Last updated: July 10, 2019

#05: Dating And Money Scams In Eastern Europe



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In today’s episode, Kyle discusses his recent stupidity, as well as several of his reader’s who just can’t get this through their thick head:

It is a terrible idea to try to marry women off the internet who you have never met.

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  1. First mistake, picks up bag. Second mistake, engages in conversation. This scam happens usually within a 1-2 block radius of Khreschiatic. This is a situation when NOT speaking the local language or English is a good thing. Tip. Ignore, speed up your pace and keep moving…Oldest scam in Kyiv, happens almost exclusively in the center.

    1. Yeah, absolutely stupid of me. Heard of locals getting fucked over by there being drugs in the bag or something of the sort. In my case, I think the bit of Russian helped (their English was laughably bad)

  2. Your other points on meeting women on the internet. Spot on. Curious, since you have links to some of these dating sites, where you obviously receive an affiliate commission(not that there is anything wrong with that). How do those sites differ from the sites that are basically raking these poor saps over the coals. Actually, this would’ve been a good opportunity to differentiate the ones you recommend over the others……

    1. The only one I recommend here on Trouble is the Cupid sites, all of which are just a one-time fee with no chat/rose/etc upsells. Even then, I typically recommend just getting a month and burning the city/country down with it.

      The broader point is that men need to stop assuming they can find a life partner without ever meeting in person. See yesterday’s email for an example of that…

  3. Good on you! Thanks for the honest reply. Admittedly, was attempted on me twice years ago around Porizna Street, off Kreschiatic. First time, engaged a little then realized what was happening and just walked off quickly, when I saw the second guy approach. Second time I saw the guy trying to walk real fast passed me to drop the bag, but I was walking too fast and he dropped the bag behind and not in front of me. Happens to anyone who looks like a foreigner…..Welcome to Kyiv, to good, the bad and the ugly….;)

    1. Actually, best thing you could really do I think, now that I’ve thought about it…

      Just call the actual local police. Or at least just get your phone out and say you are.

      As soon as I left that voice note they scrammed.

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