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Review Of Poosy Paradise By Roosh V



I live in a pretty nice city, San Diego. The Pacific Ocean is ten minutes away. The girls, generally, are usually thin and pretty. The weather is brilliant year round – in the winter the temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, and in the summer rarely rise above 85. If it’s 65 degrees, it’s generally considered cold and you’ll find me slipping into a jacket.

There are wealthy suburbs, downtown high rises, and everything in between. The streets are generally clean, there are palm trees everywhere, and it’s generally pretty relaxed. On paper, there is little reason to leave this beautiful city.

But, when Roosh puts words on paper, it greatly tempts me to pack a bag and move to a shit hole in Eastern Europe.


Because perhaps the potential paradise can far outweigh anything America has to offer. Poosy Paradise is a story of Roosh’s journey to find exactly that.

In short summary, the book tells the tale of his journey to a city in Romania, which I’d never heard of (and I promise you have never heard of it, either) and his approach to adjusting to the city, it’s cultures, and of course, the beauties walking around in high heels. Those looking for a guide on how to bang lots of girls will be disappointing – but the brutal honesty in which this book is written is what makes it so intriguing. On paper, Roosh’s life seems great – he travels the world, living in whichever country he pleases, for however long he pleases while writing travel guides on how to sleep with the women of said country.

But it’s not all fun and games.

There are struggles with living alone in a foreign country, dealing with language barriers, and of course – the everlasting internal battle of whether to keep playing the field or be content with one nice girl. In addition, Roosh shows development as the book progresses – while the art of game is generally universal between the female species, the level of effectiveness can differ in different countries. His observations on fame game due to his Romanian TV exposure was fascinating and makes you ponder the generally accepted concept that fame game trumps all. Maybe in America, yes – but the game is different across the pond.

It’s not a “technical” guide on how to get laid. It’s not a guide on how to get laid in Romania. It’s just honest.

Those not familiar with Roosh’s story, or whom have read his blog or previous books focused around pickup (Bang, Day Bang, etc) would likely have a hard time picking this up and enjoying it. In the end, I was left with the same feeling I got after reading his blog series, AnnaPerhaps Poosy Paradise will never be found, but maybe the paradise is meant to be elusive. And one’s man struggle with coming to terms with this is what makes it such a captivating read.

Congrats on another book, Roosh. I appreciate the opportunities you’ve given me to write at ROK for the last year.

In conclusion, a great read.

To get more information about Poosy Paradise, click here. 

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