Last updated: June 10, 2016

Polish Girls Versus Ukrianian Girls

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Polish Girls Versus Ukrianian Girls

A reader asked me to compare Polish girls versus Ukrianian girls, especially with an emphasis on someone who is more darker-skinned.

I shared my thoughts in the above video.

Here’s some other helpful articles that may give you an idea between Polish girls versus Ukrianian girls:



Cheers to this reader for some great content!

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  1. This might be a little bit of rant, but girls cannot be trusted to have sexual freedom. Sexual revolution was one big mistake.

      1. I would gladly do it, but you and most of your readers already know truth.

        There is little point to rant about sluts of my country giving as to their brown princes as we call them.

        This is just awful behavior and it makes me wanna puke. Also it makes me angry. I may be called i little bit primitive and i probably am, but there is strong animalistic instinct to protect my tribe and important asset of this tribe, that is young viginas.

        Not that I am going to act on it, but I still have urge to kick few brown faces from time to time. One of the reasons i stoped visiting dancing clubs.

          1. Maybe, it mostly term used for latino or arab guys. Correct translation is swarthy prince.

            I dont know why, female mind is strange. But maybe It is not worth knownig.

            So you say columbia is place worth visiting?

          2. Well, it is rather spaniards than latino and they are tan white guys too, so you probably can be called swarthy prince. Hell, I bet someone called you that behind you back.

            Well, what could I be looking for during less than month stay? Some nice piece of ass.

          3. I’d have to see a bigger picture of you to make a firm judgment, but from what I see you are kind of darker. So you wouldn’t have that HUGE advantage there, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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