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Rationalizing Your Lack of Action With Women



A reader writes in to ask about the balance between business and women:

“What do you say about neglecting women (almost entirely) to focus on making money and business? How can one handle that without female touch?

I’m also curious on your thoughts about keeping sexual energy to fuel business (like I guess I’ve been doing)?

Women are attracted to me everywhere, some I’m not sure about, others much more obvious, so attracting women is not a problem for me, but I see them as major distractions. I’d like to have sex without a relationship, but that is a pursuit that’s a distraction from my business. How can I handle all this? Have you written any blog posts on this?”

I’ll stick with what I’ve always said:

The right girl can certainly help grow your business. She’ll take care of the other parts of life so you have more focus. But, even the right woman is going to require your attention and going to have needs. No getting around that. You have to ask yourself whether the relationship ultimately saves you more time than you would spend chasing girls.


Sure, some great, great minds were celibate. Guys like Einstein and Tesla. But, you gotta remember that they didn’t live in a world that was filled with sex.

It’s a lot easier to turn off your sex drive if you live like a hermit and never leave your house.

But these days, between all the apps, television programs, and just ads you see walking around the street…

It’s sex, sex, sex, all the time.

There’s simply no getting away from it, so it’s a lot harder to just turn it off and live in a cave.


As far as keeping your “energy”, yeah, it definitely helps. There’s been enough research done into the terrible effects of porn that I don’t think I need to harp on it any more. Everything in moderation.


There’s something in this email that makes me sense that this is an EXCUSE in disguise. Read these lines carefully:

“Women are attracted to me everywhere, some I’m not sure about, others much more obvious, so attracting women is not a problem for me, but I see them as major distractions.”

A rich man doesn’t have to tell you he’s rich.

Guys who are successful with girls don’t have a need to say “women are attracted to me everywhere”. And they don’t follow it up in the next sentence with “I’m not sure about”.

If this is the case, said reader should have zero problems attracting a girl for a casual, commitment-free relationship which should allow him to minimize time chasing girls and spend more time on his pursuits. But, me reckons that the lack of women for him right now is a far bigger distraction than is made out to be with this email.

More likely reality is that he has not actually made moves with any of these many girls attracted to him, and is rationalizing his lack of action under the guise of them being a “distraction”.

In reality:

Guys who are building a business (ie having a mission), and moving forward with it…well, they’re like catnip to girls.

Course, I could be wrong.

Now, listen up, as this is important:

It’s important you have a lot going on for you. There is no better fool-proof way to get and keep a high quality girl, or have casual relationships, or whatever it is. If you’re doing it, you’ll be just fine in the ladies department.

You can figure out how to handle the ins and outs of all of this with my new “Girlfriend Blueprint”, coming soon to you (probably July this year).

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