Last updated: March 6, 2018

The Rollo Tomassi Interview



In episode #122 of the show, I’m proud to welcome the great Rollo Tomassi to the show to discuss his life’s work over the last 16+ years.

The outline for the show is below, although we go far and beyond the scope of just these things…

To listen to his 21 Convention lecture, go here.

Rollo’s books are also required reading and are available at the links below:




Brief intro to your history of writing, who you are, and what the goal of Rational Male is ultimately.


Changing Times: 

– If I’m not mistaken, you first started writing on the SoSuave forum way back when…

-What was the landscape of the market at that time?

– How much have you seen things ACCELERATE in time since then; how does it impact men taking their first steps in the world?

(Ie perhaps your old advice would have been to spin plates, but now with rape charges, etc, etc. – maybe this isn’t so feasible. Instead, how should men adapt?)

– And, how much more will they accelerate (seems to me it has picked up very drastically in the last ~2 years).


What’s Next?

– Do you think there will be a “market correction” at some point, where some girls begin to realize they’ve been sold lies about having it all?

– Or will they continue to double down?

– Finally, for men who want to actually have a family and some semibalance of the old “normal” life, what would you recommend? I can chime in here about how different it is abroad and the general expectations.

– As a man in the West, I think it is becoming expected that you do more and more with very little reward – the burden of performance, so to be speak. How do men come to terms with this, especially when the “reward” is quite meager in the scope of things.

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