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Portuguese Women • The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide



Portuguese women, unlike Italian or Spanish girls, are not internationally popular.

The country itself is magical – delicious food, stunning landscape, and friendly locals. For some reason, though, Portuguese girls remain a mystery…

Luckily, you have me to guide you. In this post you will learn: 

  • What Portugal is like for single men
  • How to visit and where to go in Portugal 
  • Dating Portuguese women: characteristics, looks, and expectations
  • Things you should never do with a Portuguese woman

And a lot, a lot more!

Portuguese Culture: The Basics

From snow-capped mountains to unspoiled sunny beaches, Portugal is a country of contrasts. It might not attract as many visitors as their neighbors, but the country is well worth a visit throughout the year. 

Here are the main things to know about Portugal and it’s culture: 

  • Portugal includes the mainland + the Azores and Madeira islands in the Atlantic Ocean. While the archipelagoes are cool destinations, this guide will focus on the main cities in Portugal. 
  • The population is just over 10 million and there aren’t any huge megapolises. 
  • The three most important cities are Lisbon (in the center), Porto (up north), and Faro (to the south). Plan your trip around them and you’ll get a good taste of what Portugal is like. 
  • Between 1933 and 1974, there was a dictatorship in Portugal. The so-called Second Republic or Estado Novo was nationalist, conservative, and “proudly alone”. António Oliveira de Salazar’s rule ended with a military coup d’état. 
  • Currently, Portugal is an EU country and it’s known for liberal policies. People value their freedom a lot, especially considering how strict Salazar’s regimen was. 

Young people in Portugal tend to be leftist, liberal, supportive of LGBTQ+ rights, feminist, sexually liberated… Or at least that’s what they like to believe!

The Catholic church still has a huge influence on people’s day-to-day lives. The older generation (that grew up with Salazar’s ideals) is family-oriented, religious, and pretty conservative. 

Even though he was a dictator, Salazar isn’t a universally hated figure. There are many who look back at the time of the dictatorship and say things were better back then… Especially considering how Portugal still had its’ colonies back then. 

As a result, young Portuguese women aren’t “woke” third-wave feminists, but they’re not as traditional as their mothers and grandmothers. Gender roles exist still, the pressure to get married and raise a family exists, but it’s not as strong as, say, Eastern Europe. 

Two main takeaways: 

  1. Portuguese women (and Portuguese people in general) value their freedom very much. 
  2. The current generation is semi-conservative – they’re open-minded but still have the influences from the past. 

Coming To Portugal: Single And Ready To Mingle

Fresh off the plane, what should your game plan be? Well, as usual, you have three options: 

  • Online dating
  • Day game 
  • Singles nightlife

Before we delve in, let’s talk about what Portuguese women want (and what they get from local men). 

Her Dream Guy Is… 

Confidence is sexy! In Portugal, being self-assured will draw girls like a magnet. Women here recognize true natural confidence and they love it. On the other hand, overly cocky/show-off guys turn them right off. 

Young Portuguese people being liberal means they’re not hung up on old-fashioned romance. Opening the door for her is sweet enough, but don’t order for your date or push your opinions. 

Portuguese girls are independent and casual, they don’t mind a relaxed date (as opposed to fancy dinner). They do mind sexist/racist/entitled behaviors. Basically, don’t be arrogant, they see right through that. 

And why would she date you? Here’s the thing about Portuguese men: 

  • It’s common to live with your parents for an extended period of your adult life. 
  • Most are momma’s boys (even if they seem super macho on the outside). 
  • Unemployment rates are high and 20-something guys are rarely set in their career, ready for a long-term relationship. 
  • While they’re great at flirting, Portuguese dudes aren’t afraid to do it even if they have a girlfriend. Cheating is common in Portugal but it doesn’t mean any girl wants to experience it. 

Though there are perks to dating a guy from your own culture, Portuguese women don’t mind dating foreigners. In fact, some of them actively seek out an ex-pat/traveler instead of a local. And you meet them through… 

Meet Portuguese Women On International Cupid!

International Cupid is my favorite Cupid Media site. If you’re not familiar, Cupid Media is a company that runs niche dating sites – for international dating, as well as military, Christian, etc. 

They merged their databases, meaning that you can find Portuguese women no matter which Cupid Media platform they registered on. For example, Carmélia was this beautiful light-skinned black girl from Lisbon. She had originally signed up for Afro Introductions (which is another Cupid Media site) but appeared on International Cupid searches as well. 

Beware, International Cupid is not Tinder. 

It’s a relationship-focused site. The girls there want a long-term commitment, not a fling. You’ll see it on a lot of profiles – they specifically mention that they want a relationship. 

