that.

Because the even better news here is:

Sexy Colombian women are fiery when they’re angry. They are even more explosive in bed.

I think the best thing about sex with Colombian women is they enjoy themselves 100%. Even the most devout Catholics overlook the rules on fornicating. Colombianas are sensual to their very core and express their sexuality freely. They are more than a little bit fun…

But be careful:

Before (S)he Cheats

Unfaithfulness is not just for guys in Colombia. Women do it too. Not all women and not all the way, but the line is definitely blurred. This is one of those things… Well, one of the things I personally can’t accept. No amount of mental gymnastics excuses it. It’s not a cultural thing, it’s not something I can morally agree with, and I don’t think most men can.

It’s important to note that this is not all sexy Colombian women. There are plenty of good girls that will stay loyal. However, because they are so sociable and so sensual, Colombian girls still cross some lines that ‘colder’ nations will not. For instance: do you consider flirting to be cheating? If so, Colombia is not the place for you. Virtually every interaction that Colombian women have is flirty. It’s just something that you’ll have to get used to.

Either way, dating sexy Colombian women has more perks than disadvantages. The cheating thing? Hard to swallow, but you can avoid it by screening for only high-value women. The cultural clashes? Push through it, you are not the first intercultural couple and you can make it.

All the fun, the sexiness, and the care that you receive?


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