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How to Be a Sexually Dominant and Irresistible Man



To keep a woman around, you must be sexually dominant; i.e. fuck her good.

Society teaches you to ask permission, to make love, and to respect her boundaries. It is said that it’s men, and men only, that are sexually frustrated. This is a myth. However, women have a different kind of sexual frustration. Their frustration does not stem as much from the fact that they can’t any like some men, but more from the fact that they can’t get sex the way they crave. 

And, in order for women to cure their frustration, they must find a man who is sexually dominant.

sexually dominant

What Is Sexually Dominant?

Women crave to be taken. To lose control. To be overpowered. To surrender.

I’ll said it again, all that crap about being a gentlemen does not apply to the bedroom. In the bedroom, biology applies. Being sexually dominant is the key to maintaining frame of the relationship, in both a physical and emotional sense. If you give a girl sensations that she has never experienced before, then she will simply become addicted to you.

Women are addicted to men who are sexually dominant. The alpha males who don’t take no for an answer (don’t take this out of context and claim this is advertisement to rape a girl; I’d rather encourage you to simply learn some game) and take what they want.

The Easiest Way To Be Sexually Dominant

I hope this build up doesn’t leave you readers feeling cheated when I finally spill the beans on this one.

The easiest way to be sexually dominant is to stop using condoms.

I wrote a post about this before but it was slightly satirical, and focused a lot on the biological advantages of cumming inside a girl. In that post, I wrote the following paragraph; emphasis on the underlined part.

Really though, you should raw dog every girl you cum (see what I did there?) across.  Simply put, you can fuck way better without a condom.  The sex is going to be better in almost every case.  Why?  Condoms choke your dick, dry up, never fit (I need XXXXS, duh), and on top of that they cost money.  Who the fuck wants to pay to, well, fuck?  I firmly believe a large chunk of getting a girl to stick around, and bond with you, is sticking it to her good.  Condoms are the perfect way to prevent you from bringing your A-game.

sexually dominant

Ditching The Condom

Ditching the condom allows the following:

  • Better sensations yourself
  • The ability to fuck harder and with more intensity
  • The ability to focus on other dominance tactics as opposed to whether or not the condom is slipping, breaking, or just being a general pain in the ass
  • It will biologically alter her mood and make her feel better:

Basically, all of the fancy anti-depressants, all the overpaid psychologists, and Cosmopolitan magazine would be completely unnecessary if more women would just give the middle finger to Durex and Trojan and start having all dudes jizz inside of their pussy.

In no way am I advocating that you go do something stupid and contract an STD or knock a girl up – let your head with the brain do the thinking, in this case.

I’d be the first to tell you I haven’t raw dogged a ton of girls in my life, but I’ve noticed a definite improvement in the sex, dominance, and therefore, relationship when I ditched the condoms and was able to perform better from a sexual standpoint. Being sexually dominant finally cures women of their sexual frustrations, and sets them free with you in the bedroom.

And truthfully, there are few things in the world sexier than a woman who craves you so much you can hardly keep up with her sex drive – and every man deserves to experience that at least once in their life.


Other Resources

If you still insist on using condoms, I’m a huge fan of Crown Condoms. You can find them on Amazon. Crown Condoms are by far the thinnest and closest to the “real feeling” as I’ve ever been able to get with a condom.

If you want to read further about being sexually dominant, I’d suggest the following:

Read Red Pill Orgasm by Halfbreed which is an excellent book with great value.

Check out some other posts I’ve written on the topic:

P.S: The ultimate guide to dominating a woman is within the pages of King’s Code. 

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    1. Fully agree. There are certain thrills about the ONS you just can’t beat, but for the most part sex is more satisfying with a woman you are familiar with, in my opinion.

      Or maybe I’m a fag 😉

  1. how about the simple fact that other contraceptive methods are increasing the chance of your women to get breast cancer, ovarian cancer, furtility problems and more… how about the fact that only condoms protect both of you from STDs. it is shallow and incorrect to say that good sex is about taking off the condom…

    1. While you’re correct that there are negative consequences to going bareback (pregnancies, STDs) , you can’t deny that the sex is better. To do so is the Appeal to Consequences fallacy.

  2. so, all in all, you dont want to use a “rubber” or “Rosy Palmer” or “Polyethilene Patty”…
    where I live, most of the stds are transmitted by your way of thinking “duh! I want to dominate women… I don’t wear raincoat”
    and where I live is the USn’ f A compared to Nigeria, where it is guesstimated 50% of the population is HIV positive…
    ok, call me a submissive bottom pillowbiter but to me is no rubber, no party…
    perhaps when I find that special someone I’d consider going bareback, but that might come a couple hours afteer the I do crap.

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