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Latin Fever: The Guide to Peruvian Women

Kyle Trouble here: This guest post about Peruvian women is written by my friend, El Conquistador.

When a wannabe International Playboy asks me about traveling to Latin America, I always tell him: “Go to Lima. Meet Peruvian women.

Lima is safe (if you stick to areas I recommend), the girls speak good English and lie on their backs for most foreign guys.

Peru is the first step on the path to Latin America pussy slaying mastery. Brazil can be dangerous for newbies and the idea that Brazilian girls are very sexual is an urban myth. Colombian women can be devious and slippery. Bolivia and Ecuador are not worth it—the girls are ugly. Argentine girls look down their noses at your approaches. Venezuela is off limits for the time being. Dominican women will take the shirt off your back if you are green and Cuba is mostly pay-for-play.

Now you know why you should visit Peru if you want to get your dick wet, what follows is the How To Guide to traveling in Peru and seducing Peruvian women.

I’ll start with a description of Peruvian women and what type of guys do well in the land of the Incas. Next I’ll tell you which cities you should focus your efforts on, and finally, I’ll give you the tools you’ll need to spread as many Peruviana legs as possible.

Para delante!

What Are Peruvian Women Like?

The average Peruvian girl is not good looking but the high-end talent is just as good as anywhere else. Colombia’s female talent is more of a diamond: few fugly girls, a handful of smokeshows and an abundance of high 6’s and solid 7’s. It’s like a modern European country with a bulging middle-class.

Peru, in contrast, is like a neo-liberal state. All Peruvian women between the ages of 18-35 herded together and sorted by looks would form a pyramid. The best looking girls (usually the ones with Spanish blood) are incredible but few and far between while you’ll find masses of square-bodied, flat-nosed 3’s and 4’s.

When guys bash Peruvian girls’ aesthetics, I always counter that the girls have really cute faces (second only to Colombian girls). Unfortunately, they can’t compete with their northern neighbours from the neck down.

How Are Peruvian Women In Bed?


Many of the Peruvian girls you’ll meet have banged lots of gringos.

Hey, if you want easy girls, you have to take the good with the bad.

Ideal Look For Dating In Peru

The White God factor is big in the land of the Incas so dye your hair blonde and get some blue eye contact lenses if you can.

Sorry to all the dark-skinned brothas out there, the red pill is painful to swallow sometimes. Chin up and go meet some Brazilian women or Mexican girls.

Where to Go in Peru

Latina swordsmen should focus on three major Peruvian cities (in order of preference):

  1. Lima
  2. Arequipa
  3. Cusco


Most of Lima, outside of a few historical areas, is slum central. There are only a few areas of Lima that I would stay in: Miraflores, San Isidrio, or Barranco.

I can’t hide my love for Miraflores: it’s clean, safe, right on the ocean and walkable to nightlife/shopping outlets.

Do your daygame work in the following two malls: Larcomar and Jockey plaza.


Famed for having the best food in Peru, Arequipa is both safer and smaller than Lima and second only to Cusco for architecture and things to do.

Due to the heavy influx of Spaniards during Colonial times, the city also has more white-skinned, caucasian-looking girls than Lima and many more than Cusco.


While Cusco is not a city to base up for a few months (too touristy and with a transient population) it’s great for lovers of night game. Here’s why: “What happens in Cusco stays in Cusco“. The girls most likely to bang are not local girls but the girls visiting from Lima for the weekend.

Just remember to layer up as it gets chilly up in the mountains at night.

To help you decide where to go, here are a couple of extra tips:

  1. If your Spanish is weak, go to Lima first.
  2. Begin in Lima and once you have got your bearings there, go to Cusco then to Arequipa.

For those adventurous souls, check out Iquitos if you want to explore the jungle and enjoy some Phillipines-level foreigner exotic value.

