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Everything You Need to Know About Puerto Rican Girls

The Caribbean


Hazel eyes, tanned skin, sultry looks… Are Puerto Rican girls all that they’re hyped to be? And how do you get one? Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.

Puerto Rican Stereotypes

Urban Dictionary (which we all know is incredibly trustworthy) defines them as:

The girls that no matter how hard you try will always steal your man right when they walk into the room.

To be honest, they are not too far away from the truth. Here are some more (mostly true) stereotypes:

Puerto Rican Girls

They’re Smoking Hot

I don’t know what it’s about Puerto Rico – is it the tropical climate, the beaches, all the dancing? But there is definitely something that makes Puerto Rican girls gorgeous.

Much like other Latinas, they are shamelessly sensual. Life is a lot simpler in Puerto Rico. They are not as concerned with neither of those two (super toxic) things:

  • Slut shaming
  • Feminism

In other words, there’s no problem for a girl to explore her sexuality. She won’t be shamed or looked down at. Her aunties might whisper around but that is as far as it goes.

Perhaps because there is no oppression, there isn’t a lot of feminism either. I don’t mean the movement for equal rights. There is no show-offy, obnoxious third-wave feminism. Looking sexy or not, having lots of sex or not, are not political statements. They aren’t brave, they are not ground-breaking. As the wise song says:

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

And that, my friends, is the core of Puerto Rican sex appeal.

Big Noisy Families

The stereotypical Latino family is just about right.

If you end up with a Puerto Rican, you become a part of the family. Silent home life is a foreign concept to these people. Expect a lot of shouting – it does not mean they’re fighting. In a household with a lot of people, you need to speak up if you want to be heard.

For that same reason, your Puerto Rican crush can be a bit loud. Accept it and embrace it. This is just how she is.

It’s A Wonder How They Keep Those Bodies Up

Here is another (incredibly  true) stereotype:

Puerto Rican food is great for the soul, and pretty much deadly for the heart. 

Most Puerto Rican girls are great cooks, so you’ll experience the classic specialities fairly quickly. Fried plátanos are one of my personal favourites. Make no mistake, these might involve bananas as the main ingredient but they’re not (necessarily) dessert.

When firm, not completely ripe bananas are used, the dish is called tostones and it’s usually a side. Plátanos maduros are made with the fully ripe fruit. They are more common in Cuba but Puerto Ricans enjoy them as well!

As for the rest of the Puerto Rican diet, it’s 90% rice. Seriously, these people have an endless imagination when it comes to rice-based dishes. You would do best to keep that gym routine strong, or else your belly will grow pretty fast (and that’s not really great in a place with so many great beaches).

Beach Culture In Puerto Rico

You can’t do an article on Puerto Rico and not mention beaches. Crystal clear water, soft white sand, beautiful women in skimpy bikinis… What else is there to ask for?

With over 270 miles of gorgeous coastline, you wouldn’t ever be bored. Just one piece of advice for you:

Don’t stick to your resort. 

Sure, there are plenty of people who just come to Puerto Rico for a sunny vacation. If you want to get Puerto Rican girls, though, you can’t go to an all-inclusive resort. As beautiful as the properties may be, you’d never experience true Puerto Rico like that.

If you want to get with locals, you can’t stay in a place full of Americans (yeah, Puerto Ricans are Americans… but you know what I mean)!

More Problems With Big All-Inclusive Resorts

If you need any more reason not to stay at the grounds of your beach resort, here are a couple more:

  • Little to no nightlife options. If you don’t like the event they have, bummer, because you’re miles away from the city.
  • Not all of them offer local cuisine or cultural activities. As mentioned in this blog post, the Caribe Hilton had no on-site restaurants that served Puerto Rican food. That’s downright shocking, considering how epic Puerto Rican food can be.
  • You can get to cities, but your only to options are a bus or a taxi. Cabs are surprisingly expensive – it cost Gray (yes, that same guy from SoloFriendly) 12$ each way. Partying with the locals gets pricey really fast!

Where To Stay In Puerto Rico

Instead of big, secluded resorts, opt for an option within the city. Airbnbs are great, though they’re not necessarily cheaper or more convenient.

To me, the biggest selling point of vacation rentals is that they offer complete independence. You don’t owe any explanations to anyone. As long as you don’t start a temporary brothel (which actually happened once and it’s a common Airbnb horror story that hosts hear), you can bring back as many girls as you like.

Guest-friendly accommodation is fairly common in Puerto Rico. If you plan on getting really busy (you know, to the point beyond common discretion), contact the staff beforehand. Even if it’s slightly against their policy, they are more likely to turn a blind eye if you warn them beforehand. You would be surprised at how many rules you can circumvent just by being nice!

Stay Where The Girls Are

Yup, this is my follow-up advice on where to stay. If you’re going to Puerto Rico with the main goal of meeting girls, you’ve got to know where to find them.

