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7 Questions to Ask a Girl After Sex



This is a guest post by Dave Perrotta, the founder of

The moments after sex are an interesting time. You’re both clouded with feel-good endorphins, and she’s probably feeling some more intense emotions than usual.

In this feel-good state, she’s more likely to reveal stuff she may not normally talk about (especially if the sex was good). Specifically, things that can give you a clearer picture of who she is and what she likes in bed, as well as things that tell you what you did right during your interaction with her (so you can keep learning and improving your ability with women).

But she’s usually not going to just reveal that stuff out of the blue. You have to ask her the right questions.

So in this chapter, I’ll give you a few questions to consider asking while you lay next to her after the first sex session.

Don’t hammer out these questions back-to-back like an interview. Ask one and let the conversation flow – it’ll eventually lead you into the other questions (and you certainly don’t have to ask them all after the first session).

And keep in mind that her answers will help you to provide an even better sexual experience for her the next time around.

So, here are some questions to consider asking a girl after sex…

#1: What’s Your Favorite Sex Position?

This tells you what positions to focus more on the next time around. You can even dive deeper and ask about her favorite position to come.

You may be surprised to learn that girls vary greatly in terms of their favorite positions. Some love to get fucked doggy style, while others love to come when they’re riding you. So, it’s good information to know for the next round of sex. You might even learn a new position from her.

#2: What’s a Sexual Fantasy You’ve Always Had?

Every girl has sexual fantasies. A girl’s fantasies tell you about the type of sex she likes, what turns her on, and what kind of sexual experiences she may be open to.

And occasionally, depending on the fantasy, you may even be able to help her fulfill it.

If and when she tells you her fantasies, though, make sure not to appear judgemental at all. It’s important to show her that you’re open and that you don’t judge women for their sexual desires. That way, she’ll be comfortable experiencing and sharing more, and potentially even helping you fulfill your own sexual desires.

#3: How Rough Do You Like It (i.e. hair pulling, choking, spanking, etc.)?

Most girls like rough sex at least a little bit. While you may not go as rough as you usually do during the first session, you can use this question to get a sense of how rough she wants it the next time around.

Again, you’ll see a lot of variation with this. For example, some girls love to get their hair pulled, while others loved to get spanked and choked.

When you ask the question, you can act it out a little bit too to make it more clear. For example, if she asks, “What do you mean by rough?”, you can grab her by the root of her hair and say, “Like getting your hair pulled,” then grab her ass and say, “or getting spanked.”

#4: At What Point Did You Realize You Wanted to Have Sex With Me?

This question is more meant for you. Usually girls will tell you they don’t know the specific point – it just sort of happened.

But occasionally you’ll get an answer like, “When you gave me that sexy stare in the bar, it really turned me on,” or “You grabbed the root of my hair when you kissed me and I knew right then.” These are the kinds of things that will give you insight into what you’re doing well (and what you should do more of in the future).

#5: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

This one will give you insight into just how sexually open she is. It can also give you some ideas for sex in kinkier types of places, like on the beach, in a car, in public, etc.

You can use these ideas to spice up your sex life and add variety to your sessions with her.

#6: How many people have you had sex with?

Note: This is one you should be cautious with.

Whether you ask it or not really depends on how much you care about her sexual history. If it’s a big factor for you, then this is probably the best time to ask it, primarily because it’s your best chance to get an honest answer.

The longer you hang out with a girl and they more she starts to like you, the more risk she’ll feel about revealing her true sexual history (especially if she’s been with her fair share of men). But after the first sex session, she’s feeling those good endorphins and she’s feeling open. It doesn’t feel like a huge risk to reveal some of her sexual history because she isn’t all that invested in you yet – she’s only had sex with you one time.

As for whether or not you should care about her sexual history, that’s a topic for another post. Just keep in mind that studies have shown that women are 7% more likely to be unfaithful with each additional sex partner they have.

And one more note: her version of the “truth” of her answer may be different than the actual truth. She might not count that random guy from that Mexico vacation, nor that college hook up where the guy just put the tip in.

#7: Have you ever hooked up with a woman?

Whether you ask this question or not depends on whether you’re open to the idea of a threesome with this girl and potentially another girl.

A surprising amount of girls have hooked up with other girls, or at least are open to doing it in the future. Still, others haven’t done it and aren’t open to it. This question gives you a good gauge on whether or not a threesome could be on the table at some point.

Wrapping Up Questions You Can Ask Her After Sex…

Right after a session of great sex, you’re both feeling good emotions and you’re more open to each other. It’s a golden opportunity to discover more about her sexual preferences, history, fantasies, and more.

To recap the questions you can ask her after sex:

  1. What’s your favorite sex position?
  2. What’s a sexual fantasy you’ve always had?
  3. How rough do you like it?
  4. At what point did you realize you wanted to have sex with me?
  5. Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
  6. How many people have you had sex with?
  7. Have you ever hooked up with a woman?

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  2. 1. Can you please get me some water?
    2. Can you make sure the door is locked on your way out?

    Any other question is irrelevant. I do not think our brains require that type of information. “The how many guys have you slept with” will always result in a lie. Unless they are virgins, which is most likely a lie too.

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      Otherwise these questions are meant to enhance the experience; i.e get her coming back.

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