Night Game

Gringo hunters are the low-hanging fruit of Lima nightlife and if you want easy pickings, start your nights with drinks in local hostels then head to the clubs at midnight. Certain clubs in Lima will be easier because the girls will be looking for gringos. Here are three Lima night clubs I recommend, in order from the most gringo hunter infested to the least:

  1. Bizarro
  2. Help
  3. Gothica

Just make sure you dress slightly better than the other gringos. I stumbled on this insight one night in Lima when I rocked a blazer in Gothica and received twice the eye contact that I usually did in my v-neck t-shirt.

Online Dating In Peru

Tinder is big in Lima so make sure your swiping game is sharp. Consider investing in Kyle’s book, optimize your photos, and get a few Spanish openers ready that you can copy and paste.

If you are going to visit a few different cities in Peru, get a Latin American Cupid account and pipeline the whole country. Apply the tips in this article and you’ll have so many Peruvian girls blowing up your phone you’ll be begging me to take them off your hands.

The advantage of online game in Lima is that lots of girls on these sites speak English. After Argentine girls, Peruvian girls have the best English skills in Latin America.

Dating Strategies For Peruvian Women

Peruvian women

Don’t overcomplicate dates with Peruvian girls. No need for elaborate plans.

A drink at a local bar then back to your place is good enough 90% of the time. If it’s a weekend. meet her at the club and at 2am tell her you’re going home and ask her to come with you.


As Kyle emphasizes on this blog, traveling and being a cool guy is about so much more than just girls. In Peru you’ll be spoilt for great food, history and nature.

When you want to drain your balls, you’ll find plenty of girls who are worldly and speak good English.


Un abrazo,
El Conquistador

PS: Make sure you set up some dates with Peru’s finest before you go.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Jon - January 5, 2017

I’ve picked up El Conquistador’s Pickup Spanish and that has helped immensely. (Not a paid promotion, promise!)

Seriously, dudes. You gotta learn Spanish if you want to pick up these Beauties… sex with a latin gal’ can change your life. My standards have risen for what counts as a could rustle in the sack. Haha!

    Kyle Trouble - January 5, 2017

    EC knows his shit. He saved my ass in Barranquilla last year, that’s for damn sure.

    Where’ve you been in SA?

      Jon - January 5, 2017

      I should have been specific in my post on where I have been. I haven’t tackled south of the equator yet. I’ve been to Playa Del Carmen after a few lessons of PUSpanish and Madrigals Key – So only Mexican women. I’m no where near fluent but knowing phrases and words really goes far as I’m sure you know.

      I really want to hit Colombia and now Peru!

      For the most part, I’ve been back and forth to Asia since 2010. I’ll shoot you an email soon.

        Kyle Trouble - January 5, 2017

        PDC is supposed to be a riot. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself sometime, preferably off season.

        Sounds good!

        El Conquistador - January 5, 2017

        Good to hear Jon. Pickup Spanish + Madrigal is the ideal combination.

        You self-image has shifted and the type of women you feel you deserve as has changed.

        Go to Peru then Colombia and you’ll see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

        Un abrazo

    Kyle Trouble - January 5, 2017

    Also, for people reading this…

    The course itself can be found here:
    And my review is here:

Brian Mark - January 8, 2017

So are you down in Peru or back in the USA? Have you been there. I was there years ago, but only for sightseeing visit Had to get back to work in the West. Would love to go check out the girls.

    Kyle Trouble - January 8, 2017

    I’m in the States at the moment but flying out in a couple weeks.

