Last updated: June 29, 2019

Brief Thoughts on Kharkiv, Ukraine (Kyle Trouble Podcast #04)



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In today’s episode, I briefly discuss my recent road trip through Ukraine to the city of Kharkiv.

I discuss the road quality, what it was like renting a car, and give my thoughts about my few hours in Kharkiv.

I also tell a pretty funny story of a man in a wheelchair that you won’t want to miss…

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  1. Just got back from my third visit to Kharkov. I like it – feels good. My girl friend lives there, I see her every two months. These women want men who are leaders, not followers. She does everything for me – in a good way. All I have to be is a benevolent dictator. I show her love, kindness, and affection, patience, a sense of humor, and sensibility. She loves this behavior. BE A LEADER.


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