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Quantity > Quality (When It Comes to First Class and Women)



Interesting thought popped into my head today as I sit on my British Airways flight from London to Kiev.

I’m sitting in “Club Europe”, which is their version of first class for intra-Europe flights.

And, to be honest, it’s not much to write home about.

It’s the typical two rows of three across the plane, and the middle seat is simply blocked off. So, while I’m in a “first class” seat, the seats are just like the ones in the back of the plane, and nobody can sit next to me. That means the pitch (distance between seats) is the same, too. The guy in front of me just reclined into my iPad as I was starting to type this email—making it near impossible—just like in coach, really.

I do get a hot breakfast and better service, but overall, British Airways knocked the quality of this product to increase the quantity of people they could cram into this plane.

british airways club europe breakfast

Compare this to most US domestic airlines, where the first class cabin is a two by two configuration where you have much more room overall.

What’s my point of this?

Glad you asked.

When it comes to dating, there’s a few options.

You can, in today’s modern world, date a large quantity of girls. It’s easier than you’d imagine, too.


It comes at a cost.

Much like how British Airways has knocked down their “first class” experience at the expense of their customers, dating a bunch of girls is great for raw numbers.

However, a quality girl will often win out in the end…

Much like airlines, what you want to do may depend on what your end goal is. Maybe your goal is to rack up a ton of numbers and have those experiences. That’s cool and all. BA’s goal is to sell a ton of individual seats (they’re failing at this, the flight is maybe 25% full in both first and economy).


Maybe you want one true, high-quality woman.

I don’t judge either way.

But, if the high quality is the way you want to go…

You’ll definitely want to be signed up for the “Girlfriend Blueprint” webinar, coming to you LIVE from Ukraine (land of high-quality girls) on 3/3/19. There’ll be a link available in coming weeks.

In the meantime.

My best dating advice can be found here.

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