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RED Coffee Review: How to Kickstart Your Day

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If you haven’t noticed yet, the theme to this week is productivity. Well, as far as caffeine goes, look no further than RED Coffee.

I wrote about cognitive enhancement on Monday with my post regarding Adrafinil. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

But today we’re going to talk about everybody’s favorite drug.


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Specifically, RED Coffee.

RED Coffee is the brain child (no pun intended) of Victor Pride of Bold and Determined and Chris of Good Looking Loser.

I met Victor at the recent Mike Cernovich meetup, albeit briefly. From our brief interaction, he seemed like a good guy and stands 110% behind his products and brand.


I’d heard a lot of good things about RED Coffee, so figured I’d order a batch and see how it came out. You can buy the coffee directly at the RED Supplements website, and it’s also available on Amazon. I generally prefer to buy directly from other bloggers to cut out the middle man, so that’s the route I took.

RED Coffee costs $9.99 for an 8oz bag, and it cost me about $5 to ship to California – not bad considering it technically comes all the way from Peru.

RED Coffee is organically grown from 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level in the rich volcanic loam of northwestern Peru (that’s San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru to be exact).

My RED Coffee arrived about three days after I’d placed the order, and it looked as good as the packaging online. The question is, would the taste of RED Coffee match the packaging?

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It’s really, really good.

My favorite caffeinated beverage of all time remains the homemade Italian espresso I had in Rome, but RED Coffee makes a damn good attempt at trying to steal my heart.

I typically like very dark roasts of coffee, but the overall flavor of RED Coffee (a medium blend) is superb. It has an extremely fresh and almost “earthy” taste to it, almost like it was harvested the day before. And really – it practically was. RED Coffee is vacuum sealed, and it was an absolute pain in the ass to get that thing open. However, that’s a trade-off I’ll gladly make in comparison to shitty coffee from a tub.

RED Coffee tastes far more fresh than any other generic coffee you can buy from a coffee shop or supermarket shelves – including all the big names: Starbucks, Pete’s, Coffee Bean, etc.


I won’t go as far as to say that RED Coffee is some superpower drug that makes you a genius.

It’s not Modafinil.

But, it is an excellent tasting coffee and it’s fairly strong in nature. I can definitively say that I felt more productive with RED Coffee than I did generic Folgers coffee.


I would really like to see Victor and Chris offer this in a bigger size bag, and to make it available for Amazon Prime shipping for those members who would prefer to order off of Amazon (I likely would have gone the Amazon route if Prime shipping was available).

But, I’m really nitpicking with that. After all, you can order 2 x 8oz bags and they charge you the same for shipping. For “quality” coffee in a grocery store, a bag is going to run you at least $7-9, and RED Coffee is absolutely superior in taste and freshness than the stuff off the store shelves.

Overall, RED Coffee is an excellent choice. I’d give it a five-star rating as far as taste and effectiveness goes, and will be placing another order for two new packages prior to departing for my new life in Europe.

Fresh from Peru.

Superb taste.

Killer productivity.


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