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The Gringo’s Guide to Paraguay Women

Paraguay, South America


Paraguay women don’t receive enough hype and we are here to correct that. But first, a geography lesson (with a twist):

Do you even know where Paraguay is? 

It’s in Central South America and borders Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. Here is how the girls compare:

  • With Brazilian women, you will find some of the most feminine and bodacious girls on the continent. Compared to them, Paraguay women are on the slimmer side but they still have enough curve to get your blood boiling.
  • Argentinian women are well-educated and generally live a higher standard of life. In Paraguay, discrimination is still a huge issue. The girls won’t be as “traditionally smart” as Argentinians but they are also more modest and have traditional values.
  • Bolivian girls are very glam and high-maintenance. Compared to them, the ones you’ll meet in Paraguay are the girl next door type and they favour a more natural look (except on nights out, where they dress to the nines).

Paraguay is a landlocked country – no beaches for you.

Therefore, beach culture is nonexistent and women aren’t as comfortable with their bodies (or with wearing a thong bikini at a public place) as they are in neighboring countries.

Paraguay women, though they are Latinas at heart, favour more modest, covered-up looks. Make no mistake, they are still just as fiery as you hope they’ll be!

Paraguay Women

Paraguay Women In A Nutshell

We talked a bit about this but let’s take it from the start. Where do Paraguay girls come from?

The answer: Everywhere.

If you want to look at the numbers:

95% of the population is Mestizo. Their combined Native American and European ancestry means no two Paraguay women will look alike.

Paraguay is, in fact, the best country in South America if you are looking for variety. Some of the girls look like pure Nordic beauties, while others have that visible indigenous blood that so many foreigners adore. No matter what your type is, there is something for you in Paraguay.

That being said, the majority are dark-skinned with a light brown to milk chocolate complexion. One thing that always surprised me about Paraguay women is their perfect complexion. It might be because they don’t spend long hours at the beach, or maybe there is a genetic reason for it. Whatever the reason, Paraguay girls are fresh-faced and youthful-looking well into their 30’s and even 40’s.

Long Hours Of Waiting? Nah.

You know how all girls take forever to get ready? Not your average Paraguay beauty.

It comes at the expense of sexy, glammed up looks but one thing is for sure:

She will be just as pretty in the morning. 

Paraguay women may be low-maintenance on a day-to-day basis but wait for a special occasion and you’ll see them transform. In high-end nightclubs, everybody tries to put their best foot forward. This is not a rich country. For most women, going out to a pricey disco is a rare treat. When they do, they make sure they look their damn best.

In more casual nightlife spots, you’d never see the same effort. Lesson learned, depending on what you are looking for:

  • For a Barbie-doll pretty go to the best clubs and prepare to spend big. Yup, that’s pretty much like anywhere else in the world.
  • Cheaper and more relaxed bars are for picking up laid-back, natural girls. They are just as high value as the high maintenance ones and they won’t have you waiting for hours before a date.

She Is Very Catholic

There is no sugar coating this:

Paraguay women are extremely Christian.

Exactly how much is extremely Christian? Well, let me give you some statistics:

  • Paraguay was one of the last countries to legalize divorce. It only happened in 1991 and divorce rates remain low.
  • Abortion is illegal in Paraguay. Yes, that is because of the Roman Catholic church. 23 out of 100 deaths of young women are the result of illegal abortions.
  • Adultery was only decriminalized in 1990.
  • Only around 60% of women use birth control, whether that is condoms, birth control pills, or IUD.

Paraguay is super conservative about female sexuality. Well, officially so. Behind closed doors, Paraguay girls are very passionate and not at all concerned about saving themselves for marriage.

Hookup Or Girlfriend?

There are two very different types of girls you’ll meet in Paraguay. The catch is they’re both the same woman it depends on how they view you. Let me explain:

  • Imagine you were raised in a super conservative family. Every Sunday morning is church time, no exceptions. Your grandmother’s bedroom looks like a tiny chapel, covered in images of saints. You received the “why buy a cow if you can get the milk for free” lecture when you were 11. Sex, as far as your family is concerned, isn’t anything you should even think about before you walk down the aisle. 

But here’s the contradiction:

  • We are hard-wired to like sex. It’s biology and the kind of biology you can’t really control through religion and stern parental talk. So, as puberty rolls around, Paraguay girls want to experience that (pretty cool) part of life. 

With the exception of some very devout women, most girls are open to premarital sex.

They are not, however, open to ruining their reputation. Foreigners are a great option for some no strings attached fun.

Since Paraguay doesn’t receive as many visitors as, say, Brazil, you will be in high demand for that type of thing. Generally, girls you meet online are better for that.

If you go the social circle dating route, you won’t be an anonymous stranger. She’ll aspire to be your girlfriend, not make you her hookup buddy.

Online Dating In Paraguay

Now take what I just told you about girls online and throw it out of the window. While the Internet is your prime location for meeting open-minded and non-clingy girls, it could also introduce you to your new long-term girlfriend or even future wife.

