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Polish Women: The A-Z Blueprint to Meet, Seduce, and Bang

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Polish women are some of my favorite girls I’ve ever encountered while traveling. After taking several trips to Poland in the last couple of years, I’m officially ready to declare these girls as some of the sluttiest, yet feminine, girls on the planet.

Simply put, Poland lies in Central Europe. Which means that it is quite literally a crossroads. It intersects the amazing femininity and beauty of Eastern Europe with the increasing levels of sluttiness in the Western world. The end result is that you can meet some amazing Polish women who are:

  1. Happy to cook, clean, and treat you like a king
  2. Happy to jump right into bed with you and do dirty things

When you mix these two things together, it’s a perfect combination to have a lot of fun. And while I wouldn’t want to marry any of these girls, for a month long trip it was a blast.

My Stats

Perhaps it’s necessary to shed some light on my exact experiences with Polish girls. Consider it my resume, if you will. In Krakow this year, I racked up 4 bangs in the first 12 days, then took my foot off the gas to focus on work.

I also picked it back up again in the last days and had 3 different new girls on my bed in 4 days, but didn’t close any. Two of them were those “if things fell just a bit differently it would have happened” kind of situations, so it could’ve easily been even better.

Let’s break down the bangs.

#1: 21 years old. This happened my second night there. Massive tits. She suggested Piljania, a crazy college bar where you can buy a shot and a beer for $1. After two shots and two beers each we just walked back and fucked.

#2: 25 years old. Took three dates to get this one. Dated her for the rest of the month.

#3: 28 years old, Romanian flag, but had lived in Poland for a long time. Literally invited me over at 11pm on a Tuesday to “drink wine”. Fucked her within 30 minutes.

#4: 20 years old, Polish girl who was born in Poland but moved to England when she was 5. The sluttiness shone through though as she begged me to raw dog her and bust inside her on the first night (thank you IUDs).

I alternated with seeing #2 and #4 every day for the last two weeks, and got laid nearly every night I was there.

The Personalities of Polish Women

polish women

Simply put, Polish girls are fun. They like to drink, they like to party, and they like to fuck. They also have no hangups whatsoever about doing all three of these things in huge quantities. And quickly.

Their personalities are not as cold as Russian girls or Ukrainian women, their counterparts to the east. They are far more warm and friendly. But with that said, they are also not as feminine as those girls. Polish girls are far less likely to show up to a date in high heels. They won’t worship the ground you walk on. They are independent thinkers and like the idea of having a career and “discovering themselves.”

Whether this is a bad thing or not is up to you.

As I said, it’s a balancing act.

As another note, if you are a foreign man:

Polish girls love foreigners.

Especially those who have dark skin. With my half Asian/dark skinned look, I’ve never been eye fucked more in my life than every time I’ve been in Poland.

Physical Appearance of Polish Girls


There’s a lot of blue eyes and a lot of blonde hair. There’s also a decent chunk of brunettes mixed in there. If you like redheads, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Most women in Poland have pleasant faces, but there are a fair share of butter faces. Also, the influence from the Western part of the women has started to show itself in their bodies. McDonald’s and KFC on every corner has made many Polish girls an unacceptable size.

Overall though, Polish women are far more beautiful and thin than most girls in the West. On top of it, their attitudes and personalities are infinitely better.

Here are some examples of what cream-of-the-crop blondes and brunettes look like.

polish girl
Polish girls, the blonde look.

Updated For 2020: Tinder, Foreigner Invasion, And Cities

Unfortunately, after taking several more trips to Poland in the past few years, and while admittedly not spending significant time there, I can say with certainty…

They’re getting a bit chunkier.

Simply put, Poland has become such a tourist hotspot that it’s become absolutely flooded with foreigners, including a lot of guys looking to get with Polish girls.

Naturally, this has changed the market a lot. Foreigners now have little-to-no exotic value in Poland as compared to 2016 (when this article was first written), or back in 2014 (when I took my first trip).

This is true for pretty much all these cities…

Sadly, you can’t really “undo” this kind of thing.

I do think, as always, that you are going to have the best success (i.e. be able to get hotter girls) by actually spending significant time—meaning more than a month—in Poland. I have a few friends who are permanently in various cities, and their options with girls is greatly expanded because they are capable of having an actual relationship—instead of just stopping in for a month.

In addition, a longer-term stay obviously opens up more options socially.

You meet a cool Polish guy, maybe he introduces you to a few friends, things go from there. It’s less “cold approach” with online dating and daygame/nightgame, and more “warm”, you could say.

Just something to consider…

How to Get Laid in Poland With Polish Women

You can meet the women of Poland in several ways. They like to go out and party, so nightgame is an option. Daygame can work too.

Also, the real goldmine is Tinder.

You can easily pull a Polish girl home and have a one night stand from a club, but let’s lay down the foundation to have sex on a date with a Pole.

  1. Set the time and place. You should aim for it to be a drinking date. If she suggests something like a cheap college bar, it means she likes to party–accept the invitation. You don’t need to pick a high-end venue to impress a Polish woman.
  2. Go on the drink and be a charming bastard. Flirt unapologetically with her. Get sexual.
  3. Invite her home.
  4. Do her good—sure, Poland is a Catholic country, buuuuttttt….
  5. She probably won’t want a relationship (Western thinking), so stick her in your harem.

The thing is, Polish women want to have sex, and they really want to have sex with foreigners. As long as you follow basic game principles, it’s a slam dunk. Just be a charming guy on the date, give her an excuse to come back with you, and don’t assume anything.

You’ll find this blueprint will lead to smashing success with Poles.

No pun intended.

If you want to meet beautiful Polish women, this site is a sure bet.

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  1. Hey there! great article! I am visiting in December 2019 (after christmas till 3 January) and wanted to see if you still have some contacts over there to meet. I am a solo traveler and this will be my 30th country. If you can contact be through my email, I’d be very grateful. Thanks :))


  2. I recommend Gdansk. From my expierience that’s the easiest city to pick up girls in Poland.
    The city not attractive as Cracov but much better to hook up! Prieces are low.
    You should looking for students girls and especially 30’s which moved there from smaller cities but not only.
    Polish women like foreign accent, good clothes and darker skin tone.
    Satisfieding guaranted!

  3. Well.. you said everything we Polish men knew about them… If you are foreigner especialy from the west or latino you have higher chance to meet and even fuck them quickly. No surprise that this polish woman from UK was promiscuous… We all know that polish women are “easy” when they arrive the West and we are really ashamed of it. The best places to meet that “slutty” women are of course big cities but in middle-sized cities or small towns there are a better chance to actually meet more conservative, family-oriented women. I personally do not like those brats from big cities but they are easy target for guys like you – foreigners who wanna have fun. Of course not all of them are brats but statistics say a lot.

  4. You treat women very objectively and not only Polish women.I feel really sorry for all those girls as I think they don’t realise how cheap you are and what you really do.
    You must have some problems with self acceptance as you have to go abroad to proof your ‘worth’ as a man.
    I promise you you can go to any country around the globe and find woman to f*^ after an hour.
    Believe me it works in both way, it will take me an hour to find a man to have ‘fun’ like you without any alcohol involved to make them easier at any bar in UK. I needn’t to travel like you.
    This is not true that all Polish girls drink, I met many men who put me in this stereotype.
    Only person full of complexes, not matured, emotionally struggling or with personality disorders could write this kind of guide.
    Having s e x on first date it’s nothing bad as well, I know many couples, also married where they met in that way.
    Grow up “little’ boy.

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