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Review of—A New Source for Modafinil (Updated 2019)



NOTE: has closed their doors. I recommend you get your Modafinil here instead.

Ever since what was probably the biggest Modafinil supplier (Modafinil Cat, RIP) went out of business for undisclosed circumstances, a lot of digital nomads and entrepreneurs have been testing the waters with various companies. Who is the new big gun on the market? In this case, I recently placed an order with to see what they were all about.

I’ve been utilizing Modafinil for several years.

At one point, I even wrote an entire book in one day while using it.

I’ve also mentioned how to write 10,000 words in a day while utilizing it.

The point is: I’m a fan.

I also generally steer clear of bad products. I’m the guy far more likely to invest money in the $1,000 laptop that will last versus buying three cheap $300 ones.

And I’m here to tell you that is a quality product, with excellent service and support.

Read on to find out WHY.


ModUp keeps things pretty simple when it comes to their product line. They offer one type of Modafinil in various supply levels (ranging from two weeks to twenty weeks). This is actually a great thing, especially if you’re new to the world of Nootropics.

If you browse around to competitor’s sites, you’ll notice that many of them offer a huge variety of products for you to choose from.

If you’ve never tried Modafinil before, this would be a bit overwhelming at first. You’d have to research all the different types of them, and figure out what the pros and cons of each are. keeps it simple and you can get in and out the digital door within a matter of minutes.

And the Modafinil they send you is still top-notch. It’s generic Modafinil. The type you’d get at the doctor if you managed to get a prescription (I have one but it’s obviously difficult to re-fill prescriptions while I’m living in Eastern Europe).


I’ve had contact with Victoria on their customer support team on multiple occasions. One of my small niche sites actually has done business with them, so I’ve had good interactions with their team Victoria. She’s very quick to respond, and also makes sure the customers are taken care of.

Case in point: I was obviously a bit apprehensive about getting the Modafinil to Eastern Europe.

The postal system works in weird ways here. Weird is probably not the right word—but I sure as hell can’t understand it. I can barely even pronounce my address (ask my girl about that sometime and you’ll get a good laugh). When staying in AirBNB’s, I rarely have a mail key. I don’t  typically keep calling credit on my local phone number either (I just use WhatsApp for everything)—so the delivery people can’t call me.

In any case, promises a full refund or a new order shipped if the Modafinil doesn’t make it directly into your hands.

That’s pretty incredible if you think about it.

In any case, you do get a tracking number when you place your order so you can keep tabs on it.


Have you ever browsed the Modafinil or Nootropics forums on Reddit?

Most of you know my thoughts about forums and places like Reddit—a complete waste of time. People like to waste their entire existence arguing with strangers on the internet instead of just buckling down and doing the work. It’s the same thing with “brand building” on Twitter—a complete waste of time.

No amount of forum posting or social media engagement will ever replace buckling down, writing, and creating your own brand on a platform you own. Modafinil will help give you the focus to do just that—instead of rationalizing it to yourself that you’re working hard by tweeting a thousand times a day.

Back on topic: the forum is actually pretty full of solid information regarding Nootropics. You can get quick answers and bounce ideas off of people on it, which is a great feature that the majority of Modafinil vendors don’t have.

Much better, more efficient, and a better experience than having to wade through the cesspool that is Reddit.


Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason. Look at the growth of it over the last year.

In any case, if you’ve invested your crypto-currency wisely you might be sitting on a goldmine. You can use some of it to get 33% off at This is more than the standard 10-20% that many online vendors offer.

So if you’ve got some spare BitCoin lying around, and want the focus to make more money—try some of the Modafinil. They have a full-fledged guide about paying with it too (or you can leave a comment below and I’ll answer).

CLOSING THOUGHTS is a great option for getting a productivity boost over everyone else. They’ve been around a while, but have been under the radar. However, they’ve proved to be a staple in the market for several years while several (many) other vendors have gone out of business.



PS: For a good review of available Modafinil vendors today, click here:

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  1. You seriously take Modafinil everyday? I know my productivity will increase 20x but I am nervous about the idea of taking it every day, I currently only take it on days I know ill have less than 6 hours of sleep…

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