Paraguay women marry early. As soon as a girl hits 22-23, the clock starts ticking for her. Seems early? Consider the fact that 17% of girls between 15 and 19 are already married, widowed, or divorced! This is a huge number and it reflects the overall conservative and patriarchal attitudes.

The chicas you meet on Tinder might not be the marrying type. Sites like Latin American Cupid on the other hand, are perfect for connecting with relationship-minded Paraguay women.

As it’s a small country, it’s not a bad idea to try an additional site, too—such as AmoLatina.

Do I Need Spanish?

Yes and no.

If you are only meeting Paraguay women online, Spanish is not a must. The girls on international dating sites already have some level of English. They are on these platforms to meet foreigners after all.

On the other hand, if you are planning on day gaming as hard as you can, Spanish will be a huge advantage. Paraguay is not a very well-developed country. I’d say only around 10% of the girls you will meet on the street speak enough English for a conversation.

Since day game is a numbers game, you will have the odds stacked against you even in hotspots like the Asuncion main square. The intersection of cute, speaks English, and will respond to you, leaves you with a very slim chance of success.

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, check out one of the below programs.

Meet Paraguay Women By Meeting Their Friends

The girls of Paraguay can seem completely unapproachable. They go out with their girlfriends, sip their cocktails, chat in their particular brand of Southern American Spanish accent, and generally mind their own business. God forbid a man comes over to introduce himself. Paraguay girl squads can be a major cockblock (for lack of a more PG expression).

Your best bet for meeting a Paraguay cutie is to first know her friends. Social circle dating is the norm in Paraguay.

Most couples, married or not, did start out as friends. There isn’t a culture of hooking up with strangers at the club (which is good news for you if you’re looking for a good girl).

Bromance Or Getting Beat Up?

Latino culture can be confusing. Let me describe the typical Paraguay dude to you:

  • He wears tons of hair gel. Don’t even know why it’s not a great a look.
  • Tight tops all day every day. In Paraguay, if you don’t show off your pecs, are you sure you are even male?
  • He can handle his booze and proves it by drinking copious amounts every time he goes out at night. When it comes to drinking, Paraguay men are like a bunch of frat boys, except much worse, because they’re not all 18 to 22.
  • Vegetables? Who has time for that? A good, medium rare steak and cornbread are the diet of choice. While that might not be great for your arteries, you have to admit Paraguay dudes are onto something. I’m telling you, you could survive on cornbread alone for months in this country. It is quite easily the best in the world.
  • If you so much as look at his girl, prepare to get a taste of his street combat skills. It is not uncommon for Paraguay men to carry knives. Just FYI.

Although I just described them as the worst kind of macho men, Paraguay guys can be a lot of fun and they make for the best wingmen. If you’re going for a business trip, just ask a colleague to show you around and introduce you to the nightlife.

I swear, even the nerdiest Paraguay men know tons of great clubs (and tons of beautiful women).

Even if you don’t know any locals beforehand, it is fairly easy to meet some at a bar. Talk to them about sports, cars, or booze and you will be good to go.

Of course, the trick is not to hit on their girlfriends. Paraguay men can be very possessive so observe before you attack. And no, it’s not ok to ask if she’s single before you can be sure that the guy you’re talking to is not her boyfriend or brother. Instead, ask him to introduce you and ask how they met. It’s a safe way to keep the bromance and avoid a possible fight.

Meet Paraguay Women In Asuncion

If you don’t have much time (or don’t speak much Spanish), stick to the capital. It’s simply not worth it to bother with smaller towns, even Asuncion is non-touristy and authentic.

Before you jump into the dating/hookup scene, make sure you see some of the sights. Asuncion is not as impressive as neighbouring countries’ capitals but there is still plenty to keep you busy of a couple of days:

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (Asunción Cathedral) dates from the late 19th century and is the main cathedral of the city. It is located right in the centre and has some cool eateries and cosy bars around.
  • Take a walk down the riverside. Keep it a day-time activity, at night it gets a bit sketchy.
  • The Plaza de los Heroes is another hotspot. It’s a nice place to spend the afternoon sipping coffee and people watching. Yes, you will also see plenty of cute girls. During the late afternoon or on cooler dates you’ll
  • The Government Palace is worth seeing, even if just on the outside. Stroll around, you will find plenty of high-end restaurants to bring a date or a business partner.

Day Game In Asuncion?

It gets super hot. Plaza de los Heroes is the only exception in that regard. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids. Paraguay hospitals are not top-notch.

Malls, on the other hand, are perfect for meeting girls.

The two places that seem to stand out are Mariscal Lopez and Villamora. Luckily, they are right next to each other. On weekends especially, they are filled to the brim with attractive young girls. Villamora seems to be more popular among students, while Mariscal Lopez is great to meet classier, more high-maintenance (if that even exists) girls.

You will find Paraguay women are super approachable and friendly. As long as you speak Spanish, you have nothing to worry about (well, maybe their boyfriends but that’s a different story).

