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6 Thoughts On The New Roosh Forum Rules | No Discussion of Casual Sex and Hooking Up



If you missed it, last week the Roosh V Forum became a place where discussion of casual sex and hooking up was no longer allowed.

And, to be honest, that was a large part of all discussions over there for quite a long time, though, in fairness, it also had become quite a bit more geared towards longer-term relationships, with many members also starting to settle down and have families.

I’ve had a few emails and private WhatsApp conversations with people asking for my opinion.

While I shared it in the thread itself (see page 1 and 2), I figured it would be worth expanding into a longer post.

Here’s the link with the full discussion, and the announcement reads as follows:

“Due to my recent turn to faith, my sense of morality is becoming based on the Bible. I’ve stopped a lot of behaviors that I’ve used to do and am in the process of making other changes. I’ve also realized that the majority of my published materials and online platforms lead men into sin or enable them to partake in sin. I no longer want this to occur, so I am implementing two new rules on the forum that are effective on June 1, 2019.

1. You can no longer discuss fornication or pre-marital sexual activity

Things you can discuss:

  • Meeting women with the intention of entering a relationship with them
  • Attracting women
  • Going on dates
  • How to enter relationships
  • Using technology to meet women
  • How to maintain relationships
  • Sexual activity while married

Things you can no longer discuss:

  • Meeting women with the intention of fornicating with them
  • How to bang
  • Physical intimacy with women you’re not married to beyond the act of kissing
  • Maintaining relationships with multiple women (i.e. spinning plates)
  • Cheating on significant others (adultery)
  • Using technology to fornicate
  • Discussion of travel destinations which are best for fornication
  • Stories of sexual activity while not married
  • Promoting masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc.

2. You can no longer use pornographic or vulgar language

  • Refrain from using terms like “I fucked her” or “I want to fuck her.” Do not describe sexual encounters or situations that are beyond the act of kissing unless you are married.
  • Refrain from using profanity if a cleaner word would suffice.

These rules will cause great change to the forum

The above two rules will mostly apply to the Game and Travel subforums. I know that I may lose some of you because of these rules, but I can no longer help men lead a life of sin, because doing so is weighing on my conscious.

I created this forum in 2008 to help men fornicate, so I don’t know if it’s possible to “retrofit” it for another purpose, but it’s worth a try. In the meanwhile, I will gradually lock threads that break these new rules if they become active. The fully updated rules that new members see is stickied in the Everything Else forum. It can be viewed here.”

I’ve got 6 points to discuss.

1. I Owe A Great Debt to Roosh

I wrote the following on the forum

“Yes, you are going to lose a lot [of followers]. But you know this.

Everything comes full circle.

Take you, for example. You’ve gone from fornicating casually, and often, towards your current path of spirituality. It’s come full circle.

Take myself, for example. If you hadn’t given me a shot to write at ROK a few years ago, I wouldn’t have built my business, been able to move out of the degeneracy of the west, and be able to maintain a solid LTR for 3+ years. But, make no doubt about it, I *had* to go through the crazy years in order to be able to sit where I am today. It’s come full circle.

I understand the spirituality thing, however, the world has changed faster in the last decade than ever before – at a multiple many times over. At some point, religious teachings are going to have to be modified and adapted to the modern time.

I would understand gradually beginning a shift and gradually applying some new rules and standards. I’d say that longer-term relationship discussions are much more common and accepted here than say, 2015.

There aren’t many places that men can learn the skills needed to survive in today’s modern world.

This drastic of a change seems like it is going to rob many men of their own chance to come full circle.

That’s my $0.02, and obviously I hope that things work out and you find peace.”

I stand by this.

I owe a lot to Roosh. I’ve never met the man, but he gave me a real crack at the whole blogging thing back in 2013. I would not be where I am today without that opportunity, plain and simple.

Otherwise, I stand by what I wrote on that forum thread, too. This decision will rob (some) men of their opportunity to come full circle.

But, I think what is really important is that point about religious teachings being out of date.

On one hand, can you really rewrite the Bible?

On the other, can you really not at some point?

The world has shifted so drastically in the last decade…and will only continue to shift faster and faster. Hoping to find and marry a virgin is not a realistic option for most men in the world. The Bible, and other religious teachings, do not account for this. Even places in Eastern Europe are rapidly becoming more and more westernized, devoid of the more chaste girls the Bible speaks of (read this for an example).

At some point we need to live in reality.

locker room

2. A Locker Room Dies

There aren’t a lot of places that men can congregate these days, in-person, and have the good old “locker room talk”.

This is even more true online, with men’s discussion spaces constantly under supervision, being shut down, etc.

Somehow, RVF had survived most of this, and it’s sad to see that a place where just about any discussion could be had (and needed to be), no longer allows that.

