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Picking Up Latina Ladies In The Daytime: How to Get Her Number in 6 Steps

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Today’s post is a guest post from a great friend I met in Colombia, who goes by the name El Conquistador. As a man who has lived abroad for nearly a decade, his insights into Latin America culture and women are unprecedented. Enjoy his insights into how to pick up sexy Latina ladies during the day.

Why Approach Latina Ladies During The Day In Latin America?

Firstly, realize that you won’t find model-quality Latinas on sites like Latin American Cupid. On most dating websites in Latin America, you will meet gringo hunters who bang every foreigner backpacker that passes through her city. Sometimes, you’ll meet girls who show up for the date 30 pounds heavier than they were in their pictures. Anyway, this article is not about the merits of online dating vs daygame. I’m just giving you a heads up about where to find the most beautiful girls in Latin America – who might also be good girlfriends (if that’s what you’re looking for).

I encourage you to give daygame in Latin America a try because your competition – especially from other foreigners – is practically zero. Most gringos don’t speak Spanish and even if they do, they don’t have the confidence in their Spanish to speak to a girl on the street during daylight hours without Google translate to help and without alcohol to lubricate their courage glands.

Mindset & Culture

In Latin America, it’s normal to say “Buenos Dias” to a stranger when you walk past them in the street. Try doing that in New York, LA or London. So the first step is to get it in your head that countries in South America have a more open and friendlier social culture.

The second step is to learn some simple, bulletproof Spanish lines that you can use anytime you see a hot Latina.

Spanish Lines – THE Routine

Below is the routine I’ve used hundreds of times on the streets of Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santo Domingo and Lima to get a girl’s number:

Step #1: Make eye contact

Make sure that she knows you exist. Once I catch her eye, I like to drop my jaw a little and let out a:

“dios mio” dee-ohs mee-oh

my God!

or “diablo” dee-ah-bloh

oh snap!

This usually gets a smile and opens up a window of opportunity for me.

Step #2: Stop Her

Be polite, you are a guest in that country. Don’t say some cheesy gringo line like “hey chica” or “hola bonita”. If she’s not moving, for example if she’s sitting at a bus stop, then forget this stage and jump to step 3.

“oiga” oee-gah


“disculpe” dees-cool-peh

excuse me

Step #3: Reason you stopped her

Here you can go two ways; direct or indirect. I have had better success in Latin American being direct. Watch how Dominican and Brazilian guys run game – they don’t pussy foot around.

“te vi y te queria hablar” teh bee ee teh keh-ree-ah ah-blahr

I saw you and I wanted to talk to you

Step #4: Compliment

Latin American women are judged on their beauty (feminism hasn’t arrived there yet), so girls like you to be direct and to give them compliments on their beauty. Latin women take great pride in their appearance, wearing dresses to come meet you, spending a whole afternoon at the hair salon, etc.

“me gusta como te ves” meh-goos-tah coh-moh teh bes

I like your look

Step #5: Back story

You need to reveal a little bit about yourself. Sharing something about yourself makes you less of a stranger. She will know that you are a foreigner either by the way you look or when you open your mouth, so tell her a little bit about why you are in the country, how long you’ve been there, etc. This needs to be short because she probably has somewhere to go, so give her a lot of information about yourself in the shortest amount of words. Also, if your Spanish is not strong then you don’t want to read off a long script.

“soy nuevo en el pais” soy noo-eh-boh en el pah-ees

I’m new in the country

“estoy aca por trabajo” eh-stoy ah-cah pohr trah-bah-ho

I’m here for work or any reason you want to give

Step #6: Number close

Again, you need to get out of there quickly. Get the number and get out of there before you begin struggling with your Spanish. All girls in Latin America use Whatsapp. Get your phone out and say:

“me das tu numero?” meh dahs too noo-meh-roh?

give me your number

Then hand her the phone and say:

“pon tu numero aca” pohn too noo-meh-roh ah-cah

type your number in here

Don’t ask her for the number, she will reel it off in rapid-fire Spanish and you will have no hope of catching it.

Exit with a line like:

“te llamo” teh yah-moh

I’ll call you


“te mando un mensaje” teh man-doh oon men-sa-he

I’ll send you a message

The biggest thing that I see guys struggle with is stumbling over their Spanish. Don’t try to say anything you’ve never said before and don’t try to say anything too complicated.

Trust me, if you do this daytime approach, you will feel a high from the adrenaline that will last for the rest of the day. The most beautiful women in Latin America are accessible using this method. The 9’s online are getting bombarded by both foreign and local guys. Go where there are no other fishermen. It’s not that hard; all you need are some ready-to-go Spanish lines and some big hairy cojones.

Bonus phrase for following up via text

Message her within a couple of hours with the following line:

“hola ____(her name) soy _____(your name) te acabo de conocer en____(place)”

Hi Marta it’s Kyle, we just met at Juan Valdez.

See you in Latin America,

El Conquistador

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Stay tuned for a podcast about Latina dating with El Conquistador (dropping tomorrow), and my review of Pickup Spanish (Wednesday).

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