Personally, I think night game works wonders in the Caribbean. Warm nights, cold drinks, all the sexy bachata music you could wish for…

Nightlife is busy on weekends and throughout the week, but Friday night is really where it’s at. Lately, Thursdays have been getting hotter, too. There are plenty of great clubs throughout Old San Juan, party boats are also fun, and Ponce and Caguas also offer some exciting options.

For the ultimate party experience, though, I’d stick to San Juan. As a bonus, there aren’t as many annoying bachelor parties in Puerto Rico, as there are elsewhere in the Carribean and this is always great for nightlife!

Night Game Guide For Puerto Rican Girls

Night game does vary a bit throughout Latin America. The basic tips still apply in Puerto Rico. For instance, you can’t afford to just chill at the corner with a drink in hand. Get dancing or get out.

The way you look is also very important. You’ll notice locals go above and beyond with their outfits on nights out. Men and women alike are dressed to the nines. Follow suit!

Also, no matter how hot and bothered you get, don’t be a sweaty mess. I know you can’t help how much you sweat but you could help how much you smell. Seriously, it’s a tropical country – shower often and always wear deodorant!

Now, for some more practical, hands-on (pun intended) tips:

Ditch The Pick Up Lines, Throw On Your Dancing Shoes

Pickup lines rarely work with Puerto Rican girls. I have my doubts as to whether they work at all (but that’s a topic for another article).

In Puerto Rico, since they are a US territory, there is a bit more influence by the notorious American feminazis. Thankfully, it’s just a little bit. Girls are still hot and fun, and generally Latina-like. But pickup lines, especially the more “spicey” (but in actuality, offensive) ones are a no-no.

Dancing, on the other hand, is one sure way to Puerto Rican girls’ hearts. There is research to back my claim that:

Dance skills correlate with bedroom skills. 

Keep that in mind when you choose a girl to hit on. But this actually comes from a survey among women. The vast majority said that how well a dude did in bed was directly linked to his performance in the club.

I suspect a lot of these women were Puerto Rican, because:

Dancing Is The Single Best Way To Create Sexual Tension

It should come as no surprise that night clubs – dark and full of tipsy girls – foster some lust. But dancing is seriously your best night game strategy with Puerto Rican chicks.

And don’t worry if your salsa skills are a bit rusty (or completely nonexistent) – there are only two important factors here:

  • Touch
  • Eye contact

The Art Of Sexy Eye Contact

Puerto Rican Girls

Start with the look. Just glaring at someone from across the room can create massive tension. Sexy eye contact is very near the line of creepy but it never crosses it. A couple of completely out of line, downright cringe-worthy things not to do:

  • Licking your straw or the rim of your glass
  • Sucking on your finger
  • Staring at them with an empty smile (a.k.a. the stuff of nightmares)

No, but jokes aside, there is an art to sexy eye contact and Puerto Ricans are masters of it.

If you notice a girl looking at you, it’s never an accident. I mean, guys are a little slow in catching onto those things. If you noticed it, she intended you to notice it. Go over, introduce yourself, and grab her for a dance.

You can use the same technique for a rejection-proof approach to Puerto Rican girls. According to scientists (yes, there were actually people who took the time to study this), eye contact becomes creepy after exactly 3.3 seconds.

But you can’t look at your watch while you’re looking at her. Instead, count to three Mississippi’s (a.k.a. exactly three seconds). Then look away and in a couple of seconds look again. It’s the oldest trick in the book and women use it all the time. Is that cute guy looking at me? Nope. Oh, yes, hey again! It is the “hot and cold” approach on a micro level.

And yup, it totally works with Puerto Rican girls.

Don’t Be Like Local Guys

In most of these articles (on Latinas), I say you should aim to differ, not to blend in with local dudes. If a girl is interested in dating foreigners, that’s because she is tired of locals. It makes very little sense to try and be like them. It’s not like you could beat them at it, either, right?

When it comes to night game (or any game at all, for that matter), Puerto Rican guys are blunt and straight to the point. Some of them would, unironically, do the licking the straw thing.

This is why a slightly more passive approach can actually work wonders. Puerto Rican girls are used to being hit on. If you show some interest but then not act on it, it makes her wonder. For girls that hot and that outspoken, Puerto Rican women can get really insecure deep-down.

On the inside, she’d be going:

What is wrong with me and why is he immune to my charms? 

The moment you get her to think that, you have won the game.

Now, For Touching

As the other major component of creating sexual tension, you couldn’t overstate the importance of touch. Here, once again, less is more. Not only is teasing the foundation of foreplay, but it gives you the opportunity to, once again, play the “hot and cold” trick.

Lingering touches are tricky, though. It’s much easier to grab a girl by the waist and twirl her around the dancefloor than it is to lightly brush her hand, face, thigh in a non-awkward way.

That’s why you should focus on proximity, not directly on the touch itself. We naturally lean in when we’re interacting with someone that we are attracted to. Watch if she does that and do it consciously yourself. When you are closer to her, random touches become natural. They become the sexy accident that they should be.

As for actual dance moves, here’s one piece of invaluable advice:

Don’t watch how-to videos. 

Of course, you could watch them for their comedic value. But never ever follow the dance advice in Howcast videos. Instead, try to look at sexy dancing scenes from movies. The hand across her stomach or around her waist, and spinning her (if you can actually do it without twisting her wrist) always work. Mostly, though, it’s about staying close and building the tension.

As a complete side note, this is your second friendly reminder to smell nice. If you’re going to use proximity to build tension, you can’t smell like a petting zoo. Those animal musk perfumes don’t work. Just use a good deodorant and invest in an actual perfume if you can.

The Look To Impress Puerto Rican Girls

You’ll notice a lot of locals wearing the Puerto Rican flag. Don’t follow suit. Instead, keep it classic and sexy by focusing on your best features.

If you have big muscular arms, put them in a tight(ish) shirt. If you don’t still go for the fitted look. There’s nothing sadder than a skinny dude in a shirt that’s three sizes too big. Slim fit is the name of the fame for Puerto Rico-friendly fashion.

Crisp clean and properly fitted clothes suit pretty much any occasion. It’s a good idea to upgrade your style if it still screams “teenager”, whether Puerto Rican girls are in the picture or not. People will judge you on the way you look. When your look is polished, you inspire respect. That’s not just limited to Carribean hotties.

As for accessories, your watch is the only thing that really matters. If you can’t get a pricey one, don’t get a fake one. It’s better to not wear a watch at all than to rock a fake Rolex.

Finally, a couple of completely ridiculous garments that tourists wear all the time in Puerto Rico (when they really should burn them) are:

  • Floral bucket hats (or any bucket hats at all)
  • Tank tops, especially plain white or grey. You don’t work at a construction site, don’t look like it.
  • Vans
  • Hawaiian shirt, especially if it’s huge on you
  • Polo shirts with the collar popped up. This is the universal code for douchebag “You can’t hit me, my father will sue” frat boys.

The Best Nightclub For Picking Up Puerto Rican Girls

The title of best is subjective. But still, most locals and travellers would agree that Club Brava is the place to see and be seen. Located at 6063 Isla Verde Avenue, it is one of the island’s legendary nightlife locations

Admission is 20$. If you are going with a big group, consider calling ahead and booking a table. VIP booths with bottle service are always fun, though they do come at a price. Also, be prepared not to sleep at all. The Club Brava doesn’t close until sunrise.

The Online Dating Scene

We got this far without mentioning Tinder and I feel proud. There are tons of ways to meet girls IRL in Puerto Rico.

But you can’t have it both ways. If you’re too shy to come up to women, you don’t get to ignore online dating. As usual, Tinder is more of a hookup app, while dating platforms like AmoLatina are for more long-term(ish) dating.

Unlike Tinder in mainland US, Puerto Rican Tinder is only around 60% fling-based. A lot of the girls are on it to find a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy. As hot as Puerto Rican girls may be, most of them aren’t promiscuous.

Most promiscuous girls are still on Tinder, but that’s not all of the women on it.

For A Good Time Call…

Sites like Latin American Cupid and Caribbean Cupid are less hookup-friendly. The women you’ll find on there are typically higher value but also harder to impress.

As with any online dating site, there are also some scammers, though Cupid Media does a pretty great job of policing the platforms.

Apart from that, the only other thing you need to protect yourself from are STD’s. Seriously, get tested before and after your trip. Most women here aren’t super sexually active so they don’t get tested frequently.

And another word of warning:

The sooner she “gives it up”, the less serious she is about the relationship. 

This is not a 100% rule but it’s pretty accurate. Carribean women aren’t shy about their sexuality. When they do want something serious, however, they’ll worry about the impression they make. You’d have to work for it if you’re going to have it for the long term. This is the rule of thumb.

Puerto Rican Girlfriends

So you made it this far. You met her, you seduced her, and now you have her.

Here are a few things you can expect to happen:

  • Mi casa es tu casa – as in, she can come over anytime and it shouldn’t be a problem. Do you have anything to hide? Nope, you wouldn’t dare to.
  • Date night is a must. Even after you are paired up, she’ll expect you to take her out often. Puerto Ricans are not homebodies at all. Just because you have a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that the fun should stop.
  • Her family will know every little detail about your relationship. When you meet them, make an effort to impress them. There is nothing worse than a Puerto Rican girl’s mom hating you. Nothing!
  • You will get fat from all the food. As I told you in the beginning, you’d better keep that fitness schedule sharp or else you’re headed toward Fat Ville.

But other than those minor differences, having a Puerto Rican girlfriend is just like any other relationship. Except she’s supermodel hot, hopefully. Remember that at some point, you’d have to learn Spanish. It will probably happen organically so don’t even worry about it.

You got a Puerto Rican hottie, you can do anything!

Anyway, props for scoring her and enjoy your awesome lives together! If you have any tips or stories to share, we are in the comments, awaiting.

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