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Red Pill Orgasm Review



Red Pill Orgasm

Let me start this off by saying, I’m a fortunate fellow.  Admittedly, I had had very, very little sex in my life prior to taking the red pill.

But, post red pill – I understood.

It was simple.  Fuck like a wild animal, don’t care too much whether she cums, and generally just be as dominant and masculine in the bedroom as possible.

However, if I hadn’t taken the red pill, this is hands down the best sex book I could have ever read.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s not full of the usual bullshit that fills sex books.  Books like, She Comes First, The Secret Art Of Eating Pussy, and other sexual books that focus far more on supplicating to a woman in a pitiful attempt to please her.  But, they’re that bad.

I like the truth.

Anyone familiar with my work knows that supplication is the path to a pussy modeling the humidity level of a Savannah dessert.  That’s exactly the roads aforementioned books lead you to.

Meanwhile, books like Fifty Shades of Grey are among the best sellers in the nation.  Guess what that book, and Red Pill Orgasm, revolve around?


Halfbreed dives right into how to apply dominance to your relationship.  He sums it up about as bluntly as possible in the second chapter of the book:

“Is your woman calling the shots?  Are you a doormat, a pussy, or a bitch who allows women to walk all over you?  Stop it, right now.  Change that immediately.

Without dominating her, you’ll never be able to fuck her properly.  And guess what?  If you can’t dominate her and make her cum hard, she’ll find someone who will.  Believe it.”


With those two lines right there, Red Pill Orgasm is more credible than nearly every sex book on the market.

The book covers everything from actual techniques to psychological dominance.  Let’s not forget that for a women, sex is largely mental.  Being able to turn the psychological caveats into physical pleasures is one of the top tools in a man’s arsenal.  Red Pill Orgasm not only gives insight into these psychological venues, but also gives you the physical tools to carry them out.

Some of the techniques are widely known, others, not so much.  I’d consider myself a pretty experienced sexual person, and there were several eye-openers throughout the book.

In any case, Red Pill Orgasm gives you all the necessary tools from a masculine and sexual technique standpoint – to be the best lay of a girl’s life.  If you’re a guy who isn’t confident in bed, and doesn’t leave a girl cooing in post-coital bliss consistently, then this is where you should start.

To buy Red Pill Orgasm, click here.


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