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Rocket Arabic Review: Must-Know Information

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Arabic is undoubtedly one of the most difficult languages to learn, but it doesn't have to be. In this Rocket Arabic review, I'm going to explore the the pros, cons, and features of the program. I'll give some insight into the pricing levels, amount of time it takes, and more.

As always, feel free to leave any questions you might have about the program in the comments below!

The Philosophy Behind Rocket Arabic?

Built on 7 Success Strategies

Rocket Languages has worked for years to develop a fool-proof way of studying a new language. Rocket Arabic includes all of these, plus more.

  • Strategy 1: Make use of your time---commute time is prime time for learning!
  • Strategy 2: Understanding how Arabic works
  • Strategy 3: Reinforcement (but in a fun way)
  • Strategy 4: Native sounds, and how to make them
  • Strategy 5: Utilizing advanced techniques instead of the old, tired ones
  • Strategy 6: Have backup---leaderboards, assistance, and more
  • Strategy 7: Motivation + Momentum

In short, Rocket Languages has built Rocket Arabic on a solid foundation.

It's designed to help you get started and to keep you encouraged and motivated. The email reminders are a great way to keep you on task and studying Arabic.

Rocket Arabic Review

Price Points of Rocket Arabic

The program has three price points. Let's take a look at them in this Rocket Arabic review---to avoid any confusion. Keep in mind that prices sometimes are raised and lowered, but I do my best to keep these up to date and accurate.

CDs + Online ($299) - You get a pack of twenty CDs as well as online access to the program. I'd be hesitant to go this route---I mean, do computers even have CD players these days? I know my last two laptops haven't! In any case, it would probably be one thing if it was only $50 or so more than just online access, but...

Online Access ($149) - Seriously, double the price for some CDs? I'll pass!

Monthly ($27/mo for 6 months) - After you complete all your payments, you'll have full access to the course. That only comes out to $12 more total than buying it all outright, but it's up to you ultimately.

In any case, no matter what version you buy, you're backed by Rocket's 60 day money back guarantee.

That makes it pretty simple. If $150 is out of your budget for the time being, just sign up monthly and pay for the first two months. If you don't like it---no big. Just get your money back and try another program.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion!

What's Inside?

There's a lot, so let's list it here:

  • 33 interactive audio lessons: This is where the instructors guide you through a conversation. You listen and learn, then repeat back.
  • 32 language & culture lessons: A deeper dive into the mechanics of the language, plus other cultural insights that will help you travel like a local
  • 29 writing lessons: Difficult, but a lot of fun
  • 130 hours of total lesson time
  • 2,000 phrases: That's enough to keep anyone busy for a while
  • 65 sets of flashcards: Great for practicing during downtime or a long trip
  • Leaderboards: Motivation, motivation, motivation!


To start off, the program is pretty affordable. There are a lot of other options out there for learning Arabic, and many of them run in the hundreds of dollars. Assuming you pass on the CD version of the course, you'll come out far ahead. You can use this money to supplement with a tutor or perhaps even a trip to speak with locals.

Mobile: You can download the audio as an MP3 and take it with you on the go, so you're always making productive use of your time.

Email reminders: Half of learning a new language is just putting in the work. If you do this, you'll be far ahead of most. The reminders you get will serve to keep you on track.

Free trial + 60 day guarantee: Do I need to say more in this Rocket Arabic review? If you don't like it within two months, you'll get all your money back. You can take a six day trial.

Variety of lessons: From writing, audio, and cultural lessons---there's enough variety of content contained within the course that you'll never get bored.

Graded on pronunciation: One of the hardest things about learning a new language is pronunciation. It's not as difficult with a language like Italian---but for a native speaker to learn Arabic, there are going to be struggles to say the words and phrases properly. Rocket Arabic has a great feature that lets you speak into a computer or smartphone microphone and then tells you how good (or bad!) your pronunciation is.

BONUSES: You'll get a bonus survival kit free of charge, it's usually $50 to buy individually.


The mobile app is lacking. It's simply not as robust as the online program. It's best to just download the MP3s and do your passive listening on the go, rather than trying to truly interact with it.

Dialects vary across an individual language. Therefore, if you need a specific dialect of Arabic, you may want to investigate other options (Rocket Arabic is the Egyptian dialect).

Short-ish free trial: Ten days would be better, but six is still a pretty good deal overall.

Rocket Arabic Review: Conclusion

Rocket Arabic is probably the best entry-level Arabic program on the market. It makes much more sense to invest a reasonable $27 in a month to see if you have an interest---as opposed to dropping hundreds of dollars on another course.

Even the one time fee of $99 is quite reasonable in the grand scheme of things. Certainly cheaper than hiring a private tutor. That $99 would probably only get you two hours with an actual Arabic teacher.

In conclusion, I'd highly recommend Rocket Arabic to anyone who is looking to get started learning Arabic, and even the more advanced speakers would find some new things to learn. It's a thorough and well-built program, and is backed by a great guarantee and price.

PS: You can get instant access to all versions of Rocket Arabic by clicking here.

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