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Poland And Girls, 2019 Thoughts From A Reader

Dating Abroad


A reader who I correspond with fairly often via my email list (sign up if you haven’t, they’re free and entertaining as all hell) sent me the below email detailing his recent adventures in Poland. While I’m more than out of the game, and haven’t even set foot in Poland for more than a day in at least a year, I thought I’d share his thoughts…

My comments are in normal font while the reader’s comments are italicized.

On the one hand, I see it. On the other hand, I just don’t.

I feel like you need minor social circle to do well in Krakow these days. I have about an 80% approach to number close ratio – just under half of which get responses and usually some pretty engaged/flirtatious ones. But the leads die so quick. They won’t meet up and I even just got a text while writing this:

“My boyfriend says I shouldn’t give my number to guys on the street…I think he’s right. Please don’t be mad.”

But the fact that a boyfriend has to actually SAY this to a girl just goes to show how generally weak most men in today’s modern world are. Girls aren’t that dumb. She’s looking to upgrade.

The only high probability date I have after about a month straight of more than 1x cold approached to solo girls that for the most part really hooked is with a partly American Polish med student I med student. She’s cool but she’s probably a Polish 6 and it’s clear to me anyway that she’s thinking boyfriend zone.

Krakow is MUCH better than Budapest, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, and even Romania/Bulgaria than all the other EE places I’ve yet tried for meeting girls…but honestly my memories of actually getting laid from cold appraoch more than 1x every 2 months in America still seem much better!!!!!

Do you hear anything from other guys who read your blog about Poland in 2019? I am getting OK Tinder matches but nowhere near the 100s you report. Everyone is bitching about PL on RVF including Roosh himself.

Let’s clear something up here, I haven’t swiped in Poland since 2016.

I have no idea what the current state of Tinder in Poland is, and whether or not I could replicate the same successes I found three+ years ago…

What do you think? If you use FakeGPS and port here are you still getting those Tinder matches?

…nor do I have the desire or time to try to figure it out.

Would Poland still be what it was for you if you came now?

I have no idea—but my gut feeling is no, based simply off of what I hear via the grapevine. I think something like Tinder would be worse, but I’d probably be able to get access to hotter girls via social circle and simply higher status. In simple terms, while the overall dating might have dropped—I’m also far more experienced, travelled, and wealthy than I was before. I reckon I’d do just fine.

If you think the prime countries / cities have changed a bit, maybe it’s worth levelling with your readers. Or better yet don’t – so the places aren’t burned – reinvent DA into an even higher end exclusive international dating intelligence service, similar to RVF but private, actionable, expensive, and with some kind of guarantee that guys you approve for entry will be able to match with destinations / strategies that actually get them results.


Other than my flagship Girlfriend Blueprint, I have little to no desire to continue writing and producing products around dating abroad. Simply put, it changes too fast. It’s difficult to keep up with how much it can evolve without traveling. A lot.

In addition, the general guy who is looking to get abroad is often times trying to do so while simultaneously spending the least amount of money. I can’t tell you how often the same guys who want more “Dating Abroad” content are the ones who weren’t even subscribed to the cheap-as-dirt $7/month premium podcast when it was around anyway.

Why cater to customers like that?

But anyways, sure, I can level with y’all.

From what I *hear* out in the world, it is getting harder and harder. I also believe that a place like RVF—which has made me so many wonderful friends over the years—is also flooded at this point. There’s a lot of guys that are joining now that are really starting from square zero—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But, let’s just say in some of my group chats (many of us have moved off the forum and just use WhatsApp chats to communicate now, there’s still plenty of guys who are getting plenty of action with some pretty damn fine looking girls.

Haven’t tried Sympatia or Night Game yet, at all. So will try those next.

1 out of 20 Tinder matches reply and those leads die fast. I’ve gotten two numbers total off Tinder (using boost, plus, gold, autoswipe the whole time – carefully crafted pics and bio) and they both ended up being a massive waste of time.

Maybe it’s just my relative social capital in both places, but I remember 2009-2012 NYC as MUCH better for cold approach than this.

Probably a lot of my game/value is only conveyed verbally – and maybe you need to have a certain amount of Westernization/education yourself to get the results I’ve gotten in the past. Maybe it’s a race thing that is a much bigger penalty out here than back home. But it is frustrating for sure.

The thing thats not terrible about the US, at least big cities, is even a girl isn’t going to fuck you if she’s cool and you cold approach you can still kind of add each other to your social circles. That doesn’t always lead to good outcomes becomes the worst girls tend to be the most receptive to CA, BUT in huge cities like SF or NYC where everyone is from elsewhere it can also lead to really awesome outcomes.

A big mistake of going abroad is thinking you are going to be an “insider” into a culture. In reality, you have to really, really integrate yourself before you can feel that way. I’ve been out here for over three years now and still don’t really feel much like a “local”, if you know what I mean…

Overall though, yes, the world’s dating market is becoming more…well, global.

A Russian girl in Siberia can now be approached by a rich playboy in the Côte d’Azur.

It also means your average American 9-5 drone—unhappy with the dating market in the States—can also approach this same Siberian girl. It goes both ways…

The main way you get spoilt in EE is the avg girl is so much more feminine and takes such better care of herself and you. And you can leave a lot of your cultural baggage behind.

But if you can’t fuck them and/or even if you do but you can’t really connect… much better is it really?


I mean, I get it, they’re not for everyone. But I think many a foreign women are on to the “game” these days. Foreigners who fly in for a few weeks, hook up, and then disappear into the abyss. They’re wise to it by now. What’s the point, other than a novel factor which isn’t even novel anymore because any girl can do it.

Simply put, times have changed.

You either adapt, or die.

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