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Online Business

Pro Niche Site, teaches you everything you need to know about niche sites and affiliating marketing.

Bluehost: My current recommendation for web hosting, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Most of my niche sites run here.

Thrive Themes: Hands-down the best WordPress set of tools on the market (although this site runs on Genesis/StudioPress).

ConvertKit: The best out there for building and growing an email list with ease. Email is easily the most responsible for making me money on my websites and brands

Modafinil: My smart drug of choice to help me concentrate when I need to.

Dating & Girls

The Girlfriend Blueprint: How to find a decent relationship in an ever changing dating world

King’s Code: I realize I am biased, but at it’s core, it’s about building abundance in your life and is much more than “build a harem”.