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Bill - January 22, 2017

I´m a Gringo from Texas and have been living in Peru for about 6 years now doing export business. I´ll just tell you like I tell my friends back home, Peru isn´t the place to come too if you´re looking for hot chicks period. I have lived in the jungle, sierra and Lima and have been pretty much everywhere in Peru with the exception of the upper northwest side like Piura and Tumbes. Sure you can find a few nice girls even in the worst hellholes on Earth but The fact of the matter is most Peruvian women are just too indigenous looking, so if you like girls that look like Pocahontas (and not the cartoon ¨cute¨ version either) than you will like Peru. But it´s not just that they are physically unattractive they are also like lifeless Zombies. These girls can´t fuck either, it´s like fucking a dead corpse with these Peruvian girls and I´ve been with girls from the jungle also where they are supposed to be more ¨caliente¨ but that my friends is all BS. The women here are also lazy and don´t take care of their bodies. Some of the chicks you see have the meat in the right places but they don´t do any exercise to tone that shit up. Sure they´re easy to get but shit the only ones that have some talent in bed are the ones that have been with gringos before. Colombia is where you need to go, Beautiful women all over the place and they think they are just normal because there are so many hot ones. Unlike here in Peru if you do find a cute one, not only is she going to know she´s hot but millions of other guys are already trying to get her also. Another thing about Peruvian women is they don´t seem to have any real preferences in men, it´s all about resources that they need at the moment. It could be money, food, clothes or whatever but they will go with the man that has which ever resources they need at the time to give. It doesn´t matter if you are a young goodlooking guy or an old man in a wheelchair they will go for the resources and not physical attraction or anything natural like that. Me, I don´t even waste my time with Peruvian chicks anymore I always go over to Colombia or Brazil for women, it´s WAY better.

    Kyle Trouble - January 22, 2017

    Good insights, Bill. Appreciate you dropping some great local knowledge!

    Hump - September 2, 2017

    Thanks for the info….

      Kyle Trouble - September 3, 2017


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jorge - February 26, 2017

bro, las mujeres de tu pais vienen a latinoamerica para follar por que ustedes no saben, me he follado muchisimas extranjeras y les encanta mi pene y como me muevo

    Kyle Trouble - February 26, 2017

    Seguir adelante y disfrutar de las chicas estadounidenses. No me importa.

      Mateo - June 18, 2017

      no si, I think we should make a page ‘ are gringas estadounidenses that easy?’ a puesto a que ganamos jajajaja because gringo if you didn’t know, most latinos think of USA chicks are easy enough, even easier than our mamacitas here lol

        pete - February 9, 2018

        hi pretty girll how ate you

    Bill - July 5, 2017

    Latinos get the same “gringas” that Blacks guys in the USA get, the fat ugly rejects nobody wants.

    In Peru where I now live it’s the same thing, you do see cholos with white girl tourists but they are always disgusting ugly and fat hippies and lowlife scum that anyone could get if they wanted them.

      Kyle Trouble - July 6, 2017

      Sounds like worldwide.

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Jojo - June 17, 2017

Para ‘el conquistador’

Surely you have no respect for women. Did you come out of a bitch or a woman? I guess you have no mother. You are the most disgusting evil on the planet. Women are not sexual objects. You think you are educated and well traveled? You need to read and do less travel and less clubing.

    Kyle Trouble - July 8, 2017

    Go away.

Lula - July 8, 2017

Amazing! Guys! Amazing. I’m speechless. Regardless of how you guys grew up you are already old enough to have sex and travel apparently… therefore you are old enough to make decisions (Obviously). Everyday you decide how you want to think and what you want to do with your life. Why you choose to see and talk about women like that? Unfortunately there are women and men that don’t know what self respect is, or simply, what respect is, so, maybe we should start learning something new to stop being ignorant. Guys, some day you’ll have kids and chances are you will have a daughter who wouldn’t like to be treated as a piece of meat and like Jojo said you all came from a mother. Travel and explore, have fun but if you take that attitude with you, no matter where you go you’ll always end up feeling so empty and you won’t attract good Karma.

    Kyle Trouble - July 8, 2017

    Go away.

    Mike - February 14, 2018

    Well, if you’re going to whinge like an entitled bitch I’d drop all pretence of picking you up… $10 for 1 hour? Hahaha.

      Kyle Trouble - February 18, 2018

      I’d make her pay you…

CLAUDIA - September 6, 2017

If you are looking for women for sex is easy you know where you have to go … in the nighclub .. every thing in its place …. In Peru women do not like the gringos because they have no color .. they are cold. . do not know how to dance .. we prefer Latinos … if you want easy women go to Brazil or Colombia ..

    Kyle Trouble - September 6, 2017

    ^ Never take advice about girls from girls.

kyle - October 12, 2017

Peruvian women are hot

    Kyle Trouble - October 12, 2017


Austin.W - December 20, 2017

I was in Peru for a month.

