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The Secrets to Success with Salvadorian Women

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The danger, the allure, the excitement and more. We’re talking about Salvadorian women and the country as a whole. If you’ve got some balls on you, then checking out El Salvador could be a whole lot of fun.

Just know that girls in El Salvador may be the most attractive in Central America, but the country is one of the most dangerous in the whole world. Big risks, but big rewards. It all depends on the type of adventure you’re looking for.

The upper crust of women in El Salvador can compete with women all over Latin America.

I saw stunners every night out in San Salvador.

I also saw armored trucks and AK-47s at the door of every club I went into.

There’s talent in San Salvador—and no foreign competition.

Most travelers completely skip El Salvador. If they spend anytime in the country, it’s at the small beach town of El Tunco. While there’s good reason for this, it also offers great opportunity for the international playboy.

What Are Salvadorian Girls Like?

Out of all the Central American girls, some consider Salvadorian women the most attractive. I can’t say I disagree. The girls in Honduras, and Costa Rican women can definitely compete, but the hot girls in El Salvador are pretty good looking.

These chicks offer the classic Latina look with tanned skin, long black hair, and great asses. The girls here tend to be thinner with fit asses and decent curves, but they’re not as thick as women in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, or even Honduras.

After spending a lot of time in Nicaragua, I was baffled how European looking some of the women in El Salvador are. White skin isn’t uncommon in the upper-class circles, especially in the high-end clubs in San Salvador.

salvadorian women

As El Salvador is such a poor and dangerous country, the decent nightclubs are filled with middle and upper-class girls. So that skews the judgement of what girls in the country look like. Poor girls don’t have the money to go out, as it’s a requirement to take a private driver when moving around at night.

El Salvador girls have fun loving personalities and tend to live for the moment. In a country ravished with violence, there might not be a tomorrow. Still, these girls are a little more conservative than other Latinas.

Most of the girls in El Salvador have to be home at certain times early in the evening. I believe this leads them to be a little more conservative than others. If you don’t get the bang off a night out, then expect it to take a couple dates – unless she’s on Tinder.

San Salvador: The Only City to Meet Girls in El Salvador?

San Salvador is one of the most dangerous cities in the whole world. It’s not a place to fuck around. One wrong move could mean your life. A small mistake could mean a knife pressed against your throat or a gun pushed against your back.

If you go here, you need to understand a few things. First, you can’t just walk around in San Salvador. You can walk around during the day in areas where businesses have armed guards at the doors. These are the safe areas.

At night, the businesses close down and most of the guards go home. During these times, you do not want to walk anywhere. Not even a couple of blocks.

San Salvador has a good amount of people, with around 600,000 in the city proper and well over a million in the metro area. You won’t run out of options here if you’re only in town for a few weeks or a month.

The nightlife is fantastic in San Salvador and online dating is decent. There’s a few malls that are decent for meeting Salvadorian women during the day.

Outside of the capital, there’s really no decent place to meet Salvadorian girls. There’s a few small cities, but due to the danger and the small population size, it’s not recommended to visit these places. If you must, check out:

  • Santa Ana
  • El Tunco

El Tunco is a small surf town on the Pacific Ocean. It’s about 45 minutes from San Salvador and offers great nightlife on the weekends. Many wealthy Salvadorians from the capital come here to party on the weekends.

On the weekends, El Tunco is a viable alternative to San Salvador if you like to party and surf. The numbers aren’t great, but you can get the job done with solid night game and a few weekends to invite girls back without their cousins and big brother staying in the same hotel with them.

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Salvadorian Women

To seduce Salvadorian women, you need to show up in El Salvador and have a few weeks to stay. Speaking Spanish is incredibly important. Not just to meet women, but also to keep yourself safe.

Do not visit El Salvador if you don’t speak Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish at a basic, start with Rocket Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish with an emphasis on picking up girls, I’d highly suggest Pickup Spanish.

That’s a dangerous idea. If you want to meet women in the country, this is how you do it:

#1: Online Dating

Due to the dangers in this country, you’ll definitely want to utilize online dating sites and apps in El Salvador. This allows you to meet women from the comforts of your hotel without having to spend too much time out and about in this warzone of a country.