Which leads us to the next point…free speech.

3. This Is Not “Censorship”, But Treads That Way

There are some people in the thread that are criticizing Roosh for hypocrisy. For those who don’t know, he’s been banned on PayPal and other payment processors, and I think been banned from some social media platforms as well, for his views.

To that, I say:

Comparing a platform like Facebook with billions of users, and that is publicly traded, versus a small, private forum with a membership of ~40,000 people are not on the same planet.

The forum is privately owned and operated, and is barely even monetized.

I have little doubt that Roosh has run the forum at a “loss” for many years now, given the amount of time it likely takes to moderate the place.

So yes, he is completely within his rights to run it how he sees fit (and keep in mind, the forum has always had rules, so there wasn’t unlimited free speech).

And yet, at the same time, I can also agree – is a bit of hypocrisy given how much he has campaigned for free speech over the last few years.

That said, it’s still not the same as Facebook censoring/banning people based on their views.

4. The Long Term Relationship Talk Is Good, But Men Need “The Journey”

I feel pretty strong about this.

Most of you know that I’ve been dating my girl for over three years now. It is a very happy, harmonious relationship. I can firmly say that the girl has been very good for me, and I for her. I feel I would not be where I am without her. Eventually, if our western society and culture has any chance of survival, strong men are going to have to reproduce and raise some strong families. Lots and lots of casual sex doesn’t lead to this, for a variety of reasons.

But, many men need to learn the hard way and go through at least a time of “getting it out of their system” before they’re ready for something long-term, much less marriage.

Take my path for example:

  • Sucked with women
  • Got decent with women
  • Got tired of going on dates and having the same conversations (tired of western women, really)
  • Went on a trip to Poland – blown away
  • Back to America, disillusioned even more
  • Went on a trip to Colombia – decision made, I must move
  • Moved to Europe
  • Went on a binge of partying
  • Got into a relationship
  • Still in said relationship

Again, living in reality is necessary.

Men should not be trying to go on a date and get married right away. Not in today’s world. Not without real knowledge and understanding of both women and their nature, but of the legal system.

5. My Own Views

I’m always careful not to project too much within my own writing and work, because I do feel it’s important to be objective and give general advice that will benefit the majority of people.

What this means is, it’s easy for me to say:

“Men should look towards long term relationships.”

…conveniently ignoring the fact that I am in an LTR, and this reaffirms my own decisions.

It’s also way too easy for me to say:

“Men should go abroad.”

…again, conveniently ignoring the fact that not everyone has an internet business like myself, or the simple fact that many people just likely aren’t ready to move across the world like I was willing to do.

That said, I do think all men need to go through their own slutty Game phase, go on a lot of dates, be with a different chunk of girls.

I’m also mindful of the fact that overindulgence is always bad, and there are likely limits on how many girls men can be with before we begin to have our own psychological problems. It’s the old, “too much candy gives you a tummy ache” problem. Eventually, you go on enough dates with enough stupid girls, and you just begin to think all women are stupid. Or, you sleep with too many slutty girls and all girls are sluts. We all tend to live in our own bubble of reality based off of what we’ve experienced.

6. The “Content Creators” of RVF

I feel for some of the longest-tenured posters, many of whom have contributed thousands of pieces to it.

I’m not that active over there anymore. Most of my best friends from it have moved our correspondences into private WhatsApp chats and of course, actually meeting up in person. It’s not going to have any effects on my business, or my ego, because I’m just not that involved.

That said…

If we were to theoretically port this entire Trouble blog over to the forum, and this site didn’t exist at all, yeah, I’d be kind of upset.

There are a lot of people who have made that place what it is, and I can certainly feel for them if they feel a little bit “robbed”.

But ultimately, it’s just something they’ll have to get over. Nothing stopping them from copying all their old posts onto their own blog.

Anyways, I’ll wrap this post up by just saying “thanks” again.

And to suggest you listen to this podcast I did with Roosh a couple years ago. Me thinks it may not be around much longer…

Keep causing trouble,
Kyle Trouble

PS: I’ve also now recorded a podcast about this all.

Listen to it at the link below.

And leave a review here.

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  1. I think the censorship thing is hypocritical. Twitter, Facebook, etc all ban users for violating their acceptable use policy, but there’s nothing to stop those users from using another site or setting up their own.

    So I respect Roosh’s right to make his own rules for his forum, but he shouldn’t complain when a big company makes rules for their site too.

    1. Tend to agree with you there, he can’t cry foul anymore in regards to that.

      That said, it’s nearly impossible for a random person to just “set up” the next FB or Twitter.

      1. Yep, it’s not an equivalent comparison.

        It would have been better if he handed over the reigns to someone else if he felt moral objections at this point (or some other compromise, rather than forbidding the very thing that made it successful).

