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Putting Dreams On Hold

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“I just want a shot,” I said into the phone, “I truly think once you gentlemen meet me in person your decision is going to be a lot easier.”

One of the voices on the other end crackled. “We definitely think you are a great fit for the position. But…New York…is tough. Your lack of experience and the cutthroat environment that persists here would make it tough.”

“So, it’s probably not going to happen?” I responded, “I’m not even going to get a shot in person?

I have four internal recommendations, including a Global Director,” I thought to myself, “I don’t even get an interview, really?”

“No, probably not. We will be deciding on our first of two hires early next week. If he is someone who we think can come on and contribute immediately, we will consider you.”

The above conversation happened over two weeks ago. I had another conversation last weekend with one of the two men I interviewed with, and they still had not hired anyone. Nor did he have any new information to report to me

During my interview, they brought up the possibilities of other cities to transition into NYC. Chicago. Boston. Atlanta. Charlotte. Some of those are appealing, some aren’t. Meanwhile, the team out Westis wanting me to commit to my current role (with a slight promotion) for 3-5 years. They don’t want to lose me. Meanwhile, I’ve also heard they would like to get me into a small, small sales market on the West Coast – Phoenix and Portland have been mentioned.

Thanks, but no thanks.

While I have no idea yet if I will commit to 3-5 years in my current position (+promotion), I’m not too keen to run off to another city to get some reps in. Quality of life is important to me, and there is only one city in the USA I would pack up and leave San Diego for with no hesitation – and that’s New York City. I would give thought to Boston and Chicago, but would need to see them first. Atlanta, Charlotte, and the aforementioned West Coast cities have little-to-no appeal to me.

I don’t dislike my life here by any means, and I’m hesitant to give it up to likely downgrade my quality of living. I don’t believe in being a slave to the corporate world.

I was tired of being disrespected and held hostage by their inability to make a decision. My lease was up, meaning I was on month-to-month – which also means they tack on a nice premium, bringing my monthly rent for a 600 square foot apartment to nearly $1,600/month.

I signed a new lease this week. That, plus selling my Mustang and ridding myself of the payments and insurance premium, is making quite the difference in my finances. Previously they looked like this:

  • Rent: $1,400
  • Car Payment: $375
  • Car Insurance: ~$200 for two cars
  • Gas (shitty mileage & premium with the ‘Stang): ~$200
  • Utilities: ~$60
  • TOTAL: $2,235

With my new lease, selling my ‘Stang, now it looks like:

  • Rent: $800
  • Car Payment: $0
  • Car Insurance: $75
  • Gas: $150
  • Utilities: ~$60
  • TOTAL: $1,085

Pretty big difference, as you can see. This doesn’t account for food and gym memberships, but I think I can safely assume my entire living expenses will be less than $1,500 once I move in to my new place on August 5th. Why is this significant?

$1,500 is not a lot of money. I already make a chunk of that from selling books, affiliate links, and doing freelance web design. If I truly want it, I could easily get to the point that I could quit my job like I mentioned in this post.

So now, all my claims of wanting to quit my job soon and have my freedom, but not setting an actual time frame for it – THEY’RE FUCKING DONE.

On January 1st, 2015 I will be a free man.

I think I am going to make the commitment to stay in San Diego. I’ll take the 10-15% raise, still be able to work on Trouble projects at work, and start building up my income. If I can bring in $1,500 a month, I can quit – and that means I have an extra 40 hours a week to commit to not working for someone else.

So while the New York City dream is on hold, it doesn’t mean I’m down for the count. It’s just another roadblock to smash through on my way to becoming the best I can be.

To start – you should buy my travel memoir on Amazon 😉

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  1. Sorry to hear this. While it is discouraging it helps to know absolutely so you were able to create your game plan for the immediate future. Although I don’t get the distaste for PHX 😉

      1. yep. it’ll be 10 yrs in Aug. Summers can be brutal, but I love the fact that Vegas, LA and of course your stomping ground of San Diego are all an easy drive or cheap flight away.

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