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Review of The Tinder Template by Masculine Profiles



Cost per notch.

Let’s loosely define the above as how much it costs, on average, for you to fuck a new girl. Of course, since anyone reading this website is a high value man, or working on becoming one, that means you must also value your time. Meaning that if you have the ability to make $30 an hour while working at home, and you choose to go out on the town drinking for five hours – you have an opportunity cost of $150 for the night. If you then meet a girl, you have to factor in the cost of taking her out and the other logistics of getting a bang.


If you really do the math on the amount of time you spend approaching girls, running game, and getting them into bed, you’d be truly shocked at how much your true cost per notch is. It’s easy to say that you went out on a first date with a girl and only spent $15 on drinks, but for those like myself who value your time, it’s not so simple. While I won’t EVER recommend a man give up approaching, there are times where it simply isn’t feasible to be out hitting on women four nights a week.

And there’s where The Tinder Template by Masculine Profiles will make your life much simpler. It will bring your cost per notch down because it will save you absurd amounts of your precious time. There is nothing out there as efficient as Tinder as far as dating goes, and The Tinder Template will take your Tinder game to a whole new level for a measly $10 – less than it would be to actually take a girl from Tinder on a date.

The Tinder Template is a well-written, information packed book that will give you immediate results as far as your Tinder conversion rates go. You will get more matches, have better conversations, and ultimately end up with more dates and more notches, which is what we’re all after anyways, isn’t it?

In a world full of bullshit pickup advice with the perfect lines and negs, The Tinder Template has refreshing advice, such as…

Always remember: Tinder moves fast. These women find a multitude of guys to chat
with, so you need to make your move quickly. Rather than wasting precious time
thinking of the perfect opening messages to send to that smokeshow you just
matched with…


The last thing to keep in mind is to not get too hung up on the opening message.
There is no set of magical words that will get any girl to sleep with you from the first
message. So just chill and enjoy the process.

Masculine Profiles also does a great job of introducing some “hacks” to the equation, such as “liking” multiple items on Facebook, which will give you common ground to start off of. I would have also liked to have him discuss the apps available that “auto-like” girls, and hear his comments about them – especially whether they were worth a couple of bucks in the app store. However, there is a possibility that this was written before those were developed. Of course, I am just nit-picking about what I would have liked to see in the book, but the book itself is fantastic – I can’t recommend a better product for the money that will get you results on Tinder.

Click here to check out The Tinder Template.

The above is an affiliate link, I fully endorse the product.

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