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The Guide to Russian Girls | FAQs Guide

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I’ve met a lot of fantastic people through this blog since I began writing it in July of 2013. A good friend of mine who I’ve traveled with on multiple occasions agreed to sit down with me and answer some questions about Russian girls, Russian culture, and other travel tips.

Here are his thoughts.

Background On Russian Girls


I’ve known you for several years now, and we’ve been around the world a bit. You’ve spent considerable time in Russia and I’ve heard your stories with the Russian girls. Could you elaborate a bit on where you’ve been in the Motherland, how long your trips were, and…well, why you decided to keep going back?


For some reason, as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with Russia. So when an opportunity came to go with a friend on a tour that went through Russia, I jumped at the chance. Even though I was in a relationship and my concept of “game” was basically nonexistent, those few days in Russia essentially changed my life.

I saw what real women can be like, and it went from there.

I came back again a few years later, and it just kept on progressing.

I love Moscow, but I’ve been to several other cities as well spanning both coasts and in between as well. From what I can remember the longest stint I did was about six weeks consecutively.

What Are Russian Women Like?


In a word, inimitable.

First I’ll preface this by saying that similar to any other grouping of any sort of people—here women—they were will always be outliers. But overall, there is this raw nature to Russian women that I have not found elsewhere, even in neighboring Ukraine.

I can write several paragraphs on this, but in general they are very passionate, very intelligent and very quick to sniff out incongruity.

And of course, beautiful for the most part.

russian girls

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What’s The Best Way to Meet Russian Girls?


Frankly there is no best way.

For me it was at bars and clubs but I know many people that have met them in the daytime or online as well.

Village vs. City Girls


Do you see a big difference in the attitude and quality of the “village girls” versus the Moscow and St. Petersburg ladies?


Nope, not at all.

You have to remember that most girls come to Moscow from outside that city—unlike their American counterparts, they do not fall into a sex and the city mindset. The traditionalist mindset permeates throughout the Motherland.

The one difference I do see is just in the day to day life in Moscow versus outside of it.

Moscow is not “real Russia”, even though it maintains a lot of it’s traditional aspects.

The First Kiss and Dates With Russian Women

KYLE: From my own experience, and also as shown in Ukraine—the Former Soviet Union girls are ruthless. Try to kiss them 50 times and then on attempt #51 the magic happens. Any theories as to why this is?


They respect an actual man and want to see that you are willing to put in effort for them (one) and are also not afraid of rejection and have thick skin (two).

It gets tiring and annoying at times, but this is the Russian dating culture.


Any advice on how to accelerate the dating process a bit for those who don’t have the ability to take the longer trips? I know many of us have used flowers to great success…



Or if you have a more traditional/non-drinker Russian lady (which there are a lot of), see them everyday in the afternoon to build up some face time, and save your nights for other girls.

Go on walks, and bring flowers (yes this works).

However, there is no real shortcut.

russian women

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Relationships vs. 1 Night Stands With Russian Women


Generally speaking, what’s the best way to go about dating Russian girls? Do you find it’s a culture that values relationships and therefore they’re unlikely to have a one night stand?


Well you are asking me about two different things, so I’ll answer each in turn. Treat them as you would a mob boss in the 1950s.

Treat them well, you pay for everything, and you don’t take any shit. They understand the dating culture and the interaction (and roles) of men vs. women. You need to understand that, too.

To answer your second question, like anywhere else there are girls that will fuck you on the first night.

Language & Culture In Russia


Let’s talk about the Russian language. How good are you and how necessary is it?


I’m decent, but I wouldn’t even say conversational. You have to spend a lot of time to get to conversational. As for how necessary it is, it depends on which Russian women you’re targeting.

If you want to crack that higher quality girl, that is also not a pro/gold-digger, you will need some language skills. And if you are thinking of getting a long-term Russian girlfriend, language becomes even more important as you try to forge a common ground and bond going forward.

UPDATE October 2019, Learning Russian


I’ve now been studying Russian 2-3x a week – with a professional teacher at a language school, for a year, and I’d say I’m barely scratching the surface of being conversational. I’m able to read just fine, and understand quite a bit, but actually speaking is incredibly difficult. I can speak a bit of “caveman” Russian, but I honestly reckon it will be years before I’m able to get all of the tenses, cases, and conjugations on a fluent level.

