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The Red Pill Men Who Were Never Red Pilled



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There is a certain subset of men I have lot of respect and admiration for. And admittedly, I’m jealous of them, too. They’re the men who have an unplugged understanding of life, but never actually unplugged. They’ve never read sites like Return of Kings. They’ve never studied game or the true nature of women.

All of this allows them to be (from what I can see) relatively happy, but free of most, if not all, of the pitfalls of actually being unplugged. They avoid the bitter years, the painful years of growth, and yet live the same life that many of us do now.

The subset of men I’m truly talking about are the men who moved abroad before it was cool and trendy to move abroad. I’m talking of the guys who did this back in the 90s, or early 2000s. As I live in an Eastern European capital city with a large expat hub, I’ve met quite a lot of them.

The vast majority of them are very cool, masculine guys with a lot going on for them. In many cases, they met their foreign wives years ago, and ended up moving out here because they wanted to make it work. For them, it wasn’t a case of them finding American women to be un-date-able, much less marriage material. They simply wanted to see the world, and happened to find “love” in the process.

Sure, it’d be easy to mock them and toss them in the same category as your typical American beta male married to the fat, demanding wife. In most cases though, these guys have hot wives who dress well and cook, behaved kids, and a nice place to live.

Now, Don’t Get Me Wrong

It remains to be seen what will happen to this subset of men in coming years. As rampant feminism continues to spread around the globe, and their children age, will these men have the understanding to put their foot down and steer their children and women in the right direction?

Or will the herd mentality simply spread, and create a younger generation of idiots who prefer to sit in crowds with labias on their head instead of doing anything worthwhile?

In my humble opinion, there is hope that the guys who moved abroad years ago have become aware of the issues that plague the Western countries of the world. Nothing proved this more than last year, when I was playing in a charity softball tournament in a middle-of-nowhere neighborhood of Eastern Europe.

A couple of my teammates, and their foreign wives, were talking about longtime RVF contributor and now Twitter superstar Mike Cernovich. While it’s easy to say that the internet has contributed to plenty of societal decay, there’s also the plus side that it’s served as a fair warning to people abroad.

What These Guys Have That Red Pilled Men Don’t

They have the blissful naivety (to an extent) that us men who have taken the red pill do not have. Sure, some of them follow politics and think the situation in the US is lunacy, but many of these guys actually look at their girls with a warmth that I don’t see often. They genuinely do believe in the concept of love and the family unit. And so far, their girls haven’t pulled the mat out from underneath them. Of course, that could always change—and I’m sure for some of them, it will.

For the most part, many of these men have build relationships from a generation that was devoid of social media, online dating, and “you go gurllll” empowerment. It’s likely that many of their wives were raised not to believe in divorce, and would be shamed tremendously by their families if anything happened to their marriage. Familial and societal shame (still very much intact in smaller cities and even the suburbs of the capitals) is a very powerful thing when women are so influenced by the herd mentality.

For Travelers, Seek These Men Out

I can’t encourage this enough if you are a digital nomad or traveling type. Find these type of guys. They’re prevalent in the American-style local bars (i.e. outside of the city center), at American sports meetups, or any other expat hubs. Many of them have built successful businesses and careers abroad. They can tell you the best hidden butcher shop to get American-style cuts, how to find a solid barber, and how to navigate the general up-and-down cultural shock that comes with moving abroad.

Overall, they are absolutely fascinating to talk to because they represent a set of people who you can never meet Stateside. They are the type that had the guts to move and find something different before the wealth of information on the internet, before the West became such a shithole (though admittedly, I don’t hear of any expats in Haiti).

Their knowledge is vast, interesting, and will give you a different perspective on life. With the internet, this breed of man will be completely dead within the next couple of decades. The man who moves abroad without tons of knowledge at his fingertips will be no more. It’s worthwhile for us to seek them out and learn from them while they’re still around.

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