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Is Racial Attraction Real?

I’ve never been on a date with a black girl. Or an Indian. Or, (somewhat) regrettably, anyone of Middle Eastern heritage; which is hit or miss for me.

I have been on a lot of dates with white girls, and to a lesser extent, Asians and Hispanic girls. Overall, I’d put it at 60% white girls with the other 40% divided between Asians and Hispanics, with a slight edge towards the Asians (probably 25%/15%).

What is my heritage? Wasian – half white, half Asian. Does this mean anything for attraction purposes?


From My Perspective

I think from a biological standpoint, there is something to be said that you are going to naturally be more attracted to someone of your own general racial background. It’s only natural that you want your kids to look similar to you; and I think this is going to hold even more true for men – with the increasingly high probability of getting cuckolded and stuck raising another man’s bastard spawn.


Same holds true for women, on a lesser extent.

I think from a personal standpoint, my racial attractions really depend on the over median attractiveness of a specific race. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against black or Indian girls, but I’m just simply not attracted to most of them. However, there certainly are some true beauties that I’d absolutely sleep with; but there is an overwhelming quantity more white girls I’d bang than others.

A Country Does  Matter For Racial Attraction

If you’re starving, and all there is to eat is asparagus, and you hate asparagus, you’re still going to eat. Just like a white man stuck working in China who isn’t really attracted to Asians – a man has to fulfill his sex drive.

With that being established, I think America is undoubtedly one of the best examples of true sexual market values of different races due to the diversity present in many of our states and large cities. For general theory purposes, let’s not factor in Midwest-buttfuck-nowhere places like Iowa or Kansas, preferring to use highly diverse cities like New York City, San Francisco, etc.

Ultimately, SMV Rules All With Racial Attraction

If you need a refresher on the SMV read Rollo’s post about it:

It may seem dismally pessimistic to begin boys SMV at so low a starting point at 15, but recall that we’re looking at overall averages. A 15 year old girl will look at an 18-20 year old man’s sexual approval as more valuable than that of her same age peers. It’s not that notable boys’ attentions are worthless, but they are far more mundane to a mid teens girl, thus the evaluation starts much lower.


In various contexts, women’s SMV is without doubt the most discussed topic in the manosphere. Try as we may, convincing a woman that her sexual peak lay actually between 18 and 25 is always an effort in debating denial. For all the self-convincing attempts to redefine sexual valuation to the contrary, SMV for women is ultimately decided by Men.

I’m using the black/white examples because I think it is the most different, and therefore the most effective to make my point.

A white man will be with a black girl (example), provided she is pretty and fertile enough.

A black man will be with a white girl, provided she is pretty and fertile enough.

A white girl will be with a black man, provided his SMV is high enough in comparison to his direct competition; i.e. her other options.

A black girl will be with a white man, provided his SMV is high enough in comparison to his direct competition; i.e. her other options.

However, what becomes tricky is determining what a man’s SMV is – well, without all of the factors that go into determining one’s value to begin with. Meaning, if you placed a black man and white man next to each other and made their character identical – who would be the most “preferred”? This would mean of course:

  • Same income
  • Same “status” job; i.e. one is a doctor, one a lawyer
  • Same relative attractiveness/fitness levels
  • Same amount of game

black girl

If you put “equally” pretty girls next to each other, I’d wager it would mostly come down to a man’s natural preference; which, as stated in the first heading of this post, will probably come down to the girl who is the same race as him.

I’m really curious to have other people weigh in to this, but let’s not have a racial troll war, okay? With that being said, let’s get a poll going. Post in the comments below your:

  • Race
  • Race of girls you are generally attracted to
  • Age
  • Level of game (simplicity purposes, let’s say beginner, intermediate, advanced)

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I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Is Racial Attraction Real? | - August 11, 2014

[…] Is Racial Attraction Real? […]

Captain - August 11, 2014

Race: White (Southern European)
Race of girls I’m generally attracted to: Typically, brunette white girls as far as LTRs go.
Age: 20
Level of game: Beginner

I don’t doubt a biological motive for racially based attraction, and there are cultural motives too. From an evolutionary perspective, you obviously want your children to look like you because you will feel closer to them overall and have a stronger bond, which in turn will make them stronger. Also, because cultures also can have racial ties, they come into the whole attraction thing. Go to a white church, then go to a black church. The people at both worship the same God, but the culture and experience is totally different. People are attracted to what they are most comfortable with. That’s why I don’t find it racist to only date within your race, though some bleeding heart libs will demonize you and call you a Nazi for believing that.

ChestHair - August 15, 2014

White (Swedish/Italian)
Mostly white brunettes

I wonder if it comes down more to similar facial structures than race as a whole. I personally like cute half whites the most. They got just enough white in them to make me wanna put in a few inches more…

audiorebellion - August 18, 2014

Black (3/4 Black, 1/4 white)
Asian (specifically Korean)

I love me some asian girls. I’ve gone through the rainbow. Korean girls are by far my favorite.
I’ve spent time there. Dated a singer.
I cannot stand black girls. The attitude is such a turn off. As far as black celebrities go, i don’t find them attractive. I’ve tried to get with black girls and it felt like i was just going through the motions.
Latina women are dangerous to me. I always find the ones that are super passionate and super jealous.
I don’t mind white girls and i’ve dated a few but with a gun to my head korean women will always be my choice.
I think the reason for my yellow fever is because asian girls are most likely to have a tiny frame. Compared to white, latina women.


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