Last updated: July 25, 2019

#11: What To Splurge On



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In today’s podcast, Kyle breaks down Ramit’s “Money Rules Believed By Pathologically Cheap Internet Commenters” Twitter post.

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  1. Kyle…just wished to let you know that I really enjoy your posts. (Blogs/articles, etc,.) I also read a lot of the comments and I find some things in common with my career. (Professional Selling) The successful people in sales….always do what others do not. Many, especially newbies, never reach success cause they can’t get rid of the “Golden Handcuffs.” (Salary) As you have found in Corporate America, most people Despise their 9 to 5. They can’t imagine someone would willingly leave the 401k and weekly paycheck…to gamble on their biggest investment—Themselves. It’s a tough call to make the decision to walk, to even try. Everyone will tell you that you are crazy. It’s a risk, and we in America, are taught to be Risk adverse. You know the old saying: “Go to college. Get a good job. Get a house, get a new car every year…etc.” What if…that was bad advice? Look at the lives of those who are telling you this. Aren’t MOST Broke. Miserable.

    To me, and apparently to you, that is not the life we wish for ourselves. Risk is part of living, and living at a higher lever requires greater risks. Calculated risks, yes, but…still something unimaginable by most. You offer MANLY advise that scares more than a fw. I see the negative comments. What are most of these comments based upon? Fear of Failure. What is wrong with America is that we do not encourage our children…to FAIL. If you FAIL and learn…you will have something new next go around. Same with the dating world. It’s not your looks. It’s your attitude. It’s your acceptance that you WILL be rejected on occasion. Maybe a lot, at first. What to do? READ Kyle Trouble. Study from someone who has been there-Done that. Take notes. Decide you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Get ready…to make mistakes. Get ready to Fail. I however, can promise you this…when you get a taste of your first SUCCESS…you are hooked. You can NEVER go back to being average and ordinary. That is how I wish to live life. Apparently…so does Kyle Trouble. (p.s. Your advice…is spot on)

    1. That’s just it man, you have to fail…it’s inevitable. You might as well get it over with, and quickly, at that…

      Thanks man, I appreciate all your kind words and this comment.

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