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How to Date and Mate with Prague Women

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Looking to meet and mate with some sexy Prague women? Here’s what you need to know about Prague girls and the Czech dating culture as a whole.

Luckily for you, you can always refer to this handy guide. Read on to find out all about:

  • All the best day game locations
  • Avoiding cold Czech-ness
  • … and meeting the friendliest and prettiest of Prague girls

Prague Nightlife

Is Prague All Stag Parties?

The Czech capital is not off-the-beaten-path. If anything, there are now more British tourists in the centre than there are locals.

Don’t let this discourage you…too much. Yes, the nightlife as a result of these stag parties, can be lacking in Prague. That said, it’s still a beautiful city that has a lot going for it besides the women.

Keep it in mind.

As a general rule, the further you go out of the centre, the more local girls you can meet.

Try to blend in the Czech crowd, or at least, don’t be one of the stupid stag party members.

There are still plenty of beautiful Prague women around, you’re just not going to find them walking around Staré Město.

prague girls

Prague Women: Singles Nightlife

There are plenty of places to choose from. What else do you expect? This city is popular with tourists, there are plenty of universities, plus a lot of European students flock here on Erasmus!

Of course, there will be parties every night.

But, there’s something important to note:

“Parties” in the Czech Republic are more often than not just hanging out at the restaurant and/or bar, downing pint after pint of Staropramen. Just be wary of that.

Notable Bars In Prague

  • Bukowski’s
  • Hemingway
  • The Tavern
  • Expats Sports
  • Barfud

Go to a bar for pre-drinks but come prepared. The best night game happens before the club. 

The late night crowd is desperate—and all the best girls are gone. First come, first serve.

Use these bars as a starting point on your nighttime adventure.

The club scene in Prague tends to be lacking, simply because there’s one central, central area (see image below), and it tends to be absolutely overrun with tourists. This area is where the vast majority of the clubs are.

prague nightlife

Notable Clubs In Prague

Note—I said notable. Not “good”.

  • James Dean
  • Roxy
  • Karlovy Lazne
  • M1

Honestly, the clubbing scene is pretty lacking in Prague. I wish I had better news for you, but I really don’t. Just don’t expect much. The clubs tend to be packed with stag parties, tourists, and shady people trying to trick you into weird strip clubs/brothels.

You’ve been warned…

How To Talk To Czech Girls In Bars

It’s all the same as in other countries. You see a girl you fancy and you go up to talk to her. But, Czech in general is very cliquey with the way the social circles work. So, you just may not have that many options.

There are two things working in your favour here:

  1. Being assertive is attractive.
  2. Czech women speak above-average English.

All in all, your chances of getting her to open up are solid if you time it right.

Can You Hook Up With Prague Women?

And, many other cities around the Czech Republic really don’t like Prague people…

That being said, like other Eastern European countries, the women here tend to ere more towards being traditional. They don’t hold off sex until marriage. However, a lot of them will try to avoid doing the deed until there’s a bit more firm of a commitment.

It’s hit-or-miss, I can’t really tell you how every girl will react.

Online Dating In Prague: Is It Worth It?

Short answer: Yes, it is.

Online dating allows you to meet genuine Prague women (as opposed to other drunk foreigners). Bear in mind that the Czech capital has been a popular stag party destination for decades. Local girls are wary of dating the foreigner.

There are two types of dating platforms for Czech women:

  1. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel…
  2. Traditional dating sites Charm Date.


Tinder is only for hookups.


I know a lot of couples that started out on Tinder.

In the Czech Republic, the culture tends to be more relationship centered. If you’re sleeping with somebody and going on dates, you are a couple.

For that reason, Tinder is perfectly viable for meeting Prague women. The only downside is…

You and every drunk British guy are on the app! 

And every other tourist in Prague (i.e. millions a year).

There is definitely a lack of local girls from the app. Among their friends, it can be seen as desperate. Tinder is so popular with tourists that it’s losing popularity with locals.

Prague Women On Tinder

The guys that have success on Tinder have one thing in common:

No hidden agenda. 

Girls can smell your game tactics from a mile away. There’s also a reason why, if you own it, girls tend to be attracted to it.

Anyway, your attitude towards Tinder should be, “It is what it is.”