Basically, learning some basic phrases and sentences will take you reasonably far with both the women and your day-to-day life, but being able to actually “date in Russian” is a multi-year process that most people should not bother undertaking.

Russian Pod 101 is the best online tool, but nothing is going to replace actually going to class with an actual teacher.

Best Cities For Russian Girls


What cities would you recommend and not recommend for men traveling?


Moscow if you know zero Russian. Moscow if you know some Russian.

If you are going to venture to the other Russian cities, it will be fun and an experience but I would get some experience first in either Moscow or St. Petersburg.


What are the general prices of going out at night in a major metropolitan like Moscow? What about if you venture out to other cities in Russia?


With the devaluation of the Ruble prices are similar to going out in Los Angeles. Cheaper than New York but still on par with a major city. There was a small dip outside Moscow but nothing drastic.

This will not be a budget destination.

st petersburg women

Moscow vs. St. Petersburg


Moscow vs. St. Petersburg—which one and why?


I personally like Moscow better. I am not a fan of museums or architecture. I also believe Moscow has much better looking women by a long shot.

Craziest Story With A Russian Girl


What is your craziest story with Russian ladies?


I’ll tell you about a non-sexual one. It was leaving a club at 6am with my buddy and trying to find some food to eat. We ran into two girls at some street food stand who then invited us to their apartment.

Little did we know it was over an hour away by foot, through railroad tracks and grassland in a random Russian city.

When we finally arrived, we were so tired neither of us even tried to have sex.

One girl grabbed a guitar and sang her heart out to us, while the other took a quick nap until the grocery stores opened to go buy groceries to make us breakfast.


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russian girls

Best Heart-Warming Story


What is your best heart-warming (i.e. real nice display of feminine qualities) that you had with Russian women?


There’s almost too many to pick from.

If I had to choose, it would be a story with one of the most attractive girls I had been with—who not so coincidentally did not speak a word of English—brought me a small present for my birthday even though we had only seen each other a few times.

She knew I was leaving and wanted to give me something to have that I could remember her with.

Russian Girls: Closing Thoughts

Updated October 2019

Kyle here now, in 2019 (this article was originally published back in 2016), and I want to talk about one specific thing that my friend briefly mentioned. Flowers.

I’ve now been living out here in Eastern Europe for over three years…and for a long time, I was pretty averse to buying flowers for a girl. Couldn’t really tell you why, it was just an “icky” thing that I hated doing. Likely because, in America, it’s just a sign of weakness. Women demand them, they don’t appreciate them, and they’re seen as a way to beg for forgiveness and say, “I’m sorry…”

You know what I mean?

Nobody wants to be the bumbling-Dad-bod guy who only shows up with flowers so his wife can castrate him further.

Basically, what I’m saying is, this took me a long time (i.e. years) to fully understand…

So, yes, you can absolutely buy girls in Eastern Europe flowers. It won’t hurt you, either. Because real women like to feel real femininity coursing through their veins…and flowers do exactly that. Yeah, flowers are still kind of stupid and pointless on paper (they look nice for a day or two and then just die), but for some reason, it really presses buttons, in a good way.

That’s the best explanation I have.

It’s just such a different world out here…you really just have to get here to understand it.

Moscow vs. Kiev In 2020

While I still haven’t been to Russia myself, there’s a large group of expats that come here to Kiev, Ukraine for the summer. Including one friend who has family and has lived on and off in Moscow for many years.

In his words, Moscow is just a tough city to live in at times. He thinks Kiev is just a little bit more livable, mostly from the perspective that Moscow is just so big—people live everywhere. You try to get five people together and they come from five different parts of the city, whereas in Kiev, most of us who are expats are all in one very central area.

Granted, that is not the case for locals in Kiev who may live in different districts and need to travel to a central meeting point.

He also believes that overall, Kiev is a bit more Western, less intimidating, and the people seem a little bit happier (it’s worth noting he speaks fluent Russian).

He also thinks the Moscow women are just touch more calculating and demanding than the Ukranian women, but also hotter.

Food for thought.


Obviously, a huge thank you to my friend for taking the time to answer these questions. I know Russia is on the eyes of many of us digital nomads—both from a girl perspective, and simple traditional values. Many of us yearn for that kind of environment where men can be men and women can be women.

And both can be happy doing that.

