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The Secrets Of The Type Of Players You See

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What are players looking for?

Just to “get their nuts off”? If so, how low are you willing to go to feel the inside of a vagina? I don’t mean purely from a physical, dumpster-diving standpoint. We’ve all been there and done that at one point or another – no need to feel shame about it.

It’s something that men new to the game can struggle with.

Call me a romantic, but I personally don’t mind getting to know a quality girl and actually taking her out once in a while. This brings me to my point – a comment left by Rachel on this post:

So, are you saying that just hooking up with a girl he’s not into is “just getting a nut”, whereas hooking up with one he is into is something more? Is not the loose, casual sexual relationship the type preferred by most guys (young guys) until they’re ready to settle down, regardless of who the girl is?

In other words, why is it that so many guys seem interested in just hooking up right off the bat with every girl they meet, if they are indeed interested in more than just sex with some women?

My (direct) answer:

Most players are not opposed to at least dating a girl semi-casually if she is cute, good in bed, and not a pain in the ass.

The point of this specific post was to advocate that you have better things to do with your time than try to get a mediocre girl into bed one time; things such as fitness, hobbies, making money, and higher quality girls.

Guys all want sex, first and foremost. And in today’s world, you’d be foolish not to push for sex when it’s so readily available. Men control commitment, women control sex. It’s checks and balances. So even though a man may be open to the idea of more with a woman, he *should* push for sex simply because failure to do so can easily result in him being chumped.

Why should he have to pay for 5 dates just to get a handjob, when she’s previously fucked some shitty band’s drummer after an hour (and no money spent by him)?

There’s a lot of room for expansion that goes well beyond the scope of a simple comment, so let’s do so.

Types Of Players

Everyone’s opinion on this will differ, but most will probably agree that most “players” fall under a few general categories.

The One Night Stand Player

This is the player who is only looking for sex, plain and simple. Girls to him come faster than buses. If he misses one bus, he just gets on to the next one. Now, his type of game doesn’t necessarily matter. The stereotypical image of the One Night Stand Player is a guy running around like a monkey in nightclubs – hitting on anything in site that possesses a vagina. However, the One Night Stand Player could also be doing this via online game. He’ll push for girls to come straight to his place rather than taking them to drinks. Hell, I dedicated an entire chapter of Cracking OKCupid to this.

Regardless of how he meets his woman, once the One Night Stand Player hooks his target, he’ll do his best to carry it through to the grand finale – his penis in her vagina. After penetration, he’ll either pass out or get her to leave. The following morning he may send the “I didn’t rape you” text, but after he’s in the clear on that – he’s gone.

The Harem Player

The Harem Player is probably the most accurate example that I was referring to in my earlier quote. This is a man who genuinely enjoys the company of girls, but whom doesn’t give them his full commitment. He always keeps his options open and is juggling plates, but he ebbs and flows with the tides. If he has a particularly busy week with work and friends, he may just see members of his harem once and decline to generate any new leads. The next week he might go on three first dates.

The Harem Player is respectful of himself and his wishes at all time and won’t hesitate to punish or simple get rid of a woman should she cross his line.

It’s best described that the Harem Player actually gets into deep and meaningful relationships with women, but not so deep that they’re so in love with him they’ll refuse to accept his non-monogamy. Generally speaking, he probably sees his plates once (maybe twice) a week; sometimes just for sex and “hanging out”, and sometimes he’ll actually take them on dates.

You can read about my experience with running this type of lifestyle here.

The Mini-Relationship Player

Very similar to the Harem Player, but his relationships probably don’t last as long, or go quite as deep. On the flip side, the Mini-Relationship Player probably spends more time on approaching and going on dates than the Harem Player. Unlike the One Night Stand Player, he’ll see a girl a few times and have sex with her. Things will seem good for a month or so, but then he’ll get bored and move on to the next.

From my experience, this type of lifestyle seemed somewhat like a job. I felt obligated to constantly approach and keep new plates fresh, simply because I didn’t have a consistent harem to fall back on if I needed a week off from the game.

The Serial Relationship Player

There are definitely “players” that like relationships. They’ve always got a new girlfriend, you know the type of people I’m talking about. The Serial Relationship Player is the man who jumps from one “serious” relationship to the next (“lasting” anywhere from 3 months to a year), never stopping to try to develop a harem of relationships. Frankly, this is probably more common for women to do than men, but that’s certainly not to say that there aren’t plenty of men out there doing this.

Why do the relationships fail? Often, because he has very strong initial game, or has the ability to make girls fall in love quickly with him; you’d be shocked how often this happens with men who are “emotional” at the right times. Ever notice how tragedies bring people together and force them to bond? The same thing applies here. However, once settled into a relationship, his tendency to be overemotional turns the girl off.

Fuck First, Date Later

I’ve made my opinion on this matter no secretmen should always push for sex.

Not to throw another “America and its women suck” post into the vortex of them, but let’s be honest here – in American and other westernized parts of the world, it’s a joke how easy sex is to get. Basic laws of economics dictate that when there is an abundance of supply, demand goes down.

But the sexual marketplace is a different animal.

Essentially, there is an unlimited demand for sex because the desire to spread our seed is at the core of every man’s biology. Reproducing and keeping our genes alive is the single largest animalistic desire that men have. Everything else pales in comparison.

Now, with women essentially supplying an unlimited supply of sex to meet the unlimited demand of men – that simply means that the value of sex has gone down. If it’s cheap to get sex, as there is no point in paying more for the same product. So why would a man take a girl out on three dinner dates in the hopes that she puts out, when he could simply walk down the street and find a girl just as cute who would bang him after one date?

So yes, men should push for sex at all costs as a form of screening for a girl who realizes her worth to a man is directly derived from how many times her vagina has been penetrated. A girl who hasn’t ridden dozens of cocks and given her youth, sex, and beauty away to random people in the clubs

Despite this, if a girl is of sufficient quality, many men are willing to pursue something deeper with her. But, to wrap up a long-winded answer to Rachel’s question: if we can get our nuts off in the process, you can be damn sure we will.

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