In short i had the biggest blast of my life to date. I banged 21 chicks in 30 days. May consider writing a datasheet on the entire experience. Although saying that if you dont fit my description i seriously dont know how helpful any of it would be to you.

Before anyone says “but they were all ugly” only 1 chick did i bang who i felt ashamed off, the vast majority being bangable while id say 6 or 7 being what i consider actually hot. Two of them id say were intimidatingly hot as in if i were to look upon them in a nightclub in the UK, id put my chances as nil to actually having a chance of banging them. it is well known that Peru has the most amount of gringo lovers in all of the Americas. It is a pussy paradise, especially for a blond haired blue eyed white guy and I had the same experience in the Philippines as you did in Peru. So if you a white American or European, I would definitely recommend Peru for a month or 2 I plan on coming back many more times.

    Greg - July 30, 2018

    What about a BALD blue-eyed guy…like me?

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CommonSense - March 8, 2018

This article reads as though it was written by a virgin or a guy who is just talking bullshit. To paint Peru and even other parts of South America as some sort of “pussy paradise” is a lie. Sure, you can go there and bang some ugly trash just like anywhere else, but a beautiful girl with any self-worth won’t touch some hippie-trash-sex-tourist. Good read though, it made me laugh since I’ve actually been there. Keep on believing that alpha-beta nonsense.

    Kyle Trouble - March 8, 2018

    Spoken like a TRUE basement dwelling nerd.

    fred - April 9, 2019

    maybe your game isnt as good as it should be, if a scank is all you can get in another country being an American tourist I’d say that’s pretty weak bro

    fred - April 9, 2019

    #common sense, wow you sound like a guy who doesn’t get laid anywhere he goes, I dont think most guys describe themselves as hippie wannabes but the big secret is women like sex and want it as much as men but it sounds like you haven’t learned how to talk too them yet. So ” little boy” find some balls and then you can write a out some conquests not lonely nights with rosie

BigCockusThe3rd - May 8, 2018

Don’t you think I could do well if I am a Middle Eastern looking American with an American accent and good social skills? My heritage is Pakistani and my skin color is like an Arab (on the lighter side) and my eyes are Brown and hair is Black.

    Kyle Trouble - May 9, 2018

    You won’t have the gringo appeal.

Javier - October 10, 2018

Quisiera conocer a una mujer Bonita por dyers y por dentro

Robert - December 9, 2018

I have two questions …
Can you recommend a girl-friendly hotel in Arequipa?
If I had five weeks to practice game prior to spending a month in Lima, would you split it 1 week/4 weeks Arequipa/Cusco or 2 weeks/3 weeks Arequipa/Cusco?

Ray - April 9, 2019

Is it OK to take native girls back to your hotel (meaning, are they all guest friendly?) because I’ve had to be selective when booking hotels in Vietnam & Thailand in the past… Just wondered if its the same in Peru & Chile?

    Kyle Trouble - April 10, 2019

    Just book your room with 2 guests and I imagine you’d be fine.

    or AirBNB it.

