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Red Pill Roundtable: Dark Triad Game

This week is the second week of the Red Pill Roundtable, hosted by Masculine Profiles this week. I’m ecstatic to welcome on our third full-time panelist, Goldmund.

You can find all five of the Red Pill Roundtable questions over at MP’s blog, but here’s just one of the questions we answered this week.

Whats the biggest lie you told a girl to get her in bed?


Years ago, when I was on the road, I would tell girls that I was writing for Lonely Planet and they should come out with me to a bar in town and help me review it. I had a lot of sex that way.

I used to always tell girls that we could go back to my place and make hummus. Not once did I ever make hummus. I also told a girl once that I had a pet lemur and she came home with me to see it…she didn’t sleep with me…the hummus girls always did.

Masculine Profiles:

“I’m just checking it out here. I think I’ll come back longer next time. I really like it here.”

Outside of that, I’m not big on lying. I always tell girl she should come back to my place for a glass of wine, but wine is only consumed maybe 30% of the time. There’s really no need to lie. It’s fucking 2015 – girls are game with getting the pipe in a swift manner.

This Is Trouble:

“I promise I’m not just looking for sex.”
“I’ll call you.” (After sex, but applicable)
“This is the first time I’ve been to this bar (or coffee shop).”
“No, I don’t play ‘The Questions Game’ a lot on dates.”
“I’ll totally play you a song on guitar once we get back to my apartment.”
“I’m only going to pour half a shot in your drink.”

For a while, I also had this gig where I’d tell girls I actually didn’t play guitar (used it as my main online pic) and that it was just for show to get girls to message me back. Then, when I’d get them over to my apartment I’d whip out a great arrangement and they’d swoon.

The other four questions we answered this week are…

How often do you actually wear condoms? And why?
What does it really means to be a player? (Std’s, sickness, energy, drinking, pregnancy scares, trannies, etc. – go a bit dark lol)
What’s the fastest you’ve ever had sex with a girl and is there a story behind it?
Whats the craziest thing a girl has done post-sex?

Click here to read the rest of our answers.

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