        I predict the site will die quickly because of this, sadly.

        1. Yeah, I mean, better options (IMO) would have been:

          1. Give control of the site to someone else, contingent on a name change.
          2. Take the name and make a new forum

  2. Every man should go in their slutty game then find a low notch woman to settle down. What about the sluts they have banged?

  3. Hi Kyle. I think your post is well thought-out post and fair, too. You also raised some good points. Good timing as I just found out about this as well.

    Also I did meet Roosh in person at the NYC meetup in 2015 as well as having helped set up our local meet up here later. Those were during some of the days where the media-fueled madness and extreme hate he received were second to none.

    I remember those days quite well. Wow!

    Roosh came across as a pretty good guy and one with quite a few intelligent thoughts. He has a well-spoken presence and mirrored what a many men “in the know” felt & understood inside but are afraid to speak openly about.

    Certainly not the “monster” people attempted to portray him as (but of course you’re well aware of how that works, having experienced it yourself a bit!)

    I find it disappointing myself that he would stifle free discussion in a venue (the forums) which helped make him what he is today. I’ll say the same for Return of Kings, which having written for it a few times and having been a long-time reader I was very fond of it.

    After a certain point it felt like it wasn’t the same anymore, however.

    A few more thoughts, if I may:

    1. To restate what I mentioned above, regardless of his personal beliefs at this point it would seem that elmininating free discussion at the RooshV forums site is a huge mistake and will drive people away.

    2. Yes, there are only a few places out there (right now) that are fairly good for free discussion for men. Reddit subreddits have been quarantined by the site in some cases and are constantly receiving hate from the rest of the SJW-based users, which in my experience is mostly what Reddit caters too.

    It’s predicted that subreddits like TheRedPill and MTOW will get shut down eventually, leaving even fewer places.

    However I can’t help but think due to the growing numbers out there more will pop up and will take the place of RooshV’s forum.

    3. While it’s fine that Roosh’s personal life has changed his perspective, he of all people learned how precious free speech & free discussion are.

    I think it’s somewhat ironic he’s forbidding the same at this point. I feel like it goes against the very things he once resisted & had the courage to believe in. That part is sad to see.

    4. I’ll call it “Dying mall syndrome”: Just like with how malls die, once the main reason you came is gone it’s never the same and the writing is on the wall. Take away free discussin & open talk, however gritty or “immoral”, and interest wanes quickly.

    5. As much as hate and cencorship is aimed towards venues like RoK, Chateau Hartiste, Roosh’s sites, and more in an attempt to outlaw free speech for men, it always creates more drive to resist and more solutions take the place of those that get shut down.

    I think we’ll see something new come up, at least I hope. I respected the guys who posted real-world experience like in the travel & city data sheet threads in Roosh’s forums as that’s amazing to read and learn from.

    My $.02. Thanks!

  4. Great post Kyle.

    This is all very true. I owe a lot to Roosh.

    Sadly, had it not been for “bang Poland,” I would not have actually gone there in the first place. I think it’s sad that Roosh is somewhat out of touch with the motivations and feelings of younger men after this clear tragedy struck him and his family.

    I do shudder to think of everyone being robbed of their chance to be enticed to going abroad…Roosh was a huge part of it.

  5. I got banned by someone at the forum, not sure who. Maybe Roosh himself but I don’t know. My crime?

    I called out some idiot that was planning to go to an infamous freelance bar in the Philippines, and to put it bluntly, score a freebie with a hooker.

    I expressed my opinion on this behavior, which was not in his favor, and I summed it up by saying “just pay her the $50”

    This was considered “promoting pay for play” even though I was clearly against the whole thing.

    Banned for life. No recourse.

    Of course I kept reading, and still do read on occasion. Rarely now.

    A few thoughts / observations I will share.

    Number one, my heart goes out to Roosh for his loss.

    I believe this is without a doubt what has brought about his turn to faith. I don’t get it, but that’s fine. I don’t need to get it.

    That said, the way Roosh has been demonized and deplatformed and censored with payment servers, Amazon, social media, etc… it makes me wonder why he is such a tyrant on his own site. It basically negates any sympathy I might have for him as a victim of oppression, which he clearly is.

    The other thing that I find peculiar is how the “senior members” or whatever you want to call them, have all jumped onboard the god train too, at exactly the same time. It’s bizarre to say the least. I suppose they were always “yes men” but it’s odd for such an extreme turn to be taken by all,!or most of them, in unison.

    Maybe I’ll play armchair psychologist and suggest that the forum had become so important to them that they would do anything to keep it in their lives. It’s just weird to have these forum “Generals” toeing the new party line.

    Now he is purging the travel and game sections like a foreign invader smashing the artifacts of the previous empire.

    I don’t agree with much that’s going on over there these days. It’s not the place for me, I reckon.

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