      sean barr - May 4, 2019

      hey buddy loved this post seriously loved it. check it out..was just in Cusco for 32 days , came back on bus to LIMA got there at 1:30pm flight left for Toronto at 2:15 am, time to kill, ended up walking from entire Miraflores to Ocean and back to bus depot (5.5hrs) then cab to Jorge Chavez and guess what …I fucking meet up with this GODDESS! I mean to me she was a 15 , and I am not being silly . she was hypnotizing and so hot it HURT and also so hot I could NOT stay away even though she could not speak basically ANY english and my Spanish was beginner at best. This was April 29th. Anyways I see this what looks to be a wedding band coupled with an engagement diamond ring on her proper finger so I come back up to her the second time to directly enquire about this and she basically intimates that its nothing at all, in fact she may have said just a friend I cant be sure of that but she DID clearly say NO FIANCEE NO besides her height not being tall enough for run way work, this girl easily could do magazine work IMO, she is over the top hot BUT SHE IS WORKING 4 days a week from 7pm to 7 am as a shill for a taxi company, so go figure..I really am beginning to wonder what the deal is with that considering what she looks like. I spoke to her at first since I thought it was quite the tactic having a drop dead gorgeous girl walking around with your taxi company sign kind of like WE KNOW YOU WILL STARE , and then you’ll see our business! I asked her in english if the job requirement was super model. OK so here is the thing, I wAS NOT thinking clearly at that time , too exhausted and so I simply gave her a receipt for bottled water with my email address scrawled on the back asking her in mostly english to send me a simple HOALA (misspelled I know) Sean, and then said I would write her back in espanol …I find out later that the word email in Spanish is two words that are very different , so I do not know if she even understood what wanted, but I have to bel;eve she DID, and she has not written me back, I told her I would be back in Sept, 4 months on business and implied I wanted to see her then,, but here is the thing , I am smitten , over the top been single a long long ass time, and did not make move 1 on any senoritas in Cusco the entire month…SO I BOUGHT A TICKET BACK TO LIMA FOR 7 DAYS will be 8 days since I was there and first met her! Do you think she will be impressed with my interest OR SCARED? I am planning on using a translation app for now all the while continuing to work on my speaking skills..I plan on renting a place in Miraflores and renting either a motorbike or car and basically offering to drive her around if she has no vehicle of her own, I plan on asking to slowly begin to get to know her..and finally , I am darkish red/brown hair , super light blue eyes and white guy with a tanned face now.. I am still over-weight but not too bad anymore especially in the face. I lost 20 pounds in Cusco over the month . I am seriously dieting now and trying to improve my appearance ASAP.. This chicka must be no more then 26 TOPS and she might even be 22/23 but of course those are guesses, she looks to me like a MULATTO 2/3 Spanish 1/3 black if I had to guess, and her accent is strong and she speaks quick, so I am going to have work cut out trying to talk , but it IS possible, I sincerely hope I am not fooling myself here based on your comments saying that if she is HOT then 1000 other guys are already going after her … And do you think she could be single mom?

Name - April 12, 2019

You’re all literally walking piles of human trash.

    Kyle Trouble - May 5, 2019

    Suck it!

Omar - April 12, 2019

I am surprised with that face you have you got luck in LATAM.
I live in the US and girls and very easy to fuck even though most of the gringas are fat and ugly but you might get lucky if you are horny.
My advice

    Kyle Trouble - May 26, 2019

    I’m purty

Joel Noland - May 26, 2019

Met a Peruvian women here in my backyard in Florida she is very cute and has good ethics We hit it off in a natural way and I am a blonde hair blue eyed gringo in great shape and We are dating and my first date cost me $36 at the bar Oh yeah I am a dancing fool and love Latin music and can throw it down on the floor The key to Latin women is to be in shape ,dress nice and be a gentleman and go on the dance floor and the women will come most mature guys dance like they are at there prom I have Latin Blood somehow and this is my formula to dating very hot well to do Latin women ” No Dance No Chance ” good luck

    Kyle Trouble - May 26, 2019

    Did you not use sentences on the date either?

      Diego - June 2, 2019

      U guys are cheesy as fuck lol Peruvian chicks are easy and when they love u they crazy anyway I’m latino I’ve dated them and most of what’s on here is super stupid and retarded. You want to have a good time then you can have a good time with any chick race don’t fucking matter if they like u they like u just don’t be stupid be funny and be yourself not some clown that wrote this stupid list of nonsense!

        Kyle Trouble - June 2, 2019

        I guess Latinos just don’t like periods, y’all must all just be low IQ.

Keith - July 14, 2019

I lived in Lima last 2 years. This article rings pretty true. Most women in Lima will at least give you an opportunity and if they like you 1st date sex is possible

    Kyle Trouble - July 15, 2019

    Thanks for the commenting!

Sheyla - July 25, 2019

Kyle your face is broken 🙂 you’re pathetic speaking like that about women – you little prick

    Kyle Trouble - July 25, 2019

    Show your face!


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