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The Marketplace Realities of Ukraine Dating, and How to Fix America

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I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Ukraine at the moment.

LOVE: The beautiful women

HATE: All buildings look the same

LOVE: How little English everyone speaks

HATE: How little English everyone speaks

LOVE: That it’s a little rough, and that most people would be too chicken to come here

HATE: That it’s a little rough, and people shove monkeys on your head in an attempt to get you to take photos and hustle you for money

And finally, a reality check.

LOVE: How different the dating game works here

HATE: That the above “love” = reality

Okay, enough theory.

What the hell am I talking about?


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I don’t have exact statistics, but it’s easy to spot because you see beautiful girls with men who look like their face was caved in by a shovel; though, actually…there’s a decent chance it was (see the “LOVE” above).

Simply put, there are more girls in the Ukraine dating market than there are men. A combination of the poor health of the men, plus a passport that allows for almost no visa-free travel results in this.



Part of the reason that there are more women than men is because of the age gap culture.

In America, it’s generally expected the man to be a little older, but probably not more than five years in many cases. Whereas in Ukraine, a 20 year age gap is truly no big deal.

They are absolutely fascinated by older men.

However, the reality of the world is this: men desire youth and beauty, meaning girls aged between 18 and say…25. Those are the hottest girls in the world in most cases, though of course there are a few exceptions.

But the desire of men does not truly change as they age. If you offer a man a 25 year old beauty or a 50 year old beauty, even a 75 year old man is going to take the 25 year old.

Therefore, you have men of all ages still desiring the women of the 18 to 25 range. But, those 18-25 year old women in Western culture do not want a man older than 30. Of course there are exceptions to this (game trumps all), but for the sake of this argument we’re generalizing.

Whereas in Ukraine, a girl who is at the cusp of that gap at 25 is perfectly okay with a man that is 45, maybe even 50. You have a higher percentage of men who have a higher chance of getting the younger aged girls.

ADVANTAGE: Draw – men benefit from being able to get access to youth and beauty for a longer period of time. However, this also means more competition between them (and more options for females).

(I suspect that if you increased the number of males to match females, women here would get pickier about the age of their partners – hey, free market!)


It seems stupid that I have to write this.

But if you look around a bar in America and watch the way that men and women act, the way that men try to approach and women shoot them down…

Can you honestly tell me that the sexes like each other?

Again, I’m making gigantic generalizations. Obviously plenty of women have liked me 😉

The difference is, women here in the Ukraine dating scene are generally looking for high quality men to date, marry, and reproduce with. They recognize that in this country, they are a bit “fragile”, and therefore they need (and desire) a man.



Back to the visa-free travel thing…

And this does not just apply to Ukraine and the Ukraine dating scene.

But if you have a country that’s been run ragged, is in the midst of a war in the far east, and has generally just had a rough go…do you think the women want to stay?

Women have a natural inclination and biological calling to stay safe, both for their own safety and for the safety of their children. Meanwhile, men are more likely to stay and fight – and therefore, rebuild the country from the ashes after the dust from the war has settled.

If you offered young Ukrianian women a permanent move, i.e. a one way flight to a Western country, a chance to leave the FSU forever – I bet half of them would be on the first plane possible.



Now we get into the fun stuff and I get to bring my inner geek out.

We see now that the Ukrianian dating market is relatively favored towards men: they can date out of their league, so to speak. So therefore, it’s natural to assume that if we had similar market effects on America, there would be a similar shift.

Therefore, solutions to the problem. I’ve even put narrowed them down from drastic to not so drastic:

EXPORT MEN (DRASTIC): Simply put, reduce the number of men. How? Easy peasy. If you don’t contribute X in tax dollars to society, but you cost society money (in terms of benefits), you go.

IMPORT WOMEN (NOT DRASTIC): It’s ridiculous that my friend can’t bring his Ukrianian girlfriend to America for a two week visit without going through an FBI-esque interrogation, but that anyone can cross the Mexico border and stay.

It’s seriously easier to be in America illegally than legally.

Therefore, allow importation of young and beautiful foreign women.

BUILD A WALL (REALITY): Oh, it’s happening.

And best yet.

KILL MEN (DRASTIC): Maybe exporting them isn’t so drastic after all.


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  1. In olden days there was always a lot more women than men, cos men were killing each other a lot. And on just only on wars. I don’t remember where I read this, but even with 2 world world wars 20 century is supposed to be one of more peaceful ones when it comes to percentage of population killed.

    Maybe it is just the case that our culture and civilization is used to have more women than men?

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