Last updated: May 15, 2016

Quit Absorbing, Take Action



One of my followers tweeted this to me the other day:


And…I couldn’t agree more.

However, I also realize that sometimes it take a true kick in the ass before you can get yourself going into gear. And sometimes, it’s hard to do that by yourself.

It requires a mindset shift to go from listening, reading, or watching to actually doing.

Putting your feet in motion is almost always the most difficult part of the process – it’s rarely that actually doing is the most difficult. It’s just that first step.

That first step stops more people than anything else. It’s heartbreaking. I’ve seen it so many times, from so many people. I’ve been guilty of this myself at a few points (for example, I’ve pretty much done a complete pause on my niche site in order to focus on other projects).


Because I understand the frustration of pain.

Of having all of the tools in front of you, but something still holding you back from taking action.

It’s maddening.

You see what you want.

You see the path(s) that you should take to get there.

But you just can’t figure out how to make that first step.

The first step is absolutely terrifying. How do you think I felt when I took the leap of faith, packed my bags, and boarded a one way flight to Europe – leaving behind my girls, cushy job, and beach apartment in Los Angeles?

The first step was so hard – actually summoning the courage to quit my job.image

I wanted to jump back a few times. But I didn’t. And I’m so glad I made that first step.

So what is your first step?

Let me help you find it. Whether it be problems with a girl, developing confidence, planning your first trip abroad – anything I’m qualified to deal with – I want to help you make that leap.

Let’s talk and get you to where you want to be.

Life is too short to be stagnant, trying to make that first step. Time is our most precious commodity.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Well, to take first step you need to know where you are going. And to be honest I feel like there is no destination worth going to.

    And this is in my opinion problem with manosphere. There are many wonderful resources how to pick up girls, how to train your body, mind and so on. But there is no greater idea behind it all.

      1. That is living only for your own sake. Not a greater goal at all. You live, you die and that is end of you. Maybe you will have kids that will remember you, but they will die too and there will nothing left of you.

        Greater idea is something that men can contribute for that will last for ages or at least will be remembered for ages. Something worth living and dying for. Men should live and contribute to something with greater meaning than just himself.

        Well, there is nothing like that in today world. So there is need to create something bigger. That is my opinion anyway.

        1. Kids man. Your kids have kids too and they have kids and a piece of you is still around in 4-5 generations.

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