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5 Relationship Questions To Ask Before You Commit To Her



It’s no secret – I used to be a dweeb.

Back in the dweeb days, I had a zillion relationship questions for the very occasional girls I dated.

Where is this relationship going?

How can I do better, babe?

Am I bending over far enough for you to cut off my testicles, dear?

The point is, I wasn’t much of a man. It was always me chasing after them. Never the opposite – which is how it should be. All women want a man they can look up to. A man they feel they have to compete for. It’s what makes them tick. Stop thinking that women think the same way you do.

I held the keys to commitment but gave them away willingly. I never asked the relationship questions to myself; I never thought about whether they were good enough for me. And as a man, you should. Ask yourself a lot of relationship questions before you even consider committing to her.

Because if you don’t, you could end up making some bad mistakes – exactly how I ended up getting cucked.

Learn from my mistakes. Ask the vital relationship questions before you even consider giving her anything on a deeper level. Even if she looks at you like this all the time…

 relationship questions

After my first horrible relationship (see the podcast above getting cucked I linked above), I’ve gone on to have many successful relationships with a variety of women. Some of them were serious, some were just fun, and some have been open relationships. The point is, I screened each and one of them before I even took them out to dinner, much less gave her the ultimate gift a man can give a woman – his word of commitment.

Here’s how you do it.

Relationship Questions To Ask: “How into me is she?”

As much as the word “chemistry” is a phrase women use, I can’t help but think it’s a good indicator here. More than likely, if you didn’t hit it off with like like crazy on the first date, you shouldn’t bother committing to her. Why would you? Attraction is the primal basis of everything we do in relationship to women, so if it wasn’t there from the start – why would it ever develop?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have sex with a girl if the chemistry isn’t perfect, because in fact that’s sometimes even better for FWBs. If they don’t have personalities you mesh with well, or you’re just not that compatible, it’s easier to just have sex with them and keep things casual on the side. I’m going into this a lot in my system on how to build and keep a modern harem.

Every girl I’ve ever gave any sort of commitment to was a girl whom I had fireworks with on the first date. This doesn’t have to include sex on the first date, though I’m a believer you shouldn’t hold that against her (see the next question). But, with each of these girls, I had a fantastic first date where we simply hit it off. Contrast this with other girls in my harem, whom I had mediocre first dates with (and still had sex with, obviously), but whom I have little-to-no desire to see outside of the weekly romp in the bedroom.

If she’s not constantly nuzzling into your arms, initiating contact with you, and just giving you the ‘doe eyes’ (read this post by a friend for a good explanation on that) like you’re her world, then you shouldn’t even bother reading the rest of these pre-commitment relationship questions.

Relationship Questions To Ask: “She fucked me on the first date, is she a slut?”

This is going to be a touchy subject for some people.relationship questions 2

Let’s get this out of the way as far as relationship questions: if she fucks you on the first date, does that automatically take her off the table for a long-term commitment? While popular phrases such as, “You don’t turn a hoe into a housewife”, would suggest that yes, it does rule her out, I think you really have to give each individual situation a fair shot.

If you’ve done everything in your power to be the best man that you can be, and you actually have many women desiring you – is it that bad that she fell for your charm? Is it truly a problem that she couldn’t resist you the first night, because you brought your A-game that you’ve been working on for years?

I don’t know about you guys, but I learned and developed my game so I could bang a lot of high-quality women. I know how good mine is. It’s very much designed for them to want to have sex with me on the first night, no matter how much of a good girl they are.

So as far as relationship questions to ask before a commitment, that’s not one that’s on my mind usually.

Now…if you’re out of shape, your game isn’t all that sharp, and she still fucks on you the first date…be honest with yourself here. Was it luck? Ask yourself deep down if she fucked you because you were a irresistible as a man or if she was just horny and a slut.

The truth may hurt.

But some of these relationship questions are meant to. It’ll save you the long-term pain.

Relationship Questions To Ask: “Is she just a huge slut in general?”

Luckily for you guys, the difficulty of answering the last question is balanced out by this one, which is a piece of cake.

Of course, you should just flat out ask her how many people she’s been with. You’d be shocked how many American girls will casually throw around their high notch counts, with no shame whatsoever. Listen carefully to the tone of her voice and her eyes – these will tell you if she’s lying or not. Many of them will “not quite remember”, but then make a guess. They’re probably lying. While I don’t ever fully believe a woman on her true number, you can ask other general questions to get a feel for how much of a slut she is; and if she is, consider putting even greater scrutiny on these other relationship questions.

These relationship questions include:

  • What age did you lose your virginity? (If she says 15 and she’s now 26, do some basic math.)
  • What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? (Sex in a car is one thing; a gangbang is another.)
  • Have you ever cheated?
  • What are your friends like? (If they’re wild party girls, just remember that women follow the herd.)

I actually ask most of these questions on the first date, so I know right away what I’m getting into. You can read more about how I do that by clicking here.

If you’re still having trouble determining whether she’s a good girl worthy of a commitment or a slut who should be thrown out like she’s vomiting in a club bathroom, just remember the American Pie rule of 3.

Relationship Questions To Ask: “How’s her family?”

This one really comes down to this: does she love or hate her dad?

If she loves her dad (even if he exasperates her at times, you’ll know the difference), then congrats. If she hates her dad, has zero relationship with her dad, or just repeatedly does not speak highly of him – be careful. If she has grown up with a lack of a male authority figure, or worse – none – then you really have no idea what you’re getting. You might as well just roll a set of dice and hope for the best.

She might have a deep hatred for men in general.

She might have seen her mom wear the pants, so she’ll do the same to you.

Or she might just be fucking crazy because nobody ever told her no.

Your childhood has a huge shape on who you are as an adult. Look how far I had to come in my path of self improvement. And frankly, most women probably don’t have the mental fortitude that I have to go through that – so it’s very likely their relationship with their father will have a strong influence on how she views and treats men.

Relationship Questions To Ask: “How’s the sex in regards to both quality and quantity?”

Important relationship question, because rarely in a relationship does it become a higher quantity of sex down the road.

If she ever turns you down for sex, for me personally, that’s immediate cause to take a step back and re-evaluate everything. Sex should never be a weapon.

While down the road, it’s occasionally okay to have nights where you just fall asleep and don’t have sex, if there is already less sex than you’d ideally like, get out, do not commit.

Quality on the other hand, is subjective. It certainly won’t always be mind blowing and extremely passionate, and there will be times that it becomes somewhat routine – but it should still be good. You’ll start to learn the nuances of each other’s bodies, and so it will improve in some ways.

The gist of this question is thus: is she enthusiastic about fucking you all the time, and does she make an effort to try new things and please you?

If the answer to both is yes, you should be good on this front – but the game never ends; and I mean that.

Relationship Questions – Bottom Line

Ask yourself…

  • “How into me is she?”
  • “If she banged me on the first date should I still commit?
  • “Is she a slut?”
  • “How’s her relationship with dad?”
  • “How’s the sex?” (BE HONEST)

While this could go into much more detail, these five questions are a good foundation. If you liked this post – check out the upcoming Harem Handbook by clicking this link or the picture below. This post is an excerpt from it!


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