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Painful Lessons About Scaling An Online Business

Online Business


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I got so fed up with GoDaddy, which is where my main website has been held hostage forever because moving is painful.

Finally though, I reached my breaking point on Monday, when I called for help, and after waiting for 30 minutes, my “GoDaddy Guy” and his favorite catchphrase were…

“Uhh…how do I explain this?”

Unsurprisingly, there was very little he could explain despite giving me a warning every other sentence.

So, I upped and made the move. For years I’ve used Bluehost and A2 for my niche sites, but I decided to take a crack at SiteGround for my main site this time by. It’s been a painful move, but it’s close to done, and I’m surprised just how blazing fast it is…

It’s a noticeable difference.

See for yourself.

And during this whole process, despite the fact I had the SiteGround team do the migration…I did a lot of the testing/tweaking/fixing after they were done with their work.

It got me thinking…

You know, I really shouldn’t be the one doing this anymore.

Reason why is simple:

I certainly have the money to afford a developer or a webmaster.

The business is strong enough and has grown enough that I should probably outsource it.

But, for some reason, maybe it’s because I used to be a tech support guy, I’m holding on to this for now. Perhaps it’s pride and ego and me thinking I can still fix anything. Not to mention, I don’t trust just anyone with the keys to the kingdom.

However, I must admit…

My tech skills? Not what they are used to be.

I used to be really sharp and be able to diagnose and fix just about any problem quickly, but these days, I’m not as up to speed with everything, it takes me more time to research, I have to remind myself of how I set things up…there’s just too much up in my head right now for me to be able to remember it all. It’s a sign that I probably need to continue expanding the team, and find someone with the technical skills to keep things running nice and pretty so I can focus on the items that shift the needle in the long term.

Not to mention:

Not moving wasted a lot of time…

I did a whole re-design recently, to a theme and look I liked less but was significantly faster on the old host. I’m thinking that my old theme, which I preferred, would probably do just fine on the new SiteGround host…so already I’m whipping up a staging site and considering running some tests.

(And again, there’s nothing profitable that, I should have someone else do it…)


I’m going to go and do something productive with my time now.

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