I found Latin American Cupid to be absolutely ideal here. While there’s only 100 or so women between the ages of 18-35 online in San Salvador, they are thirsty for foreign men. Plus, the quality in San Salvador is surprisingly good on this site.

Out of the chicks I saw on LAC, at least 15% of them were worthy of a message. Of the girls I messaged, over half of them responded. It’s a worthwhile investment if you plan to date women in El Salvador.

Tinder works in San Salvador, too. The issue is there just aren’t that many active women in the city. Due to the dangers and lack of travelers, many women just don’t use the app here. The quality is pretty good, but the quantity is not. Swipe while in El Salvador, but don’t expect a new date every day from the app.

#2: Nightlife

Nightlife is surprisingly good in San Salvador. The only girls with enough money to have their own car or pay for a private driver are the upper-class girls. This means you’ll see a lot of good looking girls in the clubs in El Salvador.

The issue is the danger. Crime happens at night all over the world. In El Salvador, crime equals murder. Do not go out alone in San Salvador. Always have a wingman, or at least a date. This isn’t the city to roll solo in.

Next, you can’t walk anywhere in this city, especially at night. Plus, Uber wasn’t working when I was in the country. Apparently, it was for a little bit before the ride sharing app was “threatened” by a top government official.

You’re still best off getting a private driver when moving around the city at night. Ask your hostel or hotel for a driver. They all have one.

(To browse the higher-end hotels in San Salvador, click here)

If you’re at an Airbnb, then ask the host for one. This is not the city to hop into a random taxi at night. Still, you want to go out at night here, so check out these spots:

  • Zanzibar
  • Alive Club
  • Republik Bar
  • Los Alambiques

To start a big night out in San Salvador, head straight to Zanzibar. This bar is the place to start the night, as you’ll find it packed with stunning girls in groups. Chat a few up and see what’s on their agendas for the evening. This is the type of place where you should buy a bottle unless you want to look out of place.

For nightclubs, Alive Club is a great place to check out. The scene is a bit high-end, but the talent is more than solid. You’ll need to speak Spanish to get anywhere with these girls.

Republik Bar is another decent spot for drinks. It’s certainly not a club, but the crowd gets lively on the weekends and the talent is solid.

I believe Los Alambiques has shutdown. This is a travesty, as the club was legendary. Still, if you’re in San Salvador, head over to the Multiplaza Mall and see if it’s open.

Overall, the best thing to do is head out with an online date on a Friday night and get her to take you to all the hotspots in the city.

#3: Day Game

Day game works really well in San Salvador, but only at the malls. You don’t want to be walking around anywhere else in this city.

I’d recommend day gaming at these four malls:

  • Metrocentro
  • Multiplaza
  • Plaza Futura
  • Galerias
  • La Gran Via

If you only have a little time, head over to Multiplaza and La Gran Via. They’re next door and should offer ample targets if you go during busy hours.

I was a big fan of Plaza Futura. While you won’t find too many prospects here, the ones you do will be damn cute.

All you need to do is play the tourists card and then tell a girl she’s cute while day gaming here. If you can do that in Spanish, you’ll have more numbers than you know what to do with.

salvadorian girls

Dating Salvadorian Girls

One night stands from nightclubs aren’t uncommon here because they never see foreigners. A gringo hunter will not want to miss her chance if she sees you out at night. I’d say it’s easier to get a one night stand here than anywhere else in Central America.

If you don’t meet her at night or just get her number, it’ll generally take two dates to get the bang. Quality girls here will make you wait one extra date. That’s just how it goes. Tinder girls will often put out quick.

I never had a long relationship in this country. I won’t be able to tell you how great of girlfriends the Salvadorian women make, but I’d say they’re sweet girls. The country has such a rough history and is so dangerous that she may seem tough on the outside.

The Ultimate Guide to Salvadorian Women

The looks of Salvadorian women won’t disappoint. The high-end girls here look really good. You’ll find better looking women in San Salvador than you will in Nicaragua, Guatemala, or Belize. In fact, some claim girls in El Salvador are the hottest in Latin America.

While that’s up for debate, come here if you like to have a lot of exotic value and don’t mind a dangerous country.

Just don’t forget to utilize online dating sites like Latin American Cupid.

Online dating is a must in this country.

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