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“A 22 Year Old Just Cannot Give You Life Advice, Period.”



My latest post at Return Of Kings, entitled “Biology Says People On Welfare Should Die,” has been garnering a decent amount of hate since it was published earlier today.  Reading through the comments, I think the most fascinating people are the ones that claim that, because of my age, I’m simply not entitled to have any opinion or to write about a certain subject.  Often, they have no real argument beyond that, which just seems silly.  Now, I’m not going to lie, I went with a pretty “harsh” title on this one.  Did it stir a reaction?  You bet it did.  By the time people finished reading the article they were so enraged that some 22 year old “dumb punk” was writing it that they completely missed the point of the article, which was summed up nicely in several of the comments:

“The writer did not make any argument against helping others. He’s making the argument that the offered help gets abused to the extent that helping becomes counter-productive and destructive to society. Any person with dignity who’s in need of help would not want to remain on welfare for the long run. People abuse and exploit the help and the entity that gives the help makes no demand that the helped do something to help themselves.”

“He has a point. There is a massive parasitic underclass in America that pays no taxes, and they reproduce at a much higher rate than the producers.”

“I don’t think it is life advice, as much as a snap shot of this one in his youth, for his future self; and subsequently, a snap shot of how the movement is raising “new lions.””

If you read the article, you’ll see near the end I wrote the following: As long as the government continues to subsidize programs for single mothers, and dead-beats who need food stamps, housing assistance, etc, for extended periods of time; they will continue to piss off those with superior genetics, which will simply lead to society burning down over time as the inferior genetics simply outnumber those with superior genetics.

People got the impression that I literally wanted to line up people on welfare in the streets and execute them, Nazi-style.

This kind of things makes RotK look like a proto-Nazi website.

The article was intended to have a satirical sense to it, which I think just blew over people’s heads.  It was simply to illustrate that we have parasitic leeches in our society, and that it is CLEARLY not sustainable; just look at the country’s debt.  It doesn’t matter what age I am – it should be pretty obvious to anyone that looks at the numbers on that previous link that our country is NOT in a good economic state.  That was the point of the article, not that I am a 22-year-old privileged child who wants the world to be given to him on a silver platter.


I have no desire to clutter up the comments on ROK with debate.  If those people from the post find their way to my site, they are welcome to respond here.

There should be a minimum age for authors on this page.

I’m sure TroubleMaker is a good guy, but a 22 year old just cannot give you life advice, period.

At 22, I’ve dealt with several heartbreaks, depression, anxiety, tragedy, obesity, and fighting to be taken seriously because of my age.

Everyone has had their heart stomped on, I admit that.  I’ve been in a borderline abusive relationship.  Lesson learned.

Depression?  Almost my entire elementary-high school life until about junior year of high school.  I made changes to my life to improve this.

Anxiety?  I had this terrible twitch up until middle school.  I would violently shake my head, I was so anxious.  I was bullied, harassed, and punished for it. I learned to stand up for myself and deal with the anxiety.

Tragedy?  I watched my childhood home burn to the ground while comforting my mother, saying that it was going to be okay.

Obesity?  I dropped from well over 200 pounds to 135, and then lifted weights to get up to my currently 170 solid pounds.  Being fat made me miserable, unhappy, and pathetic.  I made the lifestyle change with sheer willpower.

My age?  I graduated college early.  I got a job at one of the top companies in the world at 21.  I’ve had to fight my age holding me back for years, this is nothing new to me.

Do people have it worse?  Of course.  I’ve dealt with my fair share of difficulties, though.  And I’ve conquered every one of them.

At 22, you’ve only been out of high school for 3-4 years. You simply don’t have enough life experience to comment on something like this.

See above.  I’ve been through plenty.

Dude sounds like a bullshitter to me. Personally I dont really have respect for anyone under 40. They are just dumb punks that think they know it all. Being a highly paid flunkie in a government job isnt all that impressive.

Best argument this guy has is that I’m under 40.  Does he really think I work for the government after I had just bashed the shit out of welfare and the government?

At 22 yrs old(according to your description) you are WAY too young to comment on topics so humongous, complex, and volatile as welfare, and social Darwinism. I don’t know if this is satire, but when someone brings up a topic like this, it will inevitably devolve to a conversation about which ‘race’ should rule over another ‘race’.

You simply don’t have enough perspective to provide serious commentary.

I pay into the system.  That gives me the right to comment and share my views.  PS: it was satire.

Part of me wants to remove my age from my ROK bio.  Then I realized, why the fuck would I?  I’m proud of who I am, I’m proud of my views, and I’m proud of my ability to articulate them and argue reasonably.  If the best argument people have for me is the above quotes, then they’re simply jealous because they’re double my age and haven’t amounted to much of anything in their life.

To which I say, you’re the inferior genetics I spoke about in the original article.

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  1. Totally relate to what you’re say, and I face the same problem with ‘age’. I must say though it doesn’t get better – especially when you’re the only person under 30 among a bunch of 40+ year old’s who are mentally masturbating their “brilliant” ideas. The irony is that we could also talk about how ‘backward’ and disconnected these 40 yrs old’s are from everything. But we don’t, do we? No, we focus our energies on something far more productive and interesting than criticizing old people. They can at least give us the same respect, and use the spare time to set up an email account or something.

    Also like your welfare article by the way.

    1. You’re dead on, it’s because we’re supposed to “respect” our elders – which means letting them live their delusional lives, I suppose.

      Thanks for the comment, glad we agree on something!

  2. Guaranteed that these haters are the fat, lazy government slouch betas with fat wifes. Afraid of the honest truth all they can do is bash it, scared to even imagine that their whole life has been a waste! Buncha phonies!!!!

  3. Right on, bro. Right the fuck on. I’ll be reading through your site, it looks good. I found you through RoK so you know. And I’m 33.

    Couldn’t agree more, I started my own business when I was 21, and I still have that same business. Starting young is a hurdle, but it can also be a strength, especially when you show that you do have experience. The best news for you is, after you hit 30 the whole man-world opens up, and you get respect. It’s like at 30, professional men say ok, we’ll accept you as the lowest member of our club.

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