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  1. An additional thing to add that you may not have thought about, but Russian women are STRONG. I don’t mean girl power woofing, I mean actually strong. Like tough dames in film noir movies.

      1. Clearly your definition of musculine is treating women like pieces of meat. I prefer men who are intelligent and funny, not who go on tours to another country to hunt for desperate women.

        1. 1. *meet* not meat

          Nobody asked what you think. You’re a Russian girl who now lives in the US. These comments show what you’ve become.

  2. Interesting article!
    Your friend said in reply to one of your questions that there isn’t a difference between “village girls” and girls from Moscow claiming that the traditionalist mindset permeates throughout the motherland. If this is indeed true I wonder where this mindset comes from? Cultural/religious values? Or perhaps they realize, unlike their American counterparts that “slutting it up”, decreases their value in men’s eyes and makes them undesirable as LTR/marriage prospects?

    Hoyos made a good point about Slavic women being strong. Is this strong as in being competent and resourceful? Western women see strength as constantly trying to gain the upper hand of the relationship. When you say they melt I assume this means they will submit to your frame and leadership?

    1. Yes, they realize men value chastity. And their life goal is often to find a good man. They care far more about a husband and children than a silly career.

      They’re strong as in they are smarter and happier being independent than Western girls. They will test you relentlessly. But once they respect you it’s a different game.

    2. His friend is full of shit. Moscow is a huge city. There is a downtown part, where women mostly look like models because oftentimes they ARE models that come from other parts of Russia to look for modeling gigs. If you go outside of downtown, the scenery changes by a lot. Most women are not model-looking and don’t have a “downtown” kind of personality. I was born and raised in Moscow, so I would know what I’m talking about. This guy is full of shit.

      1. I looked at your email address. Born in 1982?

        Someone is bitter her time of being a woman of worth in the world is gone.

  3. Whoever wrote this garbage had to be high on drugs. Well, you could tell the ignorance of the writer by the fact that he doesn’t like culture, and that is a telling sign of low intellect.

    First of all, Moscow is a huge city and you probably have only been to the downtown part of it. There are other areas of the city which are not all glam and glitter. Secondly, “pay for everything?” Real Russian women are strong and don’t need men to support them like little children. Unless she is using you like a stupid wallet that she will discard later. Russian women like strong men with a good sense of humor and a good head on their shoulders. Only used up prostitutes look for sugar daddies to support them, but I guess that’s the type of women you are attracted to. I’ve been living in the US for a while now and am tired of people assuming that Russian women are pieces of meat that are looking for rich old men everywhere. At any rate, this is sad…

    1. You know, I was going to erase all of your pointless drivel, but then something stood out to me…

      “I’ve been living in the US for a while now”

      Pretty much explains everything. Now my readers know what happens when you take an FSU girl to the West; she becomes a cunt

      1. Indeed Natasha’s nonsensical drivel shows the effect of Western influence on the mentality of foreign women. Her immature emotional outbursts is shown by her ad hominem attacks of the guest writer: “full of shit”, “high on drugs”, “this garbage” etc. I also noticed she uses excessive emotional language: “little children”, “pieces of meat” etc so to emotionally manipulate readers. It seems she utterly fails to understand masculine and feminine roles so she reverts to setting up false and twisted representations of women who chooses feminine roles. She achieves this by making weeping generalizations and regresses to using the cliche overused stereotype of the “sugar daddy” and “used up prostitutes” in order to distract readers by this red herring.

        This reminds me of how my father recently talked to a Russian nurse when he was being treated. He said she was “new” and with a heavy accent. I wonder how long(or short) it takes for her to become like the Western women around her.

      2. I have lived in many EE and FSU and also Russia. I thought your article was very respectful. In Russia women want a strong man who takes care of them. There is nothing wrong with that. In Russia a man has to be a man, unlike the USA where a man can be just fine being a woman.

        1. Offensive? Certainly no worse than taking an otherwise harmless & honest article and attempting to shoehorn a twisted, toxic anti-male agenda out of it.

          Not calling women out when they’re out of line is one major reason the west in the the terrible shape it’s in now.

          Oh, the irony!

  4. I’m from Moscow and I can tell you that almost all girls in Moscow are about the money. Don’t dream about free sex or free relationships, if you want a Russian girl, bring big pile of money. Most of them position themselves as home prostitutes. The fact

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