The barrier to entry on International Cupid is much higher than dating apps. You have to fill out a profile, confirm your email, choose pictures, yada-yada. All of this time invested means: 

  1. People don’t want to waste it on flings and one-night stands. 
  2. High-value women will be on the site, rather than Tinder. 

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Highlight the features that Portuguese women like. For example: 

  • Long-term relationship aspirations
  • Stable career 
  • Interesting (but not immature)
  • Independent (but excited to find a partner in crime)

In truth, the description is only 10-20% of the game. 

Step 2: Choose Your Best Profile Pictures

Portuguese women go for the scruffy guy 9 out of 10 times. Basically, look like a  bad boy with a heart of gold. Choose pictures to reflect that. But also, a few pics that show you’re an actual grown-up and that you have a softer side (as well as a serious, ‘not boozing and smoking my wage away’ picture). 

Step 3: Who Approaches First? 

Portuguese girls call themselves feminists. Does this mean you’ll get approached? No, unfortunately not. Data consistently shows that self-proclaimed feminists aren’t more likely to make the first move. 

Step 4: Premium Membership

To talk on International Cupid (or any other Cupid Media site), one of the people has to be a premium member. You can text girls as a free account. However, they’ll only see it if you upgrade or if they have a Gold/ Platinum membership themselves. 

Luckily, Cupid membership comes out cheaper than your morning cup of coffee: 

One month on Platinum costs $35!

This is less than $2 per day. And this price only goes down if you pay for 3+ months at a time. It can be as cheap as $10 per month for full functionality and VIP features!

===> Click to sign up for a FREE International Cupid account <===

But What Are The Portuguese Women Like? 

I can only speak from experience. Here are some facts on three of the girls I met through International Cupid: 

  1. Christine, 21, student nurse – this one had the classic girl-next-door vibe that Portuguese women channel so well. She was naturally beautiful, a little naive but well-read in her field (nursing), and suggested that we meet up very early into the conversation. I’m looking forward to a date with her on my next trip to Lisbon!
  2. Elizangela, 31, office assistant – Liz was one of the sweetest women I talked to; originally from Brazil, she had moved to Portugal with her young son, and she was now looking for a responsible and loving man to start a family with. Even as a 30+ single mom, she was smoking hot, but more importantly, she was very engaged in the conversation and we did ‘click’ very quickly.
  3. Leah, 28, marketing manager – Leah had such a bright smile and the bubbly personality to match! She was outdoorsy, we talked a lot about our foodie adventures, and since her job was flexible, she was actually suggesting we go on a trip together. An all-round fun person for sure! 

But there is a fair warning here: 

Most of the Portuguese women on International Cupid were immigrants. 

Brazilians flock to Portugal by the thousands and International Cupid was solid proof of that. If you fancy a Latina but you don’t have a trip to South America planned, Cupid might be just the place to meet her! 

Tinder In Portugal

The world’s most popular dating app is… pretty popular in Portugal. However, the profile of Portuguese women you’ll meet there are completely different from International Cupid.

A Single Man’s Trip To Portugal 

Do you have some free vacation days? Going to Portugal on business? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This is your quick all-inclusive guide to pulling it off… As a hot single, obviously!

Choosing The Best Cities For Dating 

There are three main cities to focus on…

  • Porto
  • Lisbon
  • Faro

Some would argue that Amadora and Braga are better choices than Faro, to which I say: 


Portuguese people travel around their own country.

In summer, Faro is The Holliday Area. This means ample opportunities to meet Portuguese hotties at the beach. Besides, Faro area has some great events and festivals, which can also help meet cute single girls. 

Know Where To Stay: Neighbourhoods, Guest-Friendly Accommodation… 

One-night stands happen in Portugal. They’re not the rule for every night out, but they do happen fairly often. Which means you need a hotel or an apartment that can welcome some guests. 

  • Are Airbnb’s guest-friendly? 

Most of them are, by nature. Since you don’t have a receptionist, a maid, or any other hotel staff hanging around, vacation rentals are a great choice for guest-friendly accommodation. Obviously, it doesn’t apply if you’re only renting a room, or if the host specifically mentioned ‘no guests’. If you’re feeling particularly anxious, you can always shoot them an email. 

  • Are all hotels not guest-friendly? 

Also no. 

First, it depends if she’s staying the night. Most hotels don’t mind a visitor or two, as long as it doesn’t look like they’re hosting two people with only one of them paying. 

Be mindful of family and kid-friendly hotels, too. Making noise or bringing girls back from the club will be frowned upon (shocker… )

Finally, you can contact your hotel in advance or ask them on the spot. The worst that could happen is them charging you a little extra. In most places, though, it flies with zero extra charge. 

Best Districts In Porto 

There are plenty of beautiful streets and charming neighborhoods in Porto. But which is the best for meeting Portuguese beauties? Check these out: 

  • Miragaia is the former Jewish quarter and currently the beating heart of Porto’s cultural life. There is always something cool happening here, as well as someone cool to meet!
  • Ribeira is easily the most popular with visitors but it’s also where all the bars, restaurants, and clubs are centered. It can get loud but it’s totally worth it!
  • Cedofeita is an up-and-coming trendy neighborhood. Unlike Miragaia, this is a bougie art district, though there are some hipster hangouts. Come here to meet the city’s hottest (and highest maintenance) singles!

Where To Stay In Lisbon 

Lisbon is no longer off-the-beaten-track. Your tourist status will be immediately visible… But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Portuguese women enjoy mingling with foreigners, as long as they don’t fill the ‘tennis shoes, Hawaiian shirt, and a sunburn’ stereotype. 

Here are the best places to meet Lisbon hotties: 

  • Bairro Alto is the epicenter of Lisbon nightlife, as well as home to some of the most emblematic streets and architecture. Daytime here is quiet but the place comes to life by night! Bring your flask, camera, and earplugs. 
  • Baixa is the shopping/restaurant area of Lisbon, popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s a great bar area as well, though the parties aren’t as wild as in Bairro Alto. 
  • Chiado is Lisbon’s boho and hippie area, so don’t expect women in 6-inch heels. The area does have some amazing secret bars, the city’s cheap (but still safe and clean) hostels, and ample opportunities to meet Lisbon’s starving artists (who happen to be pretty cute, too)

Faro’s Top Singles Areas 

Faro has a completely different vibe from Lisbon and Porto. It truly is the stereotype of a Southern city – warm, fun, and uninhibited. Here are the best singles-friendly areas in Portugal’s hottest town: 

  • Marina de Faro is (surprise-surprise) the beautiful marina of the city, complete with plenty of bars, outdoor terraces, and impromptu events. Live music is a constant every weekend! 
  • Cidade Velha or the Old Town might be further away from the sea but it makes up in loud discos, cozy wine bars, and just about a billion opportunities to chat up Portuguese beauties. 
  • Island and Praia de Faro is where Faro’s beach is actually at. In summer, this is the perfect place for a single dude’s vacation – close to the beach parties and always buzzing!

Flirting In Portuguese

Pickup lines don’t work if you’re too serious about them. As a foreigner, though, your accent alone will make a girl laugh. Don’t worry, I’m sure you can live through a little mockery. Once you made her laugh, the game is half-won!

Here are some of my favorite Portuguese pickup lines: 

  • Com licença, eu perdi meu ursinho de pelúcia, você se importaria de dormir comigo essa noite? Excuse me, I lost my teddy bear, would you mind sleeping with me tonight? 
  • Sabes o que combina com tu? Eu! Do you know what goes well with you? Me!
  • Do teu lado, a felicidade é meu destino. I am destined to be happy by your side. 
  • Tu me faz sentir como nenhuma mulher me fez sentir antes. You make me feel like no woman has made me feel before. 

You can use this in your International Cupid first message, too! 

If you’re looking to learn Portuguese, we recommend checking out Rocket Portuguese. Click here to learn more.

Dating Portuguese Women: Do’s, Don’t’s, And Hell No’s! 

Portugal isn’t that different from any Western dating culture. With… a few key differences, because it’s the south of Europe and people are more relaxed/open-minded here!

Exclusivity: It’s A Given 

Most Portuguese girls expect you to be exclusive from the get-go. Dating around is ok before it gets physical, definitely not after! 

Cheating: It’s a Possibility

This is the ugly side of instant exclusivity. Cheating is more common in Portugal than most other places. Luckily (for you), it’s mostly the men who cheat. Unluckily, this means Portuguese women have a tendency to check your phone, be suspicious of female friends, etc. The price you pay for dating them… 

Passing The Friend Test

It used to be the family test – if her mom and dad like you, it’s a green light for the relationship. Today, young Portuguese couples don’t meet each other’s families for months, even years. Meeting your respective friend groups is an important test for your relationship. 

Fortunately, Portuguese people are friendly and warm, they’re not hard to please. Even so, make an effort to talk to her friends, get to know them, and make a good impression if the relationship is important for you. 

Marriage? Not That fast… 

Most Portuguese women want a husband and children. Even so, they don’t rush into it. People are waiting until their 30s to get married. A girl in her early 20s won’t be looking to settle down. 

But there is one serious step that Portuguese girls are eager to make – living together. After 6 months to 1 year, if there isn’t a good reason to live apart… It starts feeling weird to her that you’re not. 

As for marriage, most couples date for 2+ years before taking that step. 

We hope you enjoyed this article about the women of Portugal! To meet them online, make sure to check out International Cupid.

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