Asuncion By Night

The nightlife in Asuncion is not as lively as, say, Rio, but it’s still pretty busy on most nights. Mondays are the only exception. Other than that, you’d always find something fun to do. Saturdays, even though most girls go to church on Sunday morning, seem to be the busiest night of the week.

As for locations, just two words:

Paseo Carmelitas.

This area is not just the nightlife hotspot, it is hands-down the country’s clubbing and gastronomic capital. There are tons of venues for you to choose from and you will surely find something you like, no matter what your tastes are.

Of course, reggaeton is the most popular music genre. Listen to some J Balvin and Maluma and come prepared. The Viva Latino! playlist on Spotify is a pretty good place to start if you need an introduction. Paraguay women are notorious for their love of el perreo, a.k.a. grinding. Reggaeton is perfect for that.

The Best Bars And Clubs Of Asuncion

The Killkenny’s Irish Pub is great for making those male friends I told you about. Irish pubs have a masculine vibe everywhere you go. Don’t expect to meet a lot of stunning girls here but it’s a great place to grab a beer and find wingmen for the night.

Once you have a bit of a buzz going, head to the Coyote Club. It’s where all the hottest girls go and it has a decidedly young vibe. Coyote is a place to dance so if you plan on sipping your drink in the corner, don’t bother. It is, however, perfect for the already mentioned (and much beloved) perreo. Grind away!

The Morgan Warehouse is a more grown-up, higher end place. They make quite possibly the most delicious cocktails in the city and the music tends to be more Westernized. Occasionally, there is live music and that’s the best time to meet local girls. Even if you’ve never heard of the band (a.k.a. 90% of the time), you are guaranteed to have fun. As a side note, the décor and service quality is also pretty impressive. Overall, Morgan is among the must-visits of Asuncion nightlife.

How Expensive Is Paraguay?

You are in a developing country. That has some benefits. Even in expensive restaurants, you could eat for 15$ with good wine included. By the way, make sure you try the local wine, you will be surprised (yes, I know it’s not a famous wine country but trust me on this one).

Let’s take the cost of travel and living by category:

  • You can buy a week’s worth of groceries for around 10$. A loaf of bread is 0.5$ and 12 eggs will set you back around 1.20$.
  • At an inexpensive restaurant, you can have a simple three-course meal for under 5$.
  • In mid-range eateries, two people can enjoy a meal and wine for around 17 to 20$. Higher end places will be around 30 to 40$, depending on how much you drink.
  • Drinks in the club are very cheap. You can get a 0.5-litre local beer for under 2$. Cocktails are around 5$.
  • A 20-pack of cigarettes is 2$. But stop smoking already, it’s an awful habit!

Estimates say a single person’s monthly costs, without rent, are 418.16$. Cheap accommodation is available everywhere. Try to get a place around the nightlife hotspots. If you party a lot, taxis will become your biggest expense. This is easily preventable by having your hotel or Airbnb close to the clubs.

Don’t Try To Meet Paraguay Women If…

Hey, girls are great in Paraguay but there are always some cons. In this case, the language barrier can be a major deal breaker. With the exception of online dating, all other options to meet Paraguay women require a certain level of fluency.

The good news is that Paraguay is the perfect place to better your Spanish.

Paraguay Women

You will be thrown in the deep end and you will learn to swim before you know it. Since Paraguayans are super friendly and patient with foreigners, they make for wonderful language exchange buddies. In fact, this is also a great option for meeting cute girls. Ask her for coffee and say you want to practice Spanish. It sounds a lot less intimidating than a full-on date.

The second con of Paraguay women is that some are completely uninterested in foreigners. Because of their conservative values, by the time they reach a normal age for you to date (please don’t go after 16-year-olds), a lot of them will have long-term boyfriends.

This puts pressure on the single girls, however, and that is good news for you.

Finally, it’s easy to break your budget if you party a lot. Taxis get terribly expensive. As long as you follow my tip and get a flat close to the Paseo de las Carmelitas, you will be fine. Alcohol is fairly cheap so you should be good.

You Can Have Paraguay Girls Like…

Here are a couple of Paraguay women, whose lookalikes you might meet in Asuncion:

  • Supermodel and all-around bombshell Larissa Riquelme. Yes, she is the girl from the football game with a phone in her cleavage. And yes, most Paraguay girls boast great cleavage.
  • Cindy Taylor is another Paraguay hottie. You wouldn’t believe that she is 41! What was I telling you about fresh-faced Paraguay girls?
  • Leryn Franco is a bodacious model but did you know she was also in the Olympics? This former athlete graced the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and is one of the most lusted after Paraguay women in the world.

With some game (and I guess some luck), you could be dating a girl just like this. Whether you choose to meet her online or IRL, remember to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Let’s get the word out about beautiful Paraguay girls – so far they are one of South America’s best-kept secrets!

Meet girls from Paraguay online here.

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