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Review Of Red Pill Dominance By Jeremy Sploosh



Jeremy Sploosh’s long awaited first book, Red Pill Dominance finally was released a few weeks ago. Having hung out with Jeremy personally three times now, and having met his girlfriend, Kaitlyn – and seen their relationship first hand, I was eager to see what kind of knowledge was wrapped up in his eBook.

On a personal note, book aside, and in the nicest way possible – I will attest that the relationship and dominance Jeremy exhibits over Kaitlyn is the exact definition of what the red pill is. I would even go as far as to say it’s extreme. With that being said, the point I’m trying to drive home is that Jeremy knows what he is talking about.


Red Pill Dominance puts their relationship into words beyond a 500 word blog post and gives insight into the steps he had to take to eventually end up in a happy relationship with a sweet and feminine woman. Their story is covered very thoroughly, from initial meeting, to her fits of jealousy, to her punishments.

I told her to bring things up before they reached her breaking  point, in private. She had promised it wouldn’t happen again.!

It did. She needed to be punished. No play spankings and giggles, this was going to hurt. I told her I wasn’t going to see her for a few days and when we did it wasn’t going to be fun for her, leaving out any details, letting her hamster spin for a few days. A few days later I texted her the day and time to come get her punishment and that was all.

The advice and general advice of Red Pill Dominance is very good. However, it’s very centered around the exact relationship that the book was founded on. For someone like me, who likes to learn via examples – it would be perfect. However, some of the advice might be hard to follow because not every relationship is the same. Each has it’s own quirks.

However, all women respond to masculinity and dominance, and so by following the very good examples laid out in Red Pill Dominance, you can achieve your relationship games as well. It is well worth a read.

To buy Red Pill Dominance, click here.

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