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Is It Safe To Travel to Ukraine in 2016?



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When you take a look at the news, you see a lot of people who are up in arms. Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

And you mostly hear…NO!!!

Simply put, the media reports that you see in the Western part of the world do not give an accurate representation of the rest of the world.

It’s natural to be apprehensive about the safety of a country you’ve haven’t traveled to. Even more so when the reports you hear tend to be based off of hysteria instead of facts. And when you see pictures like this, it’s easy to understand why you’d be apprehensive…


With that being said, here is the real run-down on safety in Ukraine…

Is It Safe to Travel to Ukraine–A RESOUNDING YES!

Ukraine is an extremely safe place to travel to in 2016. This is assuming that you stay out of the eastern parts of the country, where the “war” is occurring. In reality, this “war” is just Ukrainian people who don’t like their own country. They would prefer that Ukraine merges back into Russia. Not the European Union.

These people are often part of the Donestk People’s Republic, or the Luhansk People’s Republic.

These rebels claim a very large area of the Donestk Oblast (Oblast = Region), but in reality only control a couple of the actual cities themselves. Granted, that’s no small feat. Donestk is a large city.

However, the facts are that they only control a very small part of Ukraine as a whole. As long as you steer clear of those Eastern regions (Donestk and Luhansk), you will be just fine. And again, the photos are easy to get worked up over. Take a look.

is it safe to travel to ukraine

Safety In The Cities

We here at Ukraine Living are primarily based in Kiev. In 2016, we’ve also spent time significant time in Odessa with a later trip planned to Kharkiv. Friends have also spent time in Lviv.

Kiev is absolutely safe. You can walk around at 3am in the morning, and nobody is going to bother you with the exception of maybe a couple of bums asking for money. You can simply ignore them.

Odessa is a little bit rougher as you get further out of the center; it’s simply got a “feeling” of not being as safe. Always listen to your gut. However, it’s certainly not as bad as some of the worst places you’d find in the United States (looking at you, Chicago and Detroit).

Lviv is very nice, safe, and charming. This is information coming from friends.

Be Street Smart

Again, you should always listen to your gut while traveling. If something FEELS wrong, it PROBABLY is. Always listen to that gut feeling and react accordingly. In addition, it’s important to remember to always stay calm and keep your head about you.

With that being said, Ukraine is a perfectly safe place. It’s very unlikely you will ever have that gut feeling in your stomach. Don’t listen to the media lies.

Come here for yourself.

You can meet beautiful girls.

See beautiful architecture.

Enjoy a better quality of life.

The only bad feeling you’ll get is why you didn’t come sooner.

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  1. I can definitely attest to Ukraine being safe for travel especially Kiev. I was just there in May I think. The thing I did notice was some depression in the air. Most likely an aftershock or maybe that’s just how they are. I’m no expert on the Ukraine. Compared to a country like the DR, Kiev is much safer.

      1. This is very true. I think it’s a good spot if a guy goes into it with the right expectations and isn’t looking to get laid after stepping foot off the plane. Also, if you’re looking for something long-term. I’m accustomed to being spoiled in pussy paradise so it really wasn’t my cup of tea at this stage in my life.

          1. I think it was a Pussy Paradise 5-15 years ago, but not anymore. Much like Brazil. Slowly all pussy paradise will dissipate. Even the Phils changed a lot the past couple years and Colombia is following suit because of blogs like ours haha. And that epic forum thread.

          2. Yeah I do believe that. I met a few girls who were solid, but I was having trouble playing the patience game. Getting spoiled in other countries changed me haha. Also, I’m more into Asians, Latinas and African descent than white girls. I’m white so I had white girlfriends my whole life growing up.

  2. Of course, the American or Western media is going to talk bad about Ukraine and other foreign countries that are safer and have beautiful women. By, the media does not mention or talk bad about some US cities such as Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, and Baltimore, Maryland.

    If people want to find out the truth about these foreign countries, they should go for themselves. Another option is to listen, hear, or read the words from those who have gone or have even moved overseas.

    I can hear something negative about Colombia or the women there. But, I have to hear something stupid about what the Kardashians or Kanye West is doing.

  3. question is…. is it safe to travel ukraine in 2022.
    Sorry I was massively reading all your articles and I had to comment on this article 🙂

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