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Sex and Sales

Readers Q&A


A while back, I got an email from a reader who compared dating/girls/game to sales pitches in the business world:

His email read…

“Anyone with strong game should be able to write interesting dialogue for any product. Game is nothing more than a sales pitch. Strong game should mean strong sales even if the product is garbage…”

To be honest, the sales skills that you learn from getting good with women is much more transferrable to in-person sales.

The ability to sell with the written word is a whole different ball game, because you have to learn how to analyze what’s working and what not without the real-time feedback that is present in real life — basic body language, tonality, facial expressions, etc. When you’re writing “sales copy” for stuff on the internet, you don’t get to access people’s webcams and spy on them as they scroll down your page.

So yes, “game” is a sales pitch, for yourself.

But, strong game has nothing to do with strong (internet) product sales.

And, nor should it have anything to do with selling low-quality products with a high-quality sales page. In fact, there’s no quicker way to alienate and lose customers than doing exactly that. You sell crap, expect people to be upset when they receive…well, crap.

And they won’t come back.

Won’t buy again.

Won’t help you build a long-term business.

Hence, why it’s better, just like when it comes to dating, to work on the overall package. Become genuinely interesting, a good writer, with good products and stories to tell, and people won’t be able to help but want to be around you.

Both girls.

And customers in the business world.

Anyways, that’s how it’s always worked for me, and I’ve no plans to change it anytime soon.

But Most Of All…Don’t Be This Dork

I present to you…

Possibly the best (read: most pathetic) comment I have ever gotten on my site.

Read it here.

My favorite is the ending…

“and if your blog were exposed and you with it, your reputation would be ruined, your would be un-platformed, fired if you have a job and suffer the shame of your parents and other family. its only on the internet that your warped view of the world, in this case women survives, which is also where paedophilia survives, white neo nazism, holocaust denial, the flat earth movement, to name a few.”

Yes, an article about sex is in the same as the Holocaust

Tidbit of the day from Eastern Europe:

People (rightfully so) hate on Hitler all the time, but the real screwed up thing is that Joseph Stalin was probably nearly as bad as Hitler (read some of the stuff he’s done), and yet pretty much gets a pass in the eyes of your average person – simply because of the monstrosities that Germany did commit in the early/mid 1900s.

Anyways, here’s that comment again, give it a read if you’d like a good laugh on this fine Friday morning.

Warning: Your eyes may bleed from the lack of paragraphs…

The real irony is that my family does know about the blog, I don’t have a job (unless you count professional niche-site-slacker), and as far as shame…well, I guess I simply don’t possess that emotion.

That’s when happens when you are anti-fragile.

White knightz like this can sit here and keyboard rage at me all day.

Doesn’t matter.

Just amusing.

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