Last updated: September 19, 2019

Poisoning Your Parents



Recently, I was thinking about the American way of life.

Namely, how we tend to dump our elderly parents into a care home as they reach old age, and visit them as little as we possibly can (while also not feeling bad about it). And, me thoughts about how different it is in other parts of the world…

For several reasons:

One, Western people value their independence.

Two, Western people have more money.

So on one hand, it’s great mate. But on the other, it tends to drive a wedge between aging parents and their children, right at the same age that the parents really need them.

Granted, in the Western world…

People tend to start dropping their small kids off at daycare by the time they’re two or three years old.

Ya know, Mama’s gotta work on her independent career and all.

One could say that care homes are just, “What goes around comes around.”

What a silly world we live in. Where women have been convinced that it’s NOT oppressive to go make $45,000 a year working for a faceless man they’ve never met who only cares about profits, but it’s COMPLETE SLAVERY OOH MY GOD to stay home, raise a child, and cook and clean for a man who is willing to commute and deal with the office grind for you and your child. What an absolute fruitcake of a tragedy if ya ask me. Thank the good lawd that there are places in the world that don’t subscribe to this nonsense.

Too often, I’ve heard the stories of the American man.

Toiling away for his family.

Only for it all to be ripped away from him at a moment’s notice because hers wifely decided to “upgrade” to someone more “exciting”, who doesn’t have a job or pay the bills but has a couple of cool tattoos.

This is why America has become so broken.

It’s also why more and more smart men are looking to foreign countries.

Where children don’t dump their parents in elderly care, regardless of the financial situation.

Where children are raised in schools that at least leave the “boys are actually girls and girls are actually boys” nonsense out of it.

Where wives are happy – no – tickled pink, to cook and clean for their man.


To see what I mean about the cooking and cleaning point.

Check out the post that’s up in “Actually Abroad”, as of yesterday, titled “How little housework I do”.

But hurry, because by the end of this month it’ll be gone (along with the rest of the premium content):

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(Not all that relevant to dating abroad, but does help with the general mindset of abundance mentality in your life)

Anyways, here’s the link again.

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