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Review of Christian McQueen’s Stripclub Bible


My fellow Return Of Kings writer Christian McQueen recently released his new book titled Stripclub Bible: The Authority on Picking Up Strippers.  For those of you not familiar with McQueen’s work, here is his biography pulled from the ROK website:

About Christian McQueen

Christian McQueen is a West-Coast based VIP Host, who spends his time poppin’ bottles and f*ckin models. His system is available now: 1 On 1 Coaching Available: Don’t be lazy and like my Facebook: Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Twitter


I’ve never met Christian personally, but he has some pretty outlandish stories which could easily be seen as fictitious to your average person.  However, many Roosh V forums members have attested that he is the real deal, and that the night he’s written about are “mild” in comparison to what has sometimes gone down.  Personally, I always felt that the level of detail he put into some of his posts such as this one proved he was an authentic dude who just lives a life most can dream of.  Fuck, I’m jealous of him like a fat kid is of the ice cream man.

Apparently, the guy knows how to turn a strip club into a regular pussy-churning center much like he does with nightclubs.

The authenticity shows in the first chapter of the book, as he details his first trip to a strip club as a wide-eyed 18 year old.  Of course, he has to wear a bright pink shirt to show his age, and ends up getting hustled out of all $300 of his $20 bills from the first stripper that laid eyes on him.  It’s the perfect example of how to turn your life around.  I mean, look at me.  A year ago, if you told me I could pull that kinda shit, I’d have laughed in your face.

The book is generally a pretty easy read.  The first couple of chapters are “lists” of secrets and rules to abide by in the strip club.  Some of these are relatively obvious (don’t buy lap dances, much like how you wouldn’t buy a girl a drink at a bar), to things even your average player wouldn’t think of unless he had some good strip club gaming experience.  I guess you’ll have to buy the book to find out what those are 😉

McQueen also shows a good knowledge of exactly how strippers function, and does a great job summarizing characteristics that the majority of strippers have.  Judging?  You bet.  Stereotypes exist for a reason, people.  There are plenty of good examples of routines and canned lines you can use ona stripper.  It’s not terribly different from running normal asshole game on girls, but there are obviously different rules McQueen says you must abide by in order to succeed.  Obviously she knows you came there to check her out, so in a way you have to knock the pussy off the pedestal (or stage).

Many of the routines though are gold, and I’ll probably drop them around in daygame, nightgame, and on dates.  I may even venture to a stripclub to try it out.

How to woo the managers, waitresses, and DJs (which enables you to bed the strippers easier) is something you will probably not find anywhere else.  McQueen has it down to a science; a nice bullet list you can check off to get a strip club on lockdown.

My general thoughts on the book as a whole is that it’s an excellent read and investment.  It’s easy to get through at roughly 55 pages, and it’s written in a way similar to McQueen’s blog posts.  Plenty of lists, bolded points, and easy-to-remember statements that will set you on your way to strip club success.  I believe that if you are an experienced player, many parts of the book will “click” instantly with you.  The DHV routines and canned lines will likely be things similar to what you have seen before.  For those types, the value of this comes in the strip club general knowledge.  It also opens up a door to many experienced players who want a new challenge – bedding and pulling off threesomes with strippers.

For those relatively new to game, I don’t think there holds a lot of inherent value.  If you’re just starting your gaming journey and can’t make an approach at the bar, then you probably have no business being in a strip club.  With THAT being said…if you to jump in with the sharks, McQueen gives enough relative game knowledge in here and his posts at ROK to make it possible.  Especially if you’re under 21, but over 18, there could be real value.  Imagine going into a bar at 21 years old and you’ve already bedded a dozen strippers.

My only complaint about the book is the formatting.  I’m nit-picking though.  I’m not a fan of some of the bold types and the double spaced formatting.  It may also just be due to me having a “review” copy, but the copyright on every page of the book drove me absolutely nuts.  Ultimately though, you don’t buy this book for a pretty cover and calligraphy.

You buy it because you want to nail some hot chick dancing on the pole in front of you.  The content, at $27, is a steal.  $27 is less then two lap dances at most strip clubs.

And it lasts a lifetime, unlike an orgasm which is only a few seconds.  It also won’t give you blue balls.

You can purchase Stripclub Bible at

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dannyfrom504 - November 26, 2013

lol. been writingabout stripper game for a while now. it’s fairly simple tbh.

    Trouble.Maker - November 26, 2013

    Hah! You should have put it in a book.

    I agree though. Reading some of this I was kinda like…”hmm. I do most of this already. This wouldn’t be terribly difficult.”

    Worth a shot at least. In between developing my daygame skills, going out a couple nights, and keeping up with OKC…

    Where does the time go?!

      dannyfrom504 - November 26, 2013

      “Stripper game” is one of the pages on my site. Lol.

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