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Presentation is Half the Battle: The Sushi Theory

Let me start this off with a disclaimer: I do not like sushi. Or fish of any time, for that matter. They just weird me out, I as I once wrote about.

4.) I’m terrified of fish.

Not spiders, not heights – no, I ended up with “fish-phobia”.

I suspect it is from when my parents took me to a salmon festival when I was about five.  There were these gigantic salmon quadruple my size staring at me from these tanks, less than a foot away from me.  For whatever reason, since then, I hate fish.  I don’t eat it, I can’t touch them, and the smell repulses me.  I used to train for triathlons in the ocean, and every time I’d see a school of fish below me in the cove I’d freak out and swim faster.

With my ridiculous fear of fish now explained, I actually went to sushi tonight. Not by my choice, as it was a dual birthday celebration for my girlfriend and her brother. So needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of input into deciding where to go for their birthday dinner. I survived though, on some delicious udon beef soup and some egg rolls. On top of that, I suspect my stomach feels far better with my modest meal than those who devoured a ludicrous amount of all-you-can-eat sushi.

If you really think about what sushi is, it’s not much. 99% of it consists of some combination of:

  • Seafood
  • Vegetables, sometimes fruits
  • Some sort of sauces or dressing (sometimes)
  • Rice (always)

It’s not spectacular at all when you strip it down to the bare ingredients. Frankly, you could toss it all together in a bowl and call it a salad of some type. Hell, you could serve the above on a plate and simply call it an “entrée“. At it’s core, sushi is incredibly simple, yet incredibly delicious to those who actually like to eat it; i.e. not me.


Tonight, when roll after roll of raw fish and weird seaweed wrappers passed in front of my face, I came to the realization that half of the fun of “going out to the sushi bar” is in the presentation itself. Sure, it tastes good, but the visually appealing way that it is presented to the consumer is part of the experience. While admittedly I don’t care for it myself, I can’t imagine sushi would truly taste as good if the entire experience wasn’t given with the order. If you just threw all of those same above ingredients into a bowl and served it, the experience would be lacking, and therefore so would the taste.

Slightly off-topic: For the last several years, I figured sushi was going to be a kind of phase that America went through. Nobody I knew in high school ever ate sushi, it just wasn’t something any of us were sophisticated, or rich enough, to enjoy. College changed the game a bit, I always had a few friends that would save up some money and go out to sushi once every few weeks. But now that I’m out in the real world, it doesn’t seem sushi is going anywhere. Everyone always wants to go out to sushi to eat raw fish and rice, to see the conveyor belts of sushi moving around the room, and to feel like you’ve escaped America and entered Tokyo, even if it’s only for an hour.

So at this point you’re probably wondering how the hell I’m going to someone concoct this sushi analogy into something about game theory. Remember what you just learned about taking a mess of things and turning them into a beautiful presentation? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

Presentation is Half the Battle – The Sushi Theory

Game in itself is a presentation of yourself. The way you dress throughout life is a presentation of yourself, and unless you’ve reached the upper echelon of wealth, you should give a shit about how you present yourself. Contrary to popular belief of millionaires who rub it in the face of everyone they cross paths with, I’ve heard plenty of stories about the multi-millionaire who walked into a Ferrari dealership in a pair of flip-flops, only to be shunned by the salesman. It’s only until he went next door to Lamborghini and drove an Aventador off the lot did the Ferrari guys care. The point is, unless you’re at the point in your personal wealth where you can laugh at the price of a new Ferrari, you should be aiming sky-high for your presentation.

Man gentleman in black suit and tie

You should be like a roll of sushi.

The ingredients that make you who you are should all be rolled into one nice package that people love, just like they love sushi. This means that you have shirts that fit your build, because you’re working out. That’s one ingredient. Your hair should be styled appropriately, because you’ve taken measures to ensure you still have it; if you don’t have your hair, this still applies. That’s two. You should have excellent posture, because you’re a man brimming with self confidence. You should have the look in your eyes of someone who is passionate about life, because you have hobbies. Finally, the way you present yourself (to the ladies) should be that you will take her like the lion you are.

While everything inside of you is not bad, it will be significantly better when packaged together and presented as something that is aesthetically pleasing. Fish, vegetables, and rice are all fine on their own, but when presented elegantly, they are sushi. The same applies to you.

Your confidence, fitness, and passions are all fantastic – but they will be a lot bigger turn on when wrapped around fine fitting clothes.

Next time you go to sushi, maybe consider wearing a suit.

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