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Pickup Spanish Review: Learn Spanish. Get Girls.

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I’ve made no secret that my time in Colombia this past November was one of the best times of my life. What I haven’t discussed much of is what a profound difference Pickup Spanish and the help of it’s author, El Conquistador, made in my trip.

I met El Conquistador for the first time in Colombia and we had a great time together. In full disclosure: he is my friend, but you all know by now that I don’t plug products that I don’t believe in. And Pickup Spanish is the real deal. While I didn’t utilize as much Spanish as I should have have in my seductions (preferring to just grunt like a boss), Pickup Spanish helped me get enough of a baseline to communicate a few things to these girls when I was in a pinch and didn’t have Google Translate handy.

Pickup Spanish also helped me with the pains of navigating through a country where almost no one spoke a lick of English.

Of course, I have to thank El Conquistador himself for helping me out in a pinch on multiple occasions. So if you have the chance to hire him to be your personal translator – take it – but Pickup Spanish is the next best thing out there.

What is Pickup Spanish?

At one point or another, most of you (myself included) have probably studied a little bit of Spanish or another language. Whether it was a mandatory class at school or just for kicks, it can sometimes be hard to keep the motivation to really immerse yourself in the language and study hard. On top of that, as soon as the class is over, or the motivation dies – bam, all the hard work goes down the drain just like that.

Well, I’ll tell you this – the best motivation you can ever have to study Spanish is to have an upcoming trip where you’re going to have sex with cute Colombia girls. As a young man (or even old – they love older guys), this will be the best motivation you’ll ever have to learn a language.

And that’s what Pickup Spanish does.

It gives you all of the tools to seduce beautiful Latina girls, as well as giving you a basic foundation of the language that you could talk your way out of a pinch if you really needed to – my excursion into “El Ocho” of Barranquilla was the perfect example of this – it was one of the most ghetto places I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s not a simple Ebook that tosses you a few phrases and sends you on your way. It’s an entire course dedicated to the art of seducing sexy Latina girls.

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Who is El Conquistador?

Cliff notes: He’s been traveling the world, teaching languages, and seducing beautiful Latina girls for seven years now. He wrote the course after he became fluent in Spanish and was tired of seeing men struggle because of the language barrier. He speaks five languages, and has the seduction skills on point. For example, he essentially hand delivered a girl to my door one night in Barranquilla – because she called me and I handed him the phone with a shrug and a prayer that he’d say the right thing.

He didn’t disappoint.

If you want some real insight into him and his way of teaching, I’d suggest listening to the podcast that I posted with him as the special guest.

Here is an excerpt about El Conquistador from the course:

I remember a quote once that went along the lines of:

“We give to the world what we once needed on our journey”.

This course was born from looking at two periods of my life – when I didn’t speak any Spanish – and after I became good at speaking Spanish. Those two periods of my life were like night and day in terms of dating options and enjoyment of the opposite sex.

When I was living in Latin America, I saw and met so many guys who arrived full of wide-eyed wonder at the beauty of the women but having no clue how to go about meeting them. They were getting sub–standard results: getting with women that were 5s or below, or even worse getting rinsed of all of their money and played for a fool. So many guys asked me how I was doing well with Latin women and speaking Spanish. I decided it would be selfish to keep all this knowledge in my brain and that I needed to share it with other guys who want to do the same thing.

What will you learn in Pickup Spanish?

The course consists of four different modules, all of which are broken down to between six to eight units. All of the units within Pickup Spanish have a very specific lesson, with words to practice or exercises to do. There are also introduction and foundational sections that discuss Latin culture, debunks myths of Latina girls, and prepares you for the modules themselves.

The four modules are:

  1. 80/20 Spanish – Full breakdowns of verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc.
  2. Online Don Juan – How to write your profile, go for the number close, and get her out on a date.
  3. Daytime Matador – Discussion of daygame openers, phrases, and more to use – just enough to get you through the pickup.
  4. Nighttime Conquistador – How to scout good venues in Latin America, all the way to asking her if she’s on the pill so you can raw dog away 😉

As you can see, it really covers all facets of how to meet women – so no matter what your specialty is, there’s something for you in this.

Here’s a couple of previews from some of the best parts of the course:

Module 4 (Night Game)

People who don’t share the same language have been having sex for centuries no problem. I like to think how Cortes impregnated the Malinche when he conquered Mexico or all the other Spanish conquistadors who were raping the Inca women in Peru while not speaking each other’s language. It is not essential but you can save yourself many embarrassments, awkward moments or messing it up. 

English – You’re right, we are moving too fast Spanish – tienes razón, estamos avazando muy rápidos

English – Are you on the pill? Spanish -Tomas la píldora (anticonceptiva)?

And you thought I was kidding in regards to asking if she’s on the pill…

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Module 2 (Online Game) – this is GOLD.

The generic first half of the message:

1. Write the first half of the message the same to everyone and the last half something unique. “Hi I have just arrived in the city and I would like to meet new people and get to know the culture and the city.”

Hola linda, soy (insert name) y acabo de llegar en la ciudad y me gustaria mucho conocer a la gente nueva y tambien conocer la cultura

The specific second half of the message:

2. Find something unique in one of her photos and comment on it. Compliments generally work well. 

me encanta tu sonrisa (I love your smile)

donde estabas en esa foto? (where were you when that photo was taken?)

te queda muy bien esa vestida (that dress looks great on you)

As you can see, Pickup Spanish is insanely detailed, and gives you the tools to excel with Spanish on your own, rather than depending on one or two lines to get the job done. Rather than giving you a fish, El Conquistador teaches you how to fish.



Pickup Spanish was extremely helpful, and I’d heartily recommend it for anyone who needs a quick crash-course and introduction to Spanish. If you’ve got a trip coming up in a month, you’ll reap the rewards of sweet Latina pussy far more with Pickup Spanish than a generic Spanish textbook, or Rosetta Stone.

And really, once you utilize what’s in Pickup Spanish, you’ll have a girl so enamored with you that you can just use her to teach you Spanish, which will probably be more effective  (and I guarantee more fun) than sitting in a boring classroom listening to a professor drone on.

Using my Spanish bargaining skills, I convinced El Conquistador to give you guys a discount on the course. So until tomorrow (Thursday) night at 11:59 Eastern, any readers from This Is Trouble will get a killer deal off of the normal $67 price on Pickup Spanish.

Just use coupon code TROUBLE57′ via this link, or the button below, and you’ll get the course for just $57 (usually $77).

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