Last updated: September 4, 2016

How to Reframe a Girl Who Flaked




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This is how you reframe a girl who flaked on you.

First off–it’s really up to YOU whether you want to give her a second chance or not. It is a good thing to learn how to walk away from women. It’s truly confidence-empowering as a man, to turn HER down instead of how things usually play out.

With that being said, this girl flaked on me (without letting me know–she just didn’t respond to my confirmation text earlier in the day)…but she seemed to have a legitimate reason and seemed very sorry.

I had erased her number so this conversation picks up where she reached out to me.


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So as you see, it starts off with her apologizing pretty profusely. This is obviously a good start and a necessary step before you even consider interacting with a girl who flaked on you. If she isn’t a good enough person to give you a genuine apology, walk away from her.

My first response: “That sucks. I’m sorry to hear that, feeling better today?”

As you can see, unlike a lot of my other texts, there’s no use of emojis or anything of the sort. It’s a bit cold, but it’s a response. It sends a subtle message that I’m willing to give her another chance, but I’m being cautious. It’s also a very outcome independent text–I show a bit of concern but don’t try to make any real investment in her.

As you can then see in the second screenshot, she apologizes again.

This girl was cute and bubbly, and so I extended the olive branch. However, I made it clear that she was going to have to do some chasing and making up to do.

“How are you gonna make it up to me?”

There’s a very good undertone in this text, which says: I’m a cool guy with options, and you screwed me over. I expect you to make it better to me, and simply having a vagina and smiling won’t suffice.

“I’ll have to think about that one. Any suggestions? ;)” — She’s playing along.

“You can buy first round.” — Again, I’m keeping it pretty simple. Absolutely reasonable request given the circumstances.

“Much better suggestion than what I was preparing to get from you. Hahaha.” 

After that, I played dumb. In previous texts that I had erased when she flaked on me, I was definitely playing a bit of jerk-boy game. She was eating it up. It’s important to sometimes vary it up and keep them guessing.

I turn the tables on her and call her the perv. This is always a good thing to do–paint her as the horny one and that she’s chasing after you. I banter back and forth a bit to see how invested she is in me, and ultimately I decided that it was worth it to give this girl another shot.

From there, it’s on to logistics.

And I saw her Monday.

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  1. You probably didn’t even notice because it’s natural at this point, but people should know you also crushed the close with “I thought of one more thing, but it’s a secret”.

    Now she’s gonna be thinking “what’s the secret?!” until she see’s you. Strong move.

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