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Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $

As always, this entire post has absolutely no factual data and consists of me simply spewing my opinion and probably pissing people off. Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs

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Typically safe.

Those two words speak to the life of most people in America.  From an early age, I was told, some might even say brainwashed, into how I was going to live my life.  I’d get good grades in high

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A Girl Who Knows Game

Once in a while something, or someone, comes along, and it really throws you for a loop.  That was more than apparent last Saturday.  To give a slight backdrop, this is a girl I’ve been dating

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Advice For Those Sexy College Girls

Four years ago, when I started college, I took it upon myself to make all sorts of girl friends.  Note the space in between girl and friends.  As in, platonic, non-sexual girl friends.  You know, just

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