Swipe around, talk to girls, go on a couple of dates, but don’t become too invested in it. There are other dating platforms, too. Not to mention the plentiful day and night game opportunities in the city itself!

Other Dating Sites In The Czech Republic

You could also use International Cupid.

The trouble with that one is your numbers are diluted. Sure, there are some Prague women but there are also girls from Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, and Southeast Asia, to name a few. You have a much smaller number of people that fit your profile.

On Russian Cupid, you can search for members by location. You’ll notice a lot of Eastern European women and cities on there. A membership at IC is a great investment if you plan on exploring the region further as a whole.

In Prague, Russian Cupid can help you meet girls that otherwise escape your radar. Some of the women I talked to there were:

  1. Not the party type.
  2. Looking for something serious, i.e. not on Tinder.
  3. Recently single and uncomfortable with guys approaching them on the street.

Most had only dated within their social circle. Going on an international dating site was a practical decision—they got to meet more guys but not in the “slutty” way (a.k.a. the Tinder way). Before you straight-up murder me in the comments, that’s not my comment. It’s literally how a certain Anna described her situation!

The 7 Best Overseas Dating Sites For Western Men

prague women

Prague Women: Daygame

First the good news…

Prague women are friendly and they’re very open to conversation. Combine that with a solid English level, and all of your day game dreams should be set. Right?

The bad news is you’re not the only one. For over 25 years Western men have been flocking to Prague. It’s also a beautiful city that gets a great report on the daygame scene. Women are very used to being approached on the street.

How To Approach Czech Girls Efficiently

By day, you want to focus on numbers and location. Don’t just stay in the main square. You will see mostly tourists. The few local women will be rushing to work, or rushing away from the crowds.

Prague women are all about a long lunch. That’s why popular lunch spots around offices are a good place to approach them. The same goes for parks where they might go for a picnic.

Here are some pointers:

Head To Prague 4

It’s not worth it to stay in the centre. Instead, hop on the metro and go to Prague 4, which is the biggest neighbourhood in Prague – in area and in residents!

You want to go to Pankrác, which is an up-and-coming office district. You will recognise it by the tallest Prague building – the City Tower.  Stroll around, pop into one of the cafés, or head straight to the Arkády Pankrác mall where a lot of Prague women spend their time after work.

The Letná Park: Best Views In Prague

This is easily my favourite park in Prague. With a beautiful view over the Old Town, it’s where most of the postcard pictures are taken from.

Luckily, it’s also a good place to approach Prague women.

Alternatively, you could take a date here. The park is spacious and clean. There are pavilions to grab some food or you could pack a picnic basket. It’s one of the cheapest and most romantic date options in the city.

The coolest place for a date here is the Hanavský Pavilion. It’s an impressive Art Noveau building that houses a stylish restaurant. The place is quite popular so make a reservation ahead of time. The pricier cheque is worth the food and atmosphere!

Other High Foot Traffic Areas

In no particular order, this is Kyle’s list (from his time of living there), where there simply are a lot of locals.

  • Namesti Miru: The main square and all the side streets
  • Jiriho z Podebrad: The main square, side streets, and head over to Riegrovy Sady anytime the weather is nice
  • Andel: The metro area and the mall around it
  • Westfield Chodov: Stupidly big mall, lots of people there all the time
  • Karlovo namesti: Busy metro and cross-section with lots of transit hubs, hence a lot of foot traffic.
  • Naplavka: During the summer only, this is when all the barges on the river open up their bars and everyone walks along the river in the evening. Head to Karlovo namesti and head south along the river, you can’t miss it.
The view from Kyle’s apartment at “JZP”

Prague Women, Closing Thoughts

The Czech Republic can certainly be a hook-up spot, but it also can be the kind of place that’s hard to break into the true locals circles unless you’ve spent a bit of time there.

Overall, I’d preach patience.

If you have a short trip, focus on the tourists—there are lots of Ukrainians, Russians, and other further-Eastern-European girls who come to Prague for tourism, and are looking for some “fun”.

The Prague girls themselves will be harder to crack, not because they are more conservative, but simply because they’re actually harder to find amongst all the tourists, and because it can be a cliquey place, despite all the tourism and expat community.

Good luck on your dating adventures with Prague women. Remember to come back and tell us all about the experience!

PS: Don’t forget to browse some E.E. dating profiles, just click here.

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