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Quality Meats You Should Eat

As I’ve continued down my steak and eggs journey (see here and here), I’ve had a lot of people email, text, and tweet me with questions.

“How can you afford to eat steak all the time?”

“Aren’t you getting sick of eating steak all the time?”

“Are you shitting at all?!”

“Can you eat other quality meats?”

All are very good and valid questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

“How can you afford to eat steak all the time?”

I’ll be the first to tell you that I make pretty good money (nowhere near enough, but relatively) at my job. I can afford to buy quality meat. Add in the fact that I ditched my expensive car last year, and that I live within my means – and it’s really no problem to pay a small fee to eat well. If you’ve ever read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body, he has a great section of the book dedicated to the “lean tax”. Basically, you have to sometimes pay the price to look good; Ferrissate out at fancy venues a lot and was often charged to substitute the carbs for vegetables. It may not be a perfect analogy, but the same concept applies here.

With that being said, I’m certainly not wiling to pay a ridiculous premium to eat steak all the time. I’m not buying nice ribeyes at $10/pound fresh from the butcher on my way home everyday. Instead, I stock up when stuff is on sale. I usually take a quick glance at the weekly ad online, and I might hit two separate grocery stores, depending on their deals.

For example, last week there was tri-tip on sale at $4/pound. Needless to say I grabbed two of those suckers at roughly three pounds each, so $12 per tri-tip. A tri-tip weighing three pounds though gets me a four meals, depending on how many eggs I’m eating with it. That’s only $3 a meal. To put it in perspective, the “healthiest” thing I like to eat out is probably Chiptotle, and it’ll cost me nearly $8 for a single meal there.

I marinade and barbecue the tri-tip (you can cook it in the oven as well) and I’m good to go on meat for the next several days.

The other trick is to look for the “manager’s special”, which is usually another 50% off an already discounted price. I picked up grass-fed ground beef for $3/pound (1.75 pounds total) last week, as well. The catch to the manager’s specials is that they’re usually going bad, either that day or the day after. Their refrigeration life is expiring, so you need to be prepared to either cook it that day or throw it in the freezer. Either way works.

“Aren’t you getting sick of eating steak all the time?”

It really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, I love a quality steak. Who doesn’t? It was the eggs I was more worried about at first, I’ve always hated eggs since I was a kid. Something about the texture just throws me off. Fortunately, I realized if I hard-boiled them and nearly drowned them in salt and pepper, I actually like them quite a bit. Just don’t try to feed me one without the salt and pepper.

The great thing about steak and eggs is that it’s easy. Cooking a steak on the stove takes only a few minutes. If you’re willing to eat leftover steak (admittedly not as good), you can easily cook up two or three at once and be set for your next few meals. I’ve been hard-boiling eggs two dozen at a time. Every morning I just grab a handful and throw them in a container for lunch. It really is bachelor style eating, but without all of the shitty stuff that comes with fast food.

Of course, I truly think the best way to make a steak is on the BBQ, but it’s definitely not the most time efficient.

“Are you shitting at all?!”

Not without the help of some drugs, no.

I didn’t shit at all for probably the first two days. Once I started taking some fiber supplements, it got considerably better. But, it’s still not as much as I used to when I was eating carbs all the time. Typical days back then would probably include a minimum of two but usually three good, solid poops every day. Now though – one, maybe two, is the norm. They’re also considerably smaller and less messy than before (TMI yet?).

If you’re in tune with your body though, you’ll realize that you’re simply using all of the nutrients from the steak and eggs. There’s just not a lot of crap passing straight through like there is when you stuff yourself full of carbs all the time.

“Can you eat other quality meats?”

It might be negatively impacting my results in a minimal way, but yes, I am. I cooked five chicken breasts and ate them throwout most of last week. I did ground beef with taco seasoning, and another patch of ground beef with BBQ sauce last week, as well. To be honest, I’ve probably eaten more tri-tip than any New York or ribeye style steaks. Steak is probably the best for you, but a little variety isn’t going to make or break you.

What I have been very, very good at is cutting out all of the other crap, especially booze. I haven’t snacked at all, haven’t had any carbs other than some guacamole and the occasional lite beer (ugh). I went from drinking probably at least six nights a week to maybe three. Even those three days I do drink though are kept to clear liquors and a maximum of two-three drinks. Cheat day of course, all hell breaks loose and I’ve been doing a damn good job of making sure I don’t want to eat any junk for the remainder of the week.

I have quite a bit more I will share about this in the very near future, once it’s all said and done. Check back on Monday for the next weekly update.

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