Last updated: June 8, 2014

How People Find My Blog



These are the search terms people have used recently to find This Is Trouble. Like last time, it’s worrisome.

how people find my blog

How People Find My Blog

“im a white knight”

Kill yourself.

“okcupid height”

You can lie a little bit, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.

go raw on the first date”

Duh, you always want to raw dog.

no fap longest youve gone

70 days, motherfuckers!

michael sam loves the cock

It’s because he’s the NFL’s next diva.

girls flake okcupid

Yes, yes they do. Get used to it, because flaking is as natural for girls as thinking about sex is for guys. Don’t take it personally, move on to the next one.

she comes over to fuck

And that’s it? You, my friend, are doing something right. Keep up the great work!

best openers for okcupid for asian girls

Put “white” as your ethnicity. No, I’m not kidding.

why value pussy when women don’t value themselves


cumming inside a dog

Can’t help you there.

horse dick in my little sister

Good lord…

high value male

